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  • This song is hot!

  • asianguy

    please give us some kind of name for the jackets i wanna know what they are called???

  • z

    I wouldn’t say its asian influence. I would call it marketing to one of the biggest demographics on earth – which translates in to more yen in the pockets of their shoe company

  • This movie looks great and this Jackfroot website is legit. First comment…I’m going down in history.

  • Natbelle

    Been following this guy for years. A true talent who should be known around the world by now. Hopefully this is the start. He has been an Aussie secret for far too long.

    • We think this is a great song for the States, good club and radio record.

  • Jo

    The U.S. is in for a treat. Guy is an amazing talent and a great guy.

    • We hope he has the same success in the states, Jackfroot will be there to feature him!

  • whirlyshots

    He’s amazing! I’ve traveled to Australia several times to hear him sing. His live shows are great.

    • I bet, would love to watch him live in the States.

  • Tapa

    Shhiiatzzziii!!! that was disgustingly sick, no longer will he be Wong!!but Mr. RiteJust!!!! looking like a far east bootleg Bon Jovi!!,, fighting Coco Puffs Crime and all!!! nice

  • Tapa

    clean beat,,

  • Tapa

    clean beat, reyez, fa shor

  • Tapa


  • mike

    was a damn shame that this track had to be edited for the CD…..the new cut was good, but sequels never compare to the original

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  • jim

    Ken & Vincent Martella worked together in Role Models. Vincent is a funny guy..

  • VT

    <3 Blue Scholars

  • VT

    It’s a shame that the Asian American music community isn’t as big as it should be, but hopefully with more publicity things will change

  • crashburn07

    I wondered what was up with verizon seemingly focusing on the Asian demigraphic. In the last week I have seen THREE commercials with Asian actors. One with an Asian male lead, one with an Asian female lead, and the third (the one above in this string) with TWO Asians (Verizon clerk and customer). This should not be noticeable, but the way they are done, its a pretty obvious attempt on Verizons part. I wondered what was up. After searching, I saw that a few months back, Verizon had released a somewhat “tasteless” commercial depicting an Asian cab driver with an Anglo passenger. The cabbie was driving very erraticly – perhaps so kind of stereotype? At any rate, not the best portrayal. Well, I wonder if this new string of commercials is some way to quell Asian anger over that commercial. Otherwise, I have no issue with the obvious marketing strategy towards the Asian demi.

    • It’s definitely possible that it could have been “damage control”, but nevertheless, more Asian RepresentASIAN is always a good thing!

  • John

    One of the sickest artists out there hands down!

  • Barbara


  • Misa

    This is a good thing even though it’s very much noticeable because this is not the only commercial there is 2 more that I saw!! I don’t have a problem with it and happy that they didn’t put them with an accent that pisses me off when they stereotype.Time has change now I wish they will let them do more like such as singing etc..

    • We agree with you 100% Misa, negative stereotypes of Asians seem to be a thing of the past, on commercials at least, now we need to have more exposure in the music industry!

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  • jim jones

    kt-so !!!!

  • Thanks for considering my comment for who the hottest current asian star to bring him to Cali! OMG PLS DO

  • Taeyang, Where U At? You need to come see us in the States!

  • jlee

    TAEYANG! MY LOVE, MY EVERYTHING! PLS COME TO THE U.S. & MAKE OUR DREAMS COME TRUE BY SEEING YOU 🙂 This has to happen!! I”ll be there, everyone will be!


    Taeyang is absolutely wonderful!! it would be a dream come true to see him perform in the bay area!!! the day i find out the tickets being sold.. i will compete to get the best seats!! because i love him that much!!!!!!! =)



  • Eddie Uon

    I want him to come to California it would be so cool!

  • Ashlee Keyes


  • Grace Witherell

    This would be so amazing! I WOULD DEFINITELY GO TO SEE TAEYANG.

  • Erika Keine

    Oh my goodness! Yes!!! Come to California please <3 (SF!)

  • Jane

    Looking forward hopefully he sees all of this and make it over here to perform <3

  • TAE YANG<3

  • Yvonne Lam

    Taeyang-Oppa please come to the states : )

  • Diane

    COME TO SAN JOSE, CA <33333.

  • Alex Tran

    YOUNG BAE! you need to fly over here to the states! im one of your biggest fans!!!!

  • Thank you to everyone who has liked the page and helped by sharing it with friends. Taeyang wants to see the biggest demand for him so please continue to have people LIKE this page. =)

    Let’s make it happen!

  • Furrealz? That’s maverluosly good to know.

  • And I was just wodnierng about that too!

  • Reggie

    What about Jenny Chu, KT So, Miss Faline and Korean Dee?

  • EJ

    Jeri Lee fo’ shoooo!

  • Tri-Thien


  • Ashelly


  • Erin

    If taeyang came to cali to perform it would actually be a dream come true! Pleeaassse bring him here!!! 😀

  • Natasha Yi for life

  • Rebecca

    Dear Taeyang Oppa, I would love to save money and buy your VIP ticket if you come to the state. Pleaseeee bring Taeyang Oppa to CA.

  • I freakin LOVE you Taeyang!! ^_^ please come out to Cali no doubt you’ll have a dope ass time! You have sooo many adoring supporters here!! Hope you come out! Sarang hae Taeyang!


    yes please!!! come to san jose <3 you taeyang

  • Nick


  • EstherBunniez

    OPPA TAEYANG! Come to sunny California! We are waiting for you! hehehe

  • Desiree

    T…you gotta come to California!

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  • Hey Guys! Props to you guys if you can bring Taeyang over to Nor Cal! I’m Part of San Francisco chapter of Kollaboration, the largest Asian Talent Showcase in the Nation, and would like to help you out if you can make something happen!

  • Don J

    I would have placed Lena Li on this list somewhere

  • Shae bilhmire

    any1 know the name of the 17-year old girl? im 14 and i think shes fine

  • Lloyd

    Sick I’ve always been a fan of DFD since.. his battle days..

  • Taeyang, come to California, i will definitely come to see you. If not California, just come to the US, I’m sure I will find a way to be in close proximity to you 🙂


  • Kim

    Taeyang I will love to see you preform in California and so would thousands of others. I am a huge fan, and I have been waiting for you to come to California. This would be a great opportunity for all of your US fans to get to see you preform in California. Please come!

  • Zach

    I don’t think you’re getting the message of the commercial. Its all parody. They did the same sort of thing with the russian billionaire one and the boxing one. They’re all parodying the stereotypes of their main character.

