Robots Now Serve You at The New Gen Korean BBQ in Norcal

The world is slowly becoming more and more robotic like the classic animated show, The Jetsons. Companies and businesses are finding new ways to innovate and solutions to improve their workflow.

Gen, a popular Korean BBQ chain, is rapidly growing and now has about 2 dozen locations. They decided to take things up a notch with the launch of their most recent store in Fremont, CA, by adding some advanced technology.

Don’t get too excited. You won’t be seeing any Transformers robots walking around or anything. So what do these robots do? Gen’s new state of the art food delivery system will actually drop off the plate of meat or seafood that you order right to your table.

gen korean bbqgen korean bbq

Once the little trays of food hits your table, you simply lift them off the moving conveyor belts and put the plates onto your table and begin cooking. Next, you press a button and the advanced machine slides back to where it comes from.

Check out this video from CNET:

The whole restaurant isn’t fully automated. Servers will still be taking your initial orders and bring you drinks/refills. Some people are concerned that this new robot food delivery system is meant to cut back on labor force and the costs of hiring servers, but Gen managers say the system is just an innovative and engaging way to make the operations run smoother than before.

This is only the beginning and we are expecting to see more robotic advancements as time goes by. Check out this restaurant and give it a try it you haven’t yet.

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