Sarah Geronimo Dougie

One of the hottest songs from 2010 that came with a popular dance move would have to be “Teach Me How To Dougie” by Cali Swag District. This some was very catchy and got everyone singing and dancing along to it. It’s a fairly simple dance that most people can learn. However, the Philippines Popstar Princess took it to the next level.

Sarah Geronimo showed that she is able to do a live routine performance of the dance while she sings AND raps the entire song. Her backup dancers were all synchronized and on point. This video definitely shows that Sarah is diverse and talented in all aspects. Check it out for yourself. Jackfroot is in full support of this young superstar and definitely would like to work more closely with Sarah Geronimo in the near future in America. Feel free to like the post and post it on Twitter! Enjoy!

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Snapshot From the Video:

Sarah Geronimo Dougie

Sarah Geronimo Performing Live:

Sarah Geronimo Popstar Princess

Feel free to leave us comments and suggestions on what you think of this lovely talented actress and singer below! Find more about the Sarah Geronimo at her website.

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  1. Thanks JACKFROOT admin from posting this video…This is tremendous exceptional performance from the one an only POPTAR PRINCESS from PHIIIPPINES…There is no doubt she is versatile singer and actress…. Well done again…SUPERVED PERFORMANCE!!!! From Brisbane Australia

  2. sarah geronimo is the best!!!she’s so talented..she got the talent plus the attitude that people really love in her…so humble, a very good girl even with all the success and talent that she got!!!!always the best SARAH GERONIMO!!!im a big fan and will always be…her rendition of SOMEONE LIKE IS SUPERB!!

  3. hey jackfroot admin….don’t you have her latest version of WHO’S LAUGHING NOW OF JESSIE….it’s another outstanding performance from her!!!!

  4. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful performance!

    She is a total entertainer no less!

    She is the coolest in this number! Makes me wanna dance n groove along with her….


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