  • Face

    Really? You’re crying because he played a stereotypical asian on a commercial?

    • The Dave

      He should have never won Last Comic Standing. Yes, I’m still bitter.

  • DocDave

    I don’t think you are getting the message of the commercial. Just because it is parody doesn’t make it any less offensive.

  • Lilian

    You forgot to point out the other stereotype as both of his token “hotties” are white. Gross commercial and yes BAD.

  • tony

    have you all noticed its a complete rip-off the “Mr.Chan” character from the movie The Hangover

  • Please check out the new video cover The Lazy Song Bruno Mars a cover by DiZZLE Dance Crew

  • Cameo

    This commercial is hella funny! lmao haha!

  • Nowadays the Asian American Movement focuses primarily on representation and identity politics. While these issues are important to note, the bigger issue goes beyond these actors portraying negative stereotypes in the media. The media is meant to entertain and is all about being scripted and portraying people in a certain light. People need to take satire and parody less seriously (Jersey Shore, anyone?). The real subversion to Asian Americans is not our representation in media but the way the government has undermined our various Asian ethnic groups throughout history. It happened to the Chinese during the Gold Rush/Railroad, the Japanese and Filipinos during WW2, the Koreans during the Korean War, the Vietnamese during the Vietnam War, and now the various Muslim populations of Western Asia due to the conflicts overseas. Look for the bigger issues! Read the news and research the wars. Dat Phan paved the way for comics like Ken Jeong to make it big.

    • howie

      great point. Looking at history between asia and the west gives more information on their relationship. Conflicts are everywhere, but what can we do. Men like to fight and no one want to lose. So, I like what you said there, don’t take these stereotype seriously because these commercial only intend to catch dumb people. I am asian, and I just want our people to grow stronger and speak out more.

  • bob

    Really? Distastful?
    A very rich asian guy is negative? You are just looking for a cause

  • Craig

    Ok first off, I must point out the idiot who said it’s a rip-off of “mr chan” it’s chow but on to my point. All of those getting their feelings hurt for this commercial need to go jump off a bridge it’s a commercial most people fast forward thru them nowadays anyways. Lighten up people if you don’t think it’s funny and u don’t have a dvr then change the f***ing channel.

    • Ki

      That’s kind of a cowardly comment.
      If something is offensive you’re supposed to just take it lying down and look the other way, or even commit suicide? I guess in your ideal world people must be completely submissive, never to speak out against what gets their “feeling hurt”. You, sir, certainly are somewhat cracked.

      • Mike

        Yes, you are just supposed to take it (although I don’t agree with the suicide thing). Guess what… in this country you don’t have the right to NOT be offended. As a Jew, I find the KKK a pretty bad organization, but I understand that they have the right to their opinion and to even make speeches about it. I don’t give a f*%$ what they think or say. I’m not gonna change their minds, so I don’t care. Am I offended by what they say? Absolutely. But it’s still their right to say what they feel, no mater how disgusting I feel it is.

  • Bring TAEYANG to California! I wanna see him live in concert! <3

  • Crazy!!

  • Tommy

    Good song and video. But man wasnt it enough having chris brown go blonde, now tya too…

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  • pac man please spank him, for making you wait so long to fight ,pretty girl floyed chick chick chicken.


    All I got in this video was the sad fact that DIRECT TV is promoting
    the Asian Gambler in Las Vegas Motto who is called a whale.

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  • bboytaione

    why not both >:]

  • Mike

    Wow, people have no sense of humor any more. It’s really sad. One of the funniest movies of all time is “Blazing Saddles” and one of the funniest TV Shows is “All In The Family”. Neither of these, if created today, would make it out for public consumption due to “interest groups”. You people need to lighten up. I will never understand why people get upset about stereotypes. We know that not ALL Asians have an accent, but a lot of them do. We know not ALL Asians gamble, but have you been to a Casino lately? We know not ALL Asians are small, but when an Asian becomes a Pro Basketball player, it becomes big news for a reason. People are smart enough to know the difference. Give us some credit. Comedy is parody. It’s exaggeration. It’s not supposed to represent real life. Lighten up!!

  • JustSayin

    Mayweather is 41-0 BTW not 25-0.

  • I don’t see anything humorous here. Her grating voice got on my nerve

  • Will B

    If anything, these commercials are ripoffs of Ken Jeong’s Adidas commercials. And Phan is still nowhere close to being funny or original.

    • Tommy

      Dat Phan is an international headliner. Are you an international headliner will?

  • Whale

    Its a funny puzzle…I’m little but everybody call me Whale

    Cuz i’m big boy in da casino

  • Randy

    damn this shit is cuhh leaan!

  • Carla

    I feel this is a very funny commercial! I try to see the humor first before I jump on the “racism” boat. I remember about 20 years ago, the stopped showing at Christmas,” the little drummer boy”, as it showed Arabs in a bad light. Give me a friggen break, its a show! This is a COMMERCIAL folks. They didn’t show the man in a rice field, with a straw hat. It’s supposed to be funny…which it is, not a political statement…. which it’s not!! The people who are do concerned are probably racist themselves, but won’t admit it so they jump on the “PC” bandwagon to try and feel better about themselves! GO AWAY YOU MORONIC, STUPID,IGNORANT IDIOTS!!
    Did I make my point?!

    • Ki

      “This is a COMMERCIAL folks”
      You think the media should have complete immunity and can say or do whatever the hell they please? What a progressive mentality you have.

      And yet the common populace aren’t allowed to speak their opinions, unless, apparently, they are the ones who are self-righteous, contemptuous people like yourself. What a progressive mentality you have, at least in regards for “smart, intelligent” people.
      Everyone who disagrees with you is obviously moronic and should shut up and crawl into a hole, because clearly the words of the gifted cannot be disputed, especially by those of lower intellect.
      I guess I shouldn’t have posted. I might be blinded by the intense aura of you and your high horse.

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  • Sayeed

    Tony new supar star.but more time follow his cariar.jackie is jackie.hi is all time one comment.jackie is a nomber one.hi all time is one

  • i would love to meet all these girls

  • Edna Zheng

    plz come!

  • Jenny


  • Albert

    Not to mention he got a 3 pointer shot in his face too! haha LeChoke!

  • Naya

    Omg if he came that would be the best thing ever .any Kpop artist cam to the us beside him would be freaking awsome and I would go to any of those shows and if taeyang came it would be the best thing ever and ever since I listened to wedding dress I’ve been hooked

    Hope he comes 2 the us really soon
    Love him

  • Man, I know the video shoot was a party in itself. I see some familiar faces. Good job:)

  • Too funny!!!

