Rise of the YouTube Stars! NigaHiga, Traphik, KevJumba, Wong Fu Productions, Justkiddingfilms, FreddieWong

Since the dawn of YouTube, Asian Americans have finally found an outlet to express themselves without the restrictions of corporate America. To date, the number 1 subscribed YouTube channel happens to be NigaHiga who is Asian American himself, and he’s not the only popular Asian on YouTube either. Fellow popular peers include KevJumba, Timothy DeLaGhetto aka Traphik, Wong Fu Productions, JustKiddingFilms, and Freddie Wong.

All these people mentioned have built a strong following of supportive fans throughout the years and are showing no signs of slowing down. The beauty of it all is that there will be more opportunities for Asian faces in the future with the help of today’s technology and social media. Who will be the next YouTube star? We’re excited to see what the next generation will bring, but in the meantime, we are blessed to have a stable of Asian American entertainers to look up to. Who’s your favorite YouTube Celebrity? Vote in our poll below and check out some of the most popular videos from your YouTube stars below!

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NigaHiga (#1 subscribed YouTube Channel)


Freddie Wong

Timothy DeLaGhetto


Wong Fu Productions


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