The Food Truck craze is sweeping the nation. Different, colorful, and lively, the new wave of lunch trucks are changing the way consumers view the what used to be known as the ‘Roach Coach’. In the past, the primary items one would expect from a lunch truck are burgers, hot dogs, and burritos. Today, fusion and out of the box offerings such as gourmet hot dogs from a truck called Road Dogs is getting the attention of street food lovers everywhere.

Bringing family together again.

The Road Dogs truck is one of many successful trucks popping up around the Bay Area. Road Dogs owners pride themselves on offering a “unique hot dog experience“. Founded by four college buddies from San Jose, the guys were set out to cash in on the craze while being able to utilize their skills they learned in school. Already an American staple, Road Dogs owners simply wanted to offer a hot dog that’s better than the ones out there. With no cullinary experience, the friends spent countless hours researching how hot dogs were eaten accross the country and where they could obtain some of the best ingredients to make a killer hot dog. With the gathered data, a menu was formed and Road Dogs was born.

You can find the Road Dogs truck cruising the streets of the South Bay. From company functions to late night offerings, Road Dogs owners claim their success can be attributed to their loyal followers who follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Yelp. With an upcoming feature on CBS 5 Eye on the Bay hosted by local Vietnamese American news anchor, Thuy Vu, Road Dogs owners are humbled and excited of what potential the future has in store for them and the rest of the lunch truck industry.

Thuy Vu of CBS 5

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