  • Man, that foods looks good!!!

  • Kelley

    I would Love to see u in concert even though i live in houston Texas i would beg my parents to take me to California i love the way u sing ur songs are amazing i fell in love with them when i herd it for the first time
    im actually going to take some korean classes 🙂
    😛 who nows if ur even actually going to read this comment but o well
    i might not have the chance to go cuz im actually starting High school and im going to be busy because im going to take college classes at the same time so that i can get ahead and go all around the world like i alwaysed dreamed
    it was a dream when i was little me and my sister (by the way she also likes ur music) would go see the world live life to the fullest 🙂
    thats y we are studying alot
    me and my sister are 4 years abart so shes already in college
    Well when ever im studying i would always listen to ur music because i get it
    i can hear ur feelings that u put into the song and i like those kinds of songs the most
    Just keep doing wat u do and never loose sight of who u trully are 🙂
    i hope u come so that i can see u live in concert hopefully u come during the summer time (i dont like summer its too hot and i most defenitly hate mosquito!!!) or winter break because those are my only free time and chances i can go to ur concert o and my birthday in winter 🙂 i wish u could come on my birthday it would be a dream come true because i might not be able to celebrate my quinceanera (15 in spanish)its a big tradition for hispanics my sister was able to have one but i might not have one…
    Well anyways i hope u can come (for my birthday December 29) to California so i can u see 😀
    hope to see u soon if u dont come i would just find (when im older) out ur actual next concert and fly over their lol 🙂

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  • Ken

    Sounds like Ne-yo, good song!

  • Martin

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! this is awesome!

  • wu ah

    JLin is not the first Asian-American to make it to the NBA, but I feel proud for him that he’s there. I’m hoping for the day that he’s refined enough as a Christian, and maybe in a better position (like out of NBA and limelight), where I can really discuss with him face to face his delusion about existence of god and playing to glorify god. I can promise him and everyone that the Christian god will never materialize and Jesus will never return.

  • Lynn

    TAEYANG PLEASE COME TO CALIFORNIA. we want to see you here!!!

  • pancoreotics

    I hope you realize that this work is highly satirical..

    • of course, it’s all in good fun!

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  • jac

    Lin seems like a cool guy. I like that he isn’t ostentatious with his moves; he’s a solid asset to his team.
    @Wu Ah: Maybe one day I can discuss with you about how deluded you are to think he’d actually listen to you. Who the fuck cares? Just let the guy believe in whatever he wants.

    • wu ah

      @jac…he has listened to me and responded to me. don’t wait for maybe’s or one day’s, I can discuss it now if you want. I am letting the guy believe in whatever he wants, I just don’t think it’s right to be spreading it in the public like his delusions are the truth.

      • Andy

        Of course, you’d be hard pressed to actually prove that he is the one deluded and not you.

        • wu ah

          @Andy, actually it’s not that hard. Are there objectively verifiable evidence of his god’s existence? Believing in something that doesn’t exist is delusional. Therefor he is the one deluded.

      • jac

        Firstly, it’s subjective. What you see as delusion, he sees as faith. People’s interpretations on the relationship of religion and rationality may differ, but on the whole, faith is something that can’t be proven. To them, you don’t always have to see to believe.
        Second, what difference does it make when you say you’re telling the truth as well? If how he’s professing his belief offends you, what right do you have to intentionally grate on other people’s nerves?
        Third, there’s a difference between tolerantly discussing your opinion and outright pushing it onto to others. I’ve seen your posts on his Facebook, and you blatantly tell people who offer their condolences (PTL, god bless, etc.) to go shove their religious BS elsewhere, even to those who weren’t addressing you in the first place.
        Finally, I am not religious. I don’t think it a duty to plant the seed of doubt in others like it’s the fucking swine flu. Life is too short to badger people who have the freedom to believe in whatever.

        • wu ah

          Firstly, facts are not subjective. Fact is there is no objectively verifiable evidence for the christian god. The people in mental institutions believe in things that we don’t see either…how do you feel about them functioning around you and promoting their beliefs around you?

          Second, it’s ok to have opposing views. We do research and let the findings show which is accurate. Would it be appropriate to still allow our public heroes and government leaders to still say in 2011 that they seriously believe the world is flat or the sun revolves aroudn the earth? Sure, they have a right to sincerely hold those beliefs, but is that the type of heroes and government leaders we want? When such public figures are trying to peddle these kinds of bullshit, is it also not our duty to call their bullshit?

          Third, public postings on public pages of public figures are…well…public. On the other hand, we have invasions of religion into the neutral space, our government. Government leaders like Perry using their publicly elected positions to support certain religious beliefs, our publicly funded time and money, to support certain religious beliefs, and we’re cheated from taxes due because somehow religious organizations don’t need to pay taxes. Everyone can believe whatever they want in their private lives…just keep it in their private lives. What’s been put in neutral, public space, is up for challenges based on objective facts.

          Finally, if you don’t stand for facts, you’re allowing for erosion of facts. You’re allowing stand, credibility of things like Perry’s prayer for rain. Why has Perry and god been let off the hook on this?! Where’s the rain that was prayed for? Instead, they god wildfires?

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  • Hillarious!!
    George Takei for the Amp Music Festival!

    Check it Out

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  • Joey Powell

    What a rip, but I guess its for a good cause.

    • Yeah, we can’t afford it, but we’re waiting for auto-lacing! But yeah, a great charity though

  • Kim

    I’m a fan!!! I have been since you in a duo with GD, then afterwards when you joined Big Bang, and now finally as a solo artist.

  • Patrick

    Did some research on the guy cause I was intrigued with his voice… He has more songs on YouTube, brenanmusic is the account name,,, he’s really good! Specially like his cover of britneys circus! Thanks jackfroot! Good find!

  • Inspired to help with something so major. If their is ever anything Inprintz can help you with in the future let me know.

    If you come across a need for banners,car wraps, posters etc check us out on Facebook at

  • i go with jamie chung, kristin kreuk, and lucy liu

  • chezka

    i love her, a versatile actress.

  • mary loulyn

    yeah right… go go sarah g. we love you..

  • shin pascual

    there is no way to stop our one and only philippines’ pop star princess.. thanks for appreciating our SARAH GERONIMO!!


