Sarah Geronimo Rumor Has It

She’s got the dancing moves, the singing voice, and the beautiful looks to die for. Check out this live performance where Sarah Geronimo and Gerald Anderson perform Rumor Has It by Adele in the latest Sarah OnStage. This is part of the promotion for their movie, Won’t Last A Day Without You. This talented singer/actress has what it takes to be the next star in Hollywood! Enjoy the show!

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Sarah Geronimo Rumor Has It

Sarah Geronimo Rumor Has It

Feel free to leave us comments and suggestions on what you think of this lovely talented actress and singer below! Find more about the Sarah Geronimo at her website.

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  1. This is what I’ve heard, Sarah and Gerald only have few time to practice this prod because of their hectic schedule in shooting the movie.. But look! The performance is sizzling and hot! Sarah G definitely is THE ONE! I love this lady. (I’m a girl FYI)

  2. oh wow… after that performance, the Sarah Geronimo and Gerald Anderson(ASHRALD)movie “Won’t Last A Day Without You” was Trending #1 worldwide, #1 in Philippines, #5 in UK and America, #7 in Singapore and others…. Go go go Popsters!!!…. Go Sarah Geronimo!!!….

    The Movie is Showing on November 30, 2011… Watch out for it…

  3. SarahG she so ADDICTiVE!!! She blow me away every time she performed. I think need to go to SarahG annonymous…Clap,Clap,Clap..Again, well done superved!!! From Brisbane Australia

  4. As always, WOW what a perfornace kilig to the bones…. super super amazing!!!
    Can’t wait to watch their new movie here in California!!!

  5. OMG! Sarah Geronimo is explosive and uber-sexy in this Adele number!!!!

    I love it when she sings Adele’s songs…she adds that zing and vibe that is her unique trademark.

    Definitely ADDICTIVE!

    Can’t wait to see her with Gerald Anderson in their upcoming movie if only to see their other gifts light up the big screen.

    Thanks, jackfroot!

  6. georgeouslooking and fabulous performance,can’t get over watching her and hope to see her in hollywood!!!!! I watched her concert here in canada the first time that makes me addicted too and everytime i watch hollywood performances, i keep on comparing SARAH GERONIMO’S PERFORMANCES….


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