Roll With A G by Big Will

Official music video for “Roll With A G” written and performed by Big Will & Jay Cee (C) 2011 Rude Boy Music / WWSMG

Part one of the Asian cult film / music video “Roll With A G”

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Big Will – “Roll With A G” ft. Jay Cee Lyrics:

Chorus (1, 2, & 3) Sung by: Jay Cee

Swag on a million, I’m in the buildin’
Shorty wanna roll with me
I got a bulletproof Gucci vest, guard in my chest
These niggas can’t fuck with me
She wanna roll
Shorty wanna roll with me
Shorty wanna roll with a g

Verse (1 & 2) Sung by: Big Will

Verse 1

All black Maybach, this is what the outcome is
Back to the future change the game we the catalyst
I came so far to get this money stacked up right
Battle wound scars I ain’t leaving here without a fight
We do it big that’s what most people tend to say
I pace well and I grind hard everyday
And that’s the difference I’m a turtle you’re a rabbit
I’mma beat you to the finish dust you off no traffic
I don’t take no loss cuz I’m too ambitious
Nothing in this world could make me fall down and lose it
I’m Big Will homie told you plenty times
You dealing with a G and I ain’t dreamin bout no petty crimes
I do it like Sid Vicious that’s beyond big
Started from the ground up drillin like a big rig
You think I’m finished little seen but I just started
Aiming for the target got it covered like the market, what

Verse 2

I do it right or don’t attempt to play this game at
Money makin’ soldiers Sonny D rest in peace we ball
We run this game we ain’t sittin on the bleachers
Came in all stock with no names and no features
Started tough with no money, now it’s all old money
Warren B and Bill Gates I don’t owe, we lend money
Bring it to the endzone Forrest Gump no fumble
The heat is on, let it boil must be time to bubble
I know it seems quite impossible I still attempt
To make a hundred billion dollars I’m the president
Before I came up I see they didn’t have faith
I’m 25 same age when Pac died no breaks
Drop another 25 until I’m satisfied
Til I get this mansion 10x platinum certified
Came at no surprise I was born to entertain
Big Will firework flames when I hit the stage, lets roll

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