  • Harry O Donuoghe

    Who is this girl? She’s really amazing and i think she sang it better LIVE than Beyonce. I think she’s going to be famous one day. Goodluck Sara.

    • Merra

      She’s a Filipina Singer and actress. She is really good in singing! awesome!

    • Patricia G

      She’s a Filipino Singer-Actress (Dancer as well) Has a versatile voice, humble and well just amazing… She won a singing contest at 2002-2003… I recommend you to watch her videos on youtube, you won’t regret it.

    • EverJavier

      HI Harry,

      She has a website – or if you want to know here more.

      She is holding various title and breaking records in the Philippines. Currently, she is the only artist who has a Platinum DVD Concert, her movies are the top grosser of all time (PHP 400 million)..sold out concert artist……

      She is really an amazing girl..

      Spread the good news….!!!


    • Popster Vanessa

      She is the Philippine Popstar Princess… If you see a Filipino, ask him/her if they knew Sarah Geronimo… She is the BIGGEST STAR in the Philippines… You’ll be surprised with the things she had accomplished and she will be in the near future..

    • JJJ

      Shes a pop star princess…. it should be SARAH NOT SARA. btw, her full name is sarah geronimo

  • Maan

    Thanks for appreciating our local talents, she is indeed one of a kind check her out in youtube

  • ayi

    wow thanks for appreciating and recognizing her talent…

  • jon

    Sarah G nailed it! Goosebumps! A powerful performance! Got addicted watching her performances on YouTube! She is really a great singer & a good dancer,as well! Very versatile & multi-talented…A TOTAL PERFORMER! 😀

  • Jim Castillo

    @Harry O Donoughe, she is Sarah Geronimo! A very famous singer-actress in the phillppines. She is so very talented. She can do singing,dancing,hosting and acting. She’s so AMAZING. Check her out on Youtube. She has a lot of videos there and be amazed and thrilled by her performance.

  • japz713

    wow amazing!!!!!! i really love it,hope for more of your videos Sarah… love it.

  • JT

    Talented, Classy, & Impeccable

  • jamesIan101

    Superb performance ever had of Sarah Genorimo. The Pop Superstar Princess in the Philippines and a Versatile singer and actress. Good luck Sarah!

  • LSS !!

  • Aaron Bello

    SARAH GERONIMO, Philippines modern superstar and Popstar Princess!!! She is definitely at par with any foreign artists even better……….

  • I so love Sarah G. She is Omniscent! Great at all times :”>

  • Cameo

    She is Hottt!

  • Cameo


  • Tango BIGTIME for appreciating our much Love Princess Sarah Geronimo! She is really amazing in all craft she has now. Please feature also her other videos ir,. Please do! :]
    She can also be a Female version of Michael Jackson, watch her performances in YT by just searching her name, She has a lot of videos there including her superb performance of MJ’s THEY DONT REALLY CARE ABOUT US. She love MJ, she can sing and dance at the same time!. She is superb in her singing/acting career etc, We filipino’s loved her much more and now foreigners are seem to like and love her too! Please support her all the way! Blessed us All! :]

  • Tango BIGTIME for appreciating our much Love Princess Sarah Geronimo! She is really amazing in all craft she has now. Please feature also her other videos ir,. Please do! :]
    She can also be a Female version of Michael Jackson, watch her performances on YT by just searching her name, She has a lot of videos there including her superb performance of MJ’s THEY DONT REALLY CARE ABOUT US. She love MJ, she can sing and dance at the same time!. She is superb in her singing/acting career etc, We filipino’s loved her much more and now foreigners are seem to like and love her too! Please support her all the way! Blessed us All! :]

  • pat

    u rock, sarah!! we love u!

  • pat

    try watching her “teach me how to dougie” performance on youtube too!

  • Chris

    Y’all should watch her “Super Bass”, “Teach Me How To Dougie” and “Run The World (Girls)”. She’s a dynamite on stage!

    “Super Bass”

    “Teach Me How To Dougie”

    “Run The World (Girls)”

  • her versatility is amazing !!

  • sjsapple

    She is amazing, total performer and versatile actress.Despite of her achievements she remain humble and very simple young lady. She is a role of model for all Filipino youth.Kudos SARAH G.

  • sjsapple

    thank you for appreaciting the talent of the Philippines one and only POPSTAR PRINCESS SARAH GERONIMO!thank you!

  • jackNrose

    more great performances of sarah g:

    sarah g. – i love the way you lie>> , (offcam)

    sarah g – who run the world>>

  • stepp

    You want more of this Filipino beyonce??here’s beyonce’s ‘broken hearted girl’ from this Popstar Sarah Geronimo >>

  • Jj

    Im a proud Fan!

  • Sherhan4u

    She nailed it, superb vocal prowess

  • I am a proud fan. I love you Sarah Geronimo!You never fail to amaze .:)

  • I love you Sarah! You never fail to amaze me…

  • maezam

    Simply the best.. She is really the one..

  • glamnfab

    This Filipino Superstar really has the potential to be in Hollywood. It’s definitely NOT impossible to happen someday. Whenever she performs it’s always as if the first time to watch her and the last chance to compliment her! Her fans in the Philippines would feel sad though, ’cause they’ll miss her a lot, if ever she’ll be pursuing her career in Hollywood. 🙁 however, for sure her supporters would never ever give up in supporting her ’till the end.. come what may. She’s actually WELL-LOVED all over the world. SARAH ASHER GERONIMO– THE UNBEATABLE ONE.★

    • aNn

      I love what you said glamnfab:))

    • Popster Vanessa

      very well said… so TRUE!!!….

  • Irene_christy

    i love you sarah g… your the best… I hope you will have a duet soon with beyonce…

  • Don’t forget to look for Jackfroot on Facebook and Twitter guys!

  • more of Sarah G.’s video!!
    1. Love The Way You Lie [Rihanna]
    2. Sarah Geronimo – Run the World (Girls)
    3. Sarah Geronimo-Sweet Dreams

  • anny

    more of Sarah G.’s video!!
    11. SOS – Sarah Geronimo – Whip My Hair
    12. Sarah Geronimo – ASAP 09 SOS decode
    13. IF I WERE A BOY( Beyonce) Sarah Geronimo
    14. Sarah Geronimo – Alone

  • anny

    more of Sarah G.’s video!!
    6.Sarah Geronimo – TELEPHONE by Lady Gaga
    8. Put It In A Love Song – Sarah Geronimo
    10. Sarah Geronimo sings Beyonce – Single Ladies

  • anny

    more of Sarah G.’s video!!
    1. Love The Way You Lie [Rihanna]
    2. Sarah Geronimo – Run the World (Girls)
    3. Sarah Geronimo-Sweet Dreams
    4. Sarah Geronimo sings Nicki Minaj – SUPER BASS
    5.Sarah Geronimo- Broken Hearted Girl

    • Nice Anny! Thank u for posting this. We will be posting this on site soon!!! Pls have her manager email us to set up an interview! America loves Sarah G!

