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Why did Rich Chigga recently change his rap name? On January 1st, Rich Chigga came out and announced that he officially is leaving behind his rap name and going with ”Brian”.

What he posted on Instagram:

This news surprised a lot of people, although the Indonesian rapper mentions that he has been planning to do this forever. If you look at the history of Brian’s career and the way he became famous, you’ll realize that his image was seen as a ”character” and quick internet viral sensation more than anything.

“I was naive & I made a mistake.”

His Twitter announcement:

Although many people criticized the stage name Rich Chigga as a racist shocking joke, others were still able to look past that and Brian continued to grow a big fan base.

Brian became really popular after reaction videos were made of his hit song ‘Dat Stick’ of black rappers like Ghostface Killah, 21 Savage, Tory Lanez showing him respect and that he was a legit rapper.

We’ve seen in the past that Brian has attempted to break his pink polo and fanny pack character and evolve his music and style, which he succeeded in and proved that he really has talent.

rich chigga

The song ”Glow Like Dat was a great example of Rich Chigga breaking his character by making a more personal track. If you look back at some of his past comments (interviews & tweets) regarding his Rich Chigga name – we’ve clearly seen that the thought of changing his name one day has always been sitting in the back of his mind.

His current Instagram handle is ‘brianimanuel’ while his Twitter handle is ‘RichBrian’. Cheers to Brian and more success to his career.


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