Snapbacks or Fitted caps

Snapbacks are all the rage in today’s society. From skateboarders to hip hop artists to sport players, everyone is wearing a snapback cap. However, Starter snapbacks aren’t new, they’ve been around since the 1960’s and it seems that this generation’s youth is bringing this classic style back for good. Information about online universities can be found for people who enjoy style as a lifestyle. Fashion is a big part of life.

Kayne West wearing a Snapback cap

Before the snapback craze started, New Era fitted caps were the standard when it came to headwear fashion. New Era was founded back in 1954 and created the 59Fifty fitted cap for professional baseball players which was customized to fit a variety of heads.

New Era Fitted Cap

New Era fitted hats are not dead. They are still a very popular choice among the youth shoppers, but snapback caps are gaining a lot of ground and it’s definitely heating up the competition. Both have their pros and cons with their styles and the way they’re designed. Snapback hats are cool, trendy and can fit a variety of heads without the need of finding a certain size and fit. All you have to do is snap it tight to make it fit! With New Era fitted caps, there are different custom sizes for every head. This creates a more comfortable fit that doesn’t require any adjusting.

Obviously it all comes down to personal preference. Everyone has their own style and to each his/her own. The staff at Jackfroot want to know which style do you prefer? Are you a snapback kind of person? Or do you like the way New Era fitted caps look and feel? Let us know now by voting in our poll and share us your thoughts in the comments below!

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