      • hey!thanks for appreciating the talents of our idol sarah geronimo…she can dance while singing..she can rap like a tounge twister,she can act..she’s very humble and down to eart that’s why she’s always on the top….we hope that she’ll be known internationally….because she’s really amazing…

      • rosary4JC

        Thank you for appreciating our very own Popstar Princess Sarah Geronimo. You can contact her through @VivaInteractive. God bless!

      • Treb Anidel

        Jackfroot Admin…. I would like to ask a favor from you… Could you please upload in your site… The Climb of Sarah Geronimo version during her concert in Bagiuo City Philippines… It is really awesome and it could touch even your heart….. Please Check it.. hoping for your kind consideration about this..…. thank you very much…..

      • Treb Anidel…. and also this one please… . She never do an over builting just to impress people…. She Just sing to song with her heart… That is why she was being loved by and many Filipino people because she sangs with her heart….. God bless and more power to your new Site….

      • nexus

        pls…post her latest covers of

        -jessie J’s “who’s laughing now?”
        -Adelle’s “Someone like you”

        i believe d world deserves to watch ds 🙂

    • anny

      no prob admin..i’ll try to contact some people that’re connected to Sarah G… i really do hope that Sarah could be discovered also in international scene like what happened to Charice!!

    • anny

      no prob admin..i’ll try to contact some people that’re connected to Sarah G… i really do hope that Sarah could be discovered also in international scene like what happened to Charice!! !!

  • anny

    more of Sarah G.’s video!!
    1. Love The Way You Lie [Rihanna]
    2. Sarah Geronimo – Run the World (Girls)
    3. Sarah Geronimo-Sweet Dreams
    4. Sarah Geronimo sings Nicki Minaj – SUPER BASS
    5.Sarah Geronimo- Broken Hearted Girl
    6.Sarah Geronimo – TELEPHONE by Lady Gaga
    8. Put It In A Love Song – Sarah Geronimo
    10. Sarah Geronimo sings Beyonce – Single Ladies
    11. SOS – Sarah Geronimo – Whip My Hair
    12. Sarah Geronimo – ASAP 09 SOS decode
    13. IF I WERE A BOY( Beyonce) Sarah Geronimo
    14. Sarah Geronimo – Alone
    15. for more videos…just check it out on

    • RealShinz

      please include her version of blow.
      and here’s another one

      • She’s so young here. She’s only 15 when she performed this “I Believe”. Her voice is very raw.

        As the years go by, we saw how she improved her singing. Her voice is more controlled now than before. One proof is her performance of “Best Thing I Never Had”.

  • morjem

    i soo love this girl as many of us really do .. shes very talented and soo sweet.. she has it all.. and she nailed this song..absolutely perfect and awesome..^_^

  • aNn

    Sarah goes International,, I’m missing her already;(… but still go go go !!!! sarah we’re just here to support you till the end:)))

  • sha

    she’s fantastic! amazing voice i love her she sounds like beyonce i hope she make it in the international scene.:)AWESOME!!!

  • The BEST VERSION I heard so far .. =)) Keep it up ! I hope Beyonce could watch this video someday .. =))


  • Thea

    She’s really good!

  • Liz Felipe

    SG really amazed me with all her performances!!! Watched her thru the Filipino Channel every Sunday, the show called ASAP. And always superb performances. Really appreciate this site (Jackfroot)to download this video and posted an article about Miss Sarh G.!!!!! Thank you

  • i love this singer she got the boxofficequeen of the phil.movies 2x and her song are multiplatinums in monthtime…..and i hope she will be a hollywood star….. iam a fan of her since then and very amazing talents….she deserve to be in hollywood…..from….winnie of usa….

  • the itunes link is to sprung not superstar. ..& I agree with Patrick.

  • rica

    go SARAH!!!
    She’s really the best…

  • Popster Vanessa

    I’m one of the member of Sarah Geronimo’s fansclub, the “POPSTERS”. The Philippines Popstar Princess Sarah Geronimo is really one of the most talented, successful yet humble artist in the country. A multi-platinum singer, box office queen actress (and holds the title of the highest grossing Filipino movie of all time, entitled YOU CHANGED MY LIFE), a role model among the Youth and a Top endorser with multimillion contract deals with different product. That is SARAH GERONIMO… well loved by all… The BIGGEST STAR in the Philippines…

  • lai

    Book it! Sarah G. is totally awesome,she sang with emotions that’s why when you hear it, you feel the message of that song..good luck, idol! we’re here to support you! we love you!!


  • dia

    wow! thanks jackfroot for featuring our popstar princess “SARAH GERONIMO.” Hope you’ll post more of her amazing videos and bring her into the Hollywood scene. You rock SARAH G! \m/ 😀

  • jac

    @Wu Ah: I wasn’t referring to FACTS being subjective. The concept of faith is, religious or otherwise. To people of faith, there is no room for rationality. To those outside that circle, it’s absurd and simple minded. To them, it’s a humbling quality. You can talk down to these people all you want, but to them, you’re speaking a whole other language.
    Can you honestly put JLin on the same level with Perry? Politics is soap opera nowadays, every “leader” is responsible for milking their personal influence. From what I’ve heard of this guy, he’s not trying to smuggle a couple more sheep in his “herd” just because he knows he can; he genuinely wants to use his religion for goodwill, such as rebuilding urbanity for kids. Pandering Christianity for votes, that’s a different issue.
    Religion has congested our public environment, so now no one is allowed to say anything about their faith? Look, if you appreciate the freedom to say/think whatever, why don’t you give the next generations a chance to make up their own minds about their heroes?
    Dude. I’m not religious. I’m not for abolishing facts, so you can cut your ‘problem of evil’ speech short with me. Go find another being in itself to leech onto.

    • wu ah

      @jac: Likewise to those in mental institutions, there is no room for rationality. To those of us outside of their understanding, it’s absurd. So why are they controlled? Because allowing such promotion of non-fact-based ideas to be lived as facts is detrimental to the progress of our society when let out to the public instead of quarrantined. If Michael Jordan goes around saying he believes a flying pink elephant is always watching over him, what would you say? Maybe something like it’s ok if he wants to believe that in his privacy, but if he’s promoting it as the truth, there’s probably something wrong here? So how is this any different, except you have more poeple following one delusion over another?

