We all know everyone loves to have a drink every now and then. But have you ever noticed that you may be swaying towards one particular kind of alcohol instead of another? Whether it’s cognac, vodka, or rum, everyone has their own preferences. Jackfroot is here to match up Sake versus Soju to see which one is the preferred choice when it comes to these two Asian liquors. Let’s break it down and start the voting!

 So what’s the difference between Sake and Soju?


Sake is fermented, aged, and is a byproduct of rice it is also often called “Rice Wine” it also goes through a brewing process similar to beer. Popularity comes from Japanese descent.



Soju is a distilled beverage in the same process as making whiskey or vodka. Popularity comes from Korean descent.


The big question here is, what kind of person are you? Do you enjoy the taste of Sake and doing Sake bombs? Or are you the Soju drinker, mixing Soju with a variety of juices and creating unique concoctions. Vote in our poll below and let us know which one reigns supreme!



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