Lil Crazed

Here’s a nice collaboration between Sophia KiddBeatz, Tommy C, SiRySs Da KiNg, Ace, & Lil Crazed. Press play below to check out the video! You can download the track here.

~i live for the nights that i can’t remember,
present time, 25th of december,
cause who knows what the future holds,
so lets take a shot along with one from cupid’s bow,
and arrow, down the road to success,
narrow but we can hope for the best,
expect the worst, til i accept the hearse,
cuz my team kept me down to earth except the dirt,
i stay grounded, well rounded, and we don’t need no diet,
shots rounded, let’s pound it, what we need we will supply it,
k.i.d and that’s my team, king in disguise, baby that’s what it means,
but after tonight, we might take off disguise,
and maybe let the ladies see that we all kings,
play your cards right, got an Ace by my side,
but if u play nice, i’ll save a place in the ride,
hennessey, befriended me, and now i’m feelin’ friendly,
so babygirl i got a table, wanna be my centerpiece?
cuz if u do, then ride, come on baby, you and i,
let it out, lets get right, let me show you a good ol’ time

Sponsored By:
Fly Kid From Brooklyn
(Crazed’s shirt and hat / Ace’s hat)!/FlyKidFromBKLYN


(Sophia KiddBeatz)

(Tommy C)





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