      Whether JLin or Perry, any public person using their position in society to perpetuate such delusions is a detriment to the progress of our society. I have no problems with helping kids, but that can be done without indoctrinating them with these delusional beliefs through a public figure who they look up to.

      In a secular government and society, of course religion should be out of the public environment. If everyone listens to different kinds of music, do you let everyone or only certain ones blast their music in public? Isn’t the appropriate thing to do to ask people to listen to whatever music they want in their privacy, so we can leave the public environment neutral for everyone?

      Children should be given all the facts to make up their own minds. But do you think children in Christian homes are really given all the facts to analyze and decide? Especially considering those in private religious schools or home-schooled? Then you have a public figure/role model/ hero figure like JLin publicly perpetuating the same delusions they’re indoctrinated in…you call that a chance to make up their own minds? If everytime JLin shares one of his testimonials, he also shares how it’s not based on any facts and his audience can decide either way for themselves, then I’d say JLin is actually trying to give the kids a chance to decide.

      What’s the “problem of evil” speech? I don’t think I’ve mentioned “problem of evil” anywhere.

  • asherzon

    she is really the best performer here in the Philippines. I will not be amazed if one of these days, i can see her perform in hollywood! Jackfroot, you won’t regret anything if you push Geronimo. She’s a big star here and yet still so humble inspite of the fame she has today. 🙂

  • jes

    we love SARAH G. so much. she never fail us to get amaze in every performance she does. a role model and an inspiration. we are bless to have you SARAH. -popsters love you all the way

  • Anyone can’t be like SarahG.

  • Alexander Melgar

    I love the way she renders a song. Far more than a beautiful voice, she is superb in everything that she does. I love you Sarah G. You are incomparable. 🙂

  • wert

    I don’t mean to be rude. Yeah she can sound beyonce but I don’t want her to be the Filipino beyonce simply because she’s so much more. Call her the Filipino Celine Dion, Whitney, Christina, Mariah or whatever but never exclusive to one. She can sound like them all. And her original songs are nowhere near that of Beyonce’s genre. Justsayin’

  • WATCH THIS SARAH GERONIMO SINGS: teach how to dougie-
    ____YOU MUST WATCH IT!____.


    she’s really a magnificent celebrity in this generation.. a very talented lady.. she already pursued a lot of achievements but still, she’s always being down to earth…. many us in the Philippines, love her and really respect her.. there is still so much videos of her that you should watch to see how she makes people amaze.. 🙂 Godbless!!

  • Thea

    Where can i like this video and see the views?

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  • mj

    She’s amazing!!! 😀

  • SarahG is totally one great work of arts…she’s a awesome!!

  • jf

    superstar!!! the best performer… two thumbs up.

  • Lyn69

    She a woman with voice and magic…..Well done princess love, love, love…..From brisnane Australia…

  • zellima

    i like her voice!!!

  • Treb Anidel

    Awesome…. she’s so humble and talented.. I love her.. A Star — but down to earth ….

  • Treb Anidel

    Awesome….. always breath taking and makes me follow her live performances… Go Sarah..

  • Jon

    I am proud to state that I’m a Sarah G fan. I’ve never admired any artist/celebrity as much as I’ve admired her. It’s more than just her extraordinary talents or her versatility as a singer-performer. It’s not even her physical beauty which her fans like me wouldn’t get tired of looking. In fact, the longer you look at her & know her, the more beautiful she becomes. IT’S THE ENTIRE PACKAGE! It’s her smile. It’s her expressive eyes. It’s her good attitude towards everything & everyone. It’s the admirable character that she possesses. It’s everything about her that’s all packed into the most beautiful and the most charming person her fans have ever known. More blessings to her! She deserves the success she gets and all the good things in life!:D


  • Popster Vanessa

    you did it again Princesss SARAH GERONIMO!!!!….

    @Jackfroot … please visit this sites… thank you so much… more power…

  • starlytexpress

    woooohhhh..I love her..she is my number one!

  • aNnSGperu

    that’s sarah geronimo,, no one can do what she’s been doing,, very far from what she is off stage,, very charming but transform into a show-stopper heels stomp onon stage:) go SARAG GERONIMO!!!

  • Sky

    sarah is undoubtedly talented, but this cover of Adele’s Rolling In the Deep is just wrong.

  • j29

    thumbs up! really amazing… Go Sarah G.

  • jun121

    hey jackfroot staff and people of the world!!!!… try watching her edge of glory of lady gaga and superbass of Nikki Minaj….it’s also astonishing!!!!

  • she is the one we here in philippines love her so so so much hope shel be knon also in hollywood shes better dan charice she is perfectly,absulotely amazing,go go go sasa

  • Sydney

    Sarah Geronimo a name to watch……exceptionally talented…

  • sarah emzsher

    i really like ate sarah

  • Angel

    There’s nothing wrong with her rendition of the song. She just gave a different tempo for the song and it was amazing. Sometimes some professional singers just do that, putting a different tempo to the song like a disco tempo to slow tempo; slow tempo to jazz or reggae or rap. It’s 100 percent acceptable. And most oftentimes it is not the singer who arrange the musical arrangement but the musical director. Peace and GOD bless.

  • nadine tolentino

    she is really the best.. full of surprises every time she perform.. more power to our Popstar Princess Sarah Geronimo.. WE LOVE YOU!.. 🙂

  • kat

    Amazing Sarah G.! The BEST!

  • kat

    humble,talented,charming,lovable,beautiful,.. i really love her!!!

  • Rob

    This dude goes hard. Just found out about J. Reyez from a link on youtube and just listened to some of his mixtape. His lyrics are good, and he’s got mad flow. Does anyone know if he’s been signed?

  • Sarah G, is unbetable Entertainner…lovable personality and certainly has a multi-talented. Go! go! go! Miss Sarah, I love you idol.

  • she a good performer humble and talented i love you sarah g

  • yean O.o

    She’s definiteLy Philippine pride. When it comes in singing and live performances including Charice 😀

  • uae

    grabe! Awesome! Love sarah g.hindi ka mapapantayan ng ninoman jan
    na naghahangad.

