One of the most played songs in America right now that is touching the hearts of millions would have to be ‘Someone Like You’ by Adele. This track is all over the radios and has reached top charts all over the country. Sarah Geronimo does her cover of this hit song and shows that she can perform this song just as good, or even better!

We have never seen such a strong fan base and loyal supporters for any artist as the ones for Sarah. Given the name ‘Popstar Princess’ in the Philppines for her amazing vocals and talents, Sarah showcases what true talent is all about. This is definitely a hot international popstar that we expect to be working closely with more in the near future! Enjoy the video!

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  1. Im speechless you nailed it again…No words can describe you….No doubt your a gifted woman w/ full of talents….Bravooooo….We love you from Brisbane Australia

  2. Amazing!!! I can’t find the perfect word to describe this because PERFECT is not enough to describe this performance. For me, Sarah G is the BEST SINGER in the Philippines. She’s UNBEATABLE!!

  3. TRIVIA!!!!!!!!!!!:

  4. I know that she is very talented, but when she sing a song on Sunday at ASAP I was amized and very nangilabot ako…she sing very strong and shows her emotion and made me cry. Wow…she has an excellent voice and reach the range and even better than adele. I love the way how she create her high range. Bravo…Sarah G keep going to what you are doing, and more if you can. Also, never stop learning that’s the way you reach your goal and career, be hamble, loving, honest to co-pilipino. God bless you and your family…. Love it very much…. 🙂

  5. I can’t help it if I have to keep listening Sarah G, bec. I have a pride to show her voice around with my co-workers in our office party at my house. And I am very proud to invite my friends to watch ASAP…and I don’t mine some other professional singer as long as I don’t hear those crazy trying hard. I can tell you…Sarah G. is indeed more than qualified to international singer. Great!!! performance…boongescious SG….love that song, is my favorite. Hang in there idol. 🙂

  6. jackfroot staff, our appreciation knows no end. this is definitely one of Ms Sarah Geronimo’s best performances! one of my many favorites now. i loved this song when adele sang it but sarah did her own unique and soulful rendition that made my heart sing, dance and do an excited somersault. all the best for featuring this awesome video! Sarah G is one of the best and brightest stars out there in the world stage!

  7. She’s really amazing!! The more you watched her, the more you’ll get hooked with her. And i love her more and more everyday not just as an artist but most especially as a person. Despite her status, she remained simple, down to earth, and humble human being. May our Almighty GOD bless all the desires of her heart.

    • true! and she always give her best everytime shes on the stage.The thing that I’d like to her most is her humility and respect to older singers in the philippines.I became a fan of Sarah when watched her here in canada shes really really amazing in her rendition.

  8. I am proud to state that I’m a Sarah G fan. I’ve never admired any artist/celebrity as much as I’ve admired her. It’s more than just her extraordinary talents or her versatility as a singer-performer. It’s not even her physical beauty which her fans like me wouldn’t get tired of looking. In fact, IT’S THE ENTIRE PACKAGE! It’s her smile. It’s her expressive eyes. It’s the admirable character that she possesses. It’s everything about her that’s all packed into the most beautiful and the most charming person her fans have ever known. More blessings to her! She deserves the success she gets and all the good things in life!@jackfroot thanks for the posts…

  9. indeed she is the popstar princess! great vocals and total performer of her country…very humble and sweet to her fans. i love all her featured videos…

  10. Sarah Geronimo is a shining jewel.

    This performance is so beautiful! You can see and feel all the words never leave her lips without the equivalent emotions from her eyes, face and whole body.

    Im so privileged to be able to see this kind of performance. And her charm connects so strongly with her fans. Their appreciation of and joy for her is contagious.


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