Sarah Geronimo philippine popstar princess

One of the biggest buzz that’s going around the world right now is the Popstar Princess from the Philippines. She goes by the name of Sarah Geronimo and is definitely proving herself as a talented and well rounded superstar. Her singing abilities and amazing live  performances would definitely put her up in the charts alongside Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, and Celine Dion. This young artist is making an international name for herself and deserves all the glory and fame she can get in her musical career.

You may have seen her previous video on Jackfroot where she sings Beyonce’s hit song, ‘Best Thing You Never Had‘. Check out one of her latest videos where Sarah sings and dances to Rolling in the Deep by Adele in her SOS segment. The staff at Jackfroot is definitely excited to see more videos and live performances from her. Help her get the word out and retweet this link on Twitter and Facebook! Spread the word!

Video Snapshot:

Sarah Geronimo philippine popstar princess

Sarah Geronimo Photos:

Sarah Geronimo

Feel free to leave us comments and suggestions on what you think of this lovely talented actress and singer below! Find more about the Sarah Geronimo at her website.

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  1. I am proud to state that I’m a Sarah G fan. I’ve never admired any artist/celebrity as much as I’ve admired her. It’s more than just her extraordinary talents or her versatility as a singer-performer. It’s not even her physical beauty which her fans like me wouldn’t get tired of looking. In fact, the longer you look at her & know her, the more beautiful she becomes. IT’S THE ENTIRE PACKAGE! It’s her smile. It’s her expressive eyes. It’s her good attitude towards everything & everyone. It’s the admirable character that she possesses. It’s everything about her that’s all packed into the most beautiful and the most charming person her fans have ever known. More blessings to her! She deserves the success she gets and all the good things in life!:D

  2. that’s sarah geronimo,, no one can do what she’s been doing,, very far from what she is off stage,, very charming but transform into a show-stopper heels stomp onon stage:) go SARAG GERONIMO!!!

  3. hey jackfroot staff and people of the world!!!!… try watching her edge of glory of lady gaga and superbass of Nikki Minaj….it’s also astonishing!!!!

  4. There’s nothing wrong with her rendition of the song. She just gave a different tempo for the song and it was amazing. Sometimes some professional singers just do that, putting a different tempo to the song like a disco tempo to slow tempo; slow tempo to jazz or reggae or rap. It’s 100 percent acceptable. And most oftentimes it is not the singer who arrange the musical arrangement but the musical director. Peace and GOD bless.

  5. she is really the best.. full of surprises every time she perform.. more power to our Popstar Princess Sarah Geronimo.. WE LOVE YOU!.. 🙂

  6. = her movie YOU CHANGED MY LIFE is considered as the Philippines highest film ever
    = her debut album is considered as the best selling debut album in the Philippines
    = her 5 major concert in the philippines was all SOLD OUT
    = all of her album is multi awarded
    = has a strong fan base
    = in demand endorser

    she deserves all her blessings.

  7. sarah geronimo is really a total performer! as i believe, she is the best artist in her generation!!!!!!! she has the talents which everyone is aiming for!!!!!!! go! go!go! ate sarah!!! we love you so much!!! i hope to see you in person1 that’s my wish..

  8. YES! And there is a LOT of GREAT singers in the PHILIPPINES.. Like the Asia’s Songbird Regine Velasquez, who can outsing all the singers in the World by belting a very very high notes.. Who said to be the “QUEEN OF PHILIPPINE MUSIC INDUSTRY” and the Pop Star Princess Sarah Geronimo is her “PRINCESS”.. there are also Lea Salonga, Arnel Pineda, CHARICE.. Sheryn Regis, Rachelle Ann Go, Kyla, Jed Madela, Christian Bautista and a LOT of WORLD CLASS singers in the Philippines.. YOU GUYS SHOULD ALSO SEE THEM SINGING.. Sarah Geronimo is just one of them.. I would say when you hear them singing, YOUR JAWS WILL DROP.. :))

  9. i just love sarah….her amazing singing voice is comparable to none.
    she is loved by filipinos here and abroad because of her humble attitude
    and always put GOD abvoe all…

  10. Superved performance!!! Jessie js who’s laughing now…..My GOD!!! Can’t get rid hangover from watching 20times….Well Done… Another amazing performance…..Can’t wait for Jackfroot interview….Bravooooo….frombrisbaneaustralia.

  11. Definately, Sarah G is quite talented, well done in performance. Amazing…she made me proud all time, it doesn’t matter what type of song she can be able to handle it. I don’t usually watch ASAP coz it’s my mom thing, but when I heard her last week in ASAP on “Someone like you” Roling in the deep, Teach me doogie dance…OWh!!! Wow she is has those style that making me love her….wonderful singer…she is too good, she’s absolutely international range…. good job Sarah…

  12. jackfroot staff, thanks for featuring Ms Sarah Geronimo in your blog! she is one rare and amazing gem…that the Philippines have been hiding for years. time for her to shine and entertain the rest of the world with her own brand of passionate and generous performance that has wowed and fascinated Filipinos for many years now.

    we are looking forward to more videos of her on your excellent site! this particular rendition of adele’s song is just amazing! she defines the new sexy with her awesome blend of cool moves and soulful vocals.

  13. yeah Sarah’s live cover of “Who’s Laughing Now” of Jessie James was amazing…one of her greatest performance ever! Thanks also to ASAP…

  14. X-factor.

    This girl definitely has it.

    She always surprises and excels beyond her previous performance. This one is so beautiful and touching. She makes you feel for the character and the story behind the song. Awesome!

    Thanks, jackfroot!

  15. Jackfroot…can you please do an interview of this amazing performer and feature it on your site?

    Is there anything impossible for jackfroot? After watching so many of this young lady’s wonderful performances here we cant have more of her….

  16. Ever since I saw that performance from Beyonce’s Best Thing I Never Had. I have been looking out for all her performances. She’s beautiful with an A-mazing talent. She should be out there for the world to see. 

    Jackfroot Staff, do what you can to have her be featured here. Thanks! 

  17. well.. superb! you really are awesome! you have it all.. the voice, the dance moves, the body, the beauty.. Hollywood is now waiting for you! You are a total performer! thumbs-up!

    • and yet we never say this to international artists who also sing other artists songs. Yes she has her own songs a lot of them actually…and it made hits in the Philippines. Coz obviously it was only sold in Philippines. her albums containing original songs reached 4x to 7x platinum…just saying…

  18. I LOVE HER! i searched for her performances in youtube and man…she’s flawless. i wanna see more of her awesome performances. SHE IS BEYOND PERFECTION. she RAPS and DANCES really good too, Instant fan here.


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