  • Paul

    she’s really amazing! i agreee try to watch her EDGE OF GLORY and SUPERBASS

  • Paul

    = her movie YOU CHANGED MY LIFE is considered as the Philippines highest film ever
    = her debut album is considered as the best selling debut album in the Philippines
    = her 5 major concert in the philippines was all SOLD OUT
    = all of her album is multi awarded
    = has a strong fan base
    = in demand endorser

    she deserves all her blessings.

  • genjalyn

    sarah geronimo is really a total performer! as i believe, she is the best artist in her generation!!!!!!! she has the talents which everyone is aiming for!!!!!!! go! go!go! ate sarah!!! we love you so much!!! i hope to see you in person1 that’s my wish..

  • gen

    luv,, her so much,,,keep it up,,


    YES! And there is a LOT of GREAT singers in the PHILIPPINES.. Like the Asia’s Songbird Regine Velasquez, who can outsing all the singers in the World by belting a very very high notes.. Who said to be the “QUEEN OF PHILIPPINE MUSIC INDUSTRY” and the Pop Star Princess Sarah Geronimo is her “PRINCESS”.. there are also Lea Salonga, Arnel Pineda, CHARICE.. Sheryn Regis, Rachelle Ann Go, Kyla, Jed Madela, Christian Bautista and a LOT of WORLD CLASS singers in the Philippines.. YOU GUYS SHOULD ALSO SEE THEM SINGING.. Sarah Geronimo is just one of them.. I would say when you hear them singing, YOUR JAWS WILL DROP.. :))

  • Thea


  • Tommy

    To answer your question, you should embrace the fact that we have a fellow Asian brother on TV. Support what he does in every thing he does.

  • sheenae

    galng talaga niya!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • no.1 fan

    we LoVe you Sarah G.

  • rev

    amazing girl – a great singer and a very humble girl

  • dorothy

    thanks jackfroot..sarah geronimo is the ONE


    i just love sarah….her amazing singing voice is comparable to none.
    she is loved by filipinos here and abroad because of her humble attitude
    and always put GOD abvoe all…

  • rochelle victoriano


  • rochelle victoriano


  • iam_popstets

    i love SG .. my princesss ,my inspiration, my only IDOL ..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • leslie ren

    sara is really really amazing. hope she make it to the hollywood. 🙂

  • have u seen her latest performance in asap rocks?its jessie j’s whos laughing now…check it out guys….AWESOME AND JAW DROPPING PERFORMANCE….

  • eli

    to jackfroot admin.
    please try 2 upload here her recent performance of the song whos laughing now by jessie J
    shes very good in there and that was the first time she use a short when she was performing and you will see that she is a fucking hot…
    she has a perfect body and a perfect voice to perform in the stage of hollywood…

    • ms. deey

      wag mo naman gawing p**a si sarah.para ka naring bugaw sa pinag-sasabi mo. “she is a fucking hot” ka mo??

      • eli

        senxa naman…
        hehe.. napakahot kc nya dun eh haha wala aqng masabe…

  • Lyn69

    Superved performance!!! Jessie js who’s laughing now…..My GOD!!! Can’t get rid hangover from watching 20times….Well Done… Another amazing performance…..Can’t wait for Jackfroot interview….Bravooooo….frombrisbaneaustralia.

    • cristine

      sarah is a great singer…shes da 1…iloveu sarah.. ur da best…

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  • ms. deey

    her new performance in ASAP ROCKS ( Who’s Laughing Now)is dedicated to those people who estimated her capabilities in singing and in all aspects of her being an entertainer! so???who’s laughing now?? so…to all sarah’s haters, i just wanna ask something, why do you hate sarah so muvh???????she’s not doing something bad against our country, our religion and etc. why do you always find ways to make her down????just leave her alone ok??? PEACE!

  • ms. deey

    her new performance in ASAP ROCKS ( Who’s Laughing Now)is dedicated to those people who estimated her capabilities in singing and in all aspects of her being an entertainer! so???who’s laughing now?? so…to all sarah’s haters, i just wanna ask something, why do you hate sarah so much???????she’s not doing something bad against our country, our religion and etc. why do you always find ways to make her down????just leave her alone ok??? PEACE!

  • isabelle

    yes now what…we have best asain rapper.. people will suport this two for ever ..

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  • aznboy

    can you send me the lyrics ? 😀 and btw you forgot nigahiga

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  • Rob M

    hard to choose so I’m going to my first love….Natasha Yi!!!!

  • str19

    Sounds awesome. Can’t wait!!

  • As always, AMAZING!!!!!!!!! The best Performer here in the Philippines!! She’s THE ONE!!!!!!!

    • naman21

      she’s truly amazing!!!

  • love it….

  • mmonks

    thank you for posting the video of my fave singer in the Philippines Ms. Sarah Geronimo. God bless you!

  • Treb Anidel

    She is so cool and charming….. I like it

  • Lyn69

    Thanks JACKFROOT admin from posting this video…This is tremendous exceptional performance from the one an only POPTAR PRINCESS from PHIIIPPINES…There is no doubt she is versatile singer and actress…. Well done again…SUPERVED PERFORMANCE!!!! From Brisbane Australia

  • awesome…she’s an entire package..lovehermuch!


    shes a total package and very charismatic….i love her… i am a fan

    • normie

      i’m agree with you.she’s amazing performer i like her

  • vaning

    Thank you for posting the video. I love you Sarah G! 🙂

  • maezam

    Shes one of a kind… I love Her so much!!! Simply the best..

  • Wow ! She’s GREAT !

  • I love how she gave justice to the song. I love the dance steps too. Keep it up Sarah! 🙂

  • Sarah can do almost everything (different genre of songs, dance steps, etc). 🙂

  • Thanks Jackfroot for featuring our Popstar Princess Sarah Geronimo. 🙂

  • Ann

    sarah geronimo is the best!!!she’s so talented..she got the talent plus the attitude that people really love in her…so humble, a very good girl even with all the success and talent that she got!!!!always the best SARAH GERONIMO!!!im a big fan and will always be…her rendition of SOMEONE LIKE IS SUPERB!!

  • eli

    try to watch her recent performances.
    someone like you
    and who’s laughing now

  • eli

    try to watch her recent performances.
    someone like you
    and who’s laughing now

  • Vanessa

    as usual, VERY AMAZING!!!!!…. Go Princess Sarah!!!!…..

  • The very exceptional and superb, Miss Sarah Geronimo!
    Admin, this is another video last Sunday.
    She delivered her version of “Someone Like You” of Adele.

  • Ken

    It’s true, Asians party it up in Vegas!

