Rich Chigga Working For It Remix with ZHU, Skrillex, and THEY. (With Lyrics)

Everyone is going crazy over the recent 88Rising track just released on Youtube by Indonesian rapper, Rich Chigga, one of the hottest rising Asian artists right now. The track features Zhu, Scrillex and They on the popular single “Working For It”.

On the track, Rich Chigga raps about women, haters, and money. The original track already had a unique sound that everyone loved, but Rich Chigga takes it up another level with his lyrical delivery.

The young rapper began rapping in 2014 where he went from spitting bars around with some friends to getting on a track with Ghostface Killah. Rich Chigga grabbed everyone’s attention after his hit song and music video for “Dat $tick” went viral.

Rich Chigga dat stick

In an interview, Chigga stated that he started rapping because he lost a dare to a friend. After he started writing his first song and seeing how it rhymed, he instantly became hooked.

His first song was recorded using his iPhone and put together using the Sony Vegas software (a video editing program). It’s amazing to see what people can do with the technology at hand these days.

One track led to another. Chigga’s friends loved it and showed support so he began uploading and posting to Twitter.

This year, he’ll be performing at the Rolling Loud Music Festival in Miami alongside artists like Migos, Kendrick Lamar, Travis Scott, Future and Lil’ Wayne. He’s also slated to perform at Insomniac’s Middlelands Festival alongside Rae Sremmurd, Major Lazer, Louis the Child, Kaskade, and several other artists.

Here’s are his lyrics on the track:

[Verse 1: Rich Chigga]
All I want is just the money
Pockets at the gym ’cause they got a little chubby
Never go out on a limb, not ya friend and not ya buddy
7 zeros be the flow, stu’ doors
With the hoes going faster than a motherfuckin’ rally
Never seen nobody flossin’ like this, baby
Roll over [?], s’why I named myself Rich
Put in work, never worry ’bout a [?]-ass bitch
Why you hating when the [?] got the dollar signs in it?
Working too hard, always got that back pain
Every single night, I hit the port or the airplane
Only time I’s running when the checks [?]
Driving home, speeding past the cars when it’s two lanes

[Verse 2: Rich Chigga]
Ay, dancin’ in the crib
Lil’ shawty with a ass, she tryna strip
Man, I shoulda brought the rubber, but she lickin’ on my tip
I’m on my young shit, lights off, cuddle in the bed
I’m on my dumb shit, clothes off, rubbin’ on her clit
Why you talkin’ all that shit?
Why you mad that I’m not lettin’ [?]
On a trip with Skrillex and he probably wanna trip
Young boy told the world that I’m always off the shit like
Fetty, fetty, fetty
Always workin’ hard, but she never get the credit
Every day gettin’ paid, every night she go and shred it
Long date, long fans, all she wanna do is grab it


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