  • nurz

    nag iisa lang tlaga! keep it up SARAH G. luv u much..lahat nman ng performances nya is AMAZING!

  • asherzon

    this talented girl must be in Hollywood!
    superb! Pop Princess!

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  • emjay

    wow…. stupendous!!! love her rendition.

  • j29

    as always…. we LoVe you Sarah G!

  • Lyn69

    Im speechless you nailed it again…No words can describe you….No doubt your a gifted woman w/ full of talents….Bravooooo….We love you from Brisbane Australia

  • I am so amazed! I’m in awe right now of how Sarah Geronimo nailed Someone Like You by Adele! Such a great beauty and talent! #iRespectSarah

  • mjd

    She’s really amazing!! ;D No wonder I idolize you..

  • Amazing!!! I can’t find the perfect word to describe this because PERFECT is not enough to describe this performance. For me, Sarah G is the BEST SINGER in the Philippines. She’s UNBEATABLE!!

  • TRIVIA!!!!!!!!!!!:

  • WOW Superb Performance !

  • I know that she is very talented, but when she sing a song on Sunday at ASAP I was amized and very nangilabot ako…she sing very strong and shows her emotion and made me cry. Wow…she has an excellent voice and reach the range and even better than adele. I love the way how she create her high range. Bravo…Sarah G keep going to what you are doing, and more if you can. Also, never stop learning that’s the way you reach your goal and career, be hamble, loving, honest to co-pilipino. God bless you and your family…. Love it very much…. 🙂

  • geniox99

    This performance of her proves that she can make it to international scene if she wants,

  • I can’t help it if I have to keep listening Sarah G, bec. I have a pride to show her voice around with my co-workers in our office party at my house. And I am very proud to invite my friends to watch ASAP…and I don’t mine some other professional singer as long as I don’t hear those crazy trying hard. I can tell you…Sarah G. is indeed more than qualified to international singer. Great!!! performance…boongescious SG….love that song, is my favorite. Hang in there idol. 🙂

  • Definately, Sarah G is quite talented, well done in performance. Amazing…she made me proud all time, it doesn’t matter what type of song she can be able to handle it. I don’t usually watch ASAP coz it’s my mom thing, but when I heard her last week in ASAP on “Someone like you” Roling in the deep, Teach me doogie dance…OWh!!! Wow she is has those style that making me love her….wonderful singer…she is too good, she’s absolutely international range…. good job Sarah…

  • crazy bessy

    jackfroot staff, thanks for featuring Ms Sarah Geronimo in your blog! she is one rare and amazing gem…that the Philippines have been hiding for years. time for her to shine and entertain the rest of the world with her own brand of passionate and generous performance that has wowed and fascinated Filipinos for many years now.

    we are looking forward to more videos of her on your excellent site! this particular rendition of adele’s song is just amazing! she defines the new sexy with her awesome blend of cool moves and soulful vocals.

  • crazy bessy

    jackfroot staff, our appreciation knows no end. this is definitely one of Ms Sarah Geronimo’s best performances! one of my many favorites now. i loved this song when adele sang it but sarah did her own unique and soulful rendition that made my heart sing, dance and do an excited somersault. all the best for featuring this awesome video! Sarah G is one of the best and brightest stars out there in the world stage!

  • Franco Grimaldi

    I think i LOL’d the whole time.. oh and that Asian B!tch is fiiiiine. makes me smile =)… Traphik, (thank you^143)^3. peace and love. <3

  • cie

    She’s really amazing!! The more you watched her, the more you’ll get hooked with her. And i love her more and more everyday not just as an artist but most especially as a person. Despite her status, she remained simple, down to earth, and humble human being. May our Almighty GOD bless all the desires of her heart.

    • true! and she always give her best everytime shes on the stage.The thing that I’d like to her most is her humility and respect to older singers in the philippines.I became a fan of Sarah when watched her here in canada shes really really amazing in her rendition.

  • more of sarah geronimo,s videos.. thanks jacfroot she is more than excellent…..

  • I am proud to state that I’m a Sarah G fan. I’ve never admired any artist/celebrity as much as I’ve admired her. It’s more than just her extraordinary talents or her versatility as a singer-performer. It’s not even her physical beauty which her fans like me wouldn’t get tired of looking. In fact, IT’S THE ENTIRE PACKAGE! It’s her smile. It’s her expressive eyes. It’s the admirable character that she possesses. It’s everything about her that’s all packed into the most beautiful and the most charming person her fans have ever known. More blessings to her! She deserves the success she gets and all the good things in life!@jackfroot thanks for the posts…

  • Jon

    SARAH G is a TOTAL PERFORMER! I just love watching hr perform. Such cool dance moves!

  • lilij

    Loved this movie! Karl yune is super hot! Can’t wait to see more of him! Love to see and support asians on the big screen doing it big!

  • Chien

    where can I get a pair of the square black glasses shown in the first picture above?

  • j29

    To Jackfroot… tnx again for featuring Sarah G. She really deserve it, a real total performer. More power JACKFROOT!

  • jun121

    hey jackfroot admin….don’t you have her latest version of WHO’S LAUGHING NOW OF JESSIE….it’s another outstanding performance from her!!!!

  • jun121
  • jun121

    hey jackfroot admin, why not featured this one also…….!!!!!!!!!

  • jun121


  • alexsamariejo

    thanks again for taking the time to keep us updated about Sarah she truly is a one of a kind artist.

  • anreb

    Thanks Jackfroot for featuring Sarah Geronimo. She’s really a very talented singer, actress and dancer in the Philippines. I just want to share my favorite performance of Sarah in ASAP. This was performed on 2008 and she really rocks in here. Hope you can watch it. Here’s the link

  • Asher Anderson

    The one & only Popstar Princess of Philippines Sarah Geronimo.,she’s so amazing she can sing,she can dance & absolutely she’s a good actress.,her movie is out dz coming Nov.23,2011 in philippines the title is Won’t Last A Day Without You w/her leading man & her loveteam Gerald Anderson(Action Drama Prince of Philippines)he’s also a good actor.there loveteam is called ASHRALD(Sarah-Gerald).

    • amie joy paningbatan

      i love sarah g.

  • It’s everything about her that’s all packed into the most beautiful and the most charming person her fans have ever known.!!! Sarah Geronimo deserves to be on top of the world!!!

  • rose

    tnx so much for featuring our pinay pride pop princess ms sarah geronimo she really deserved this…. GOD bless

  • Rodel G.

    She is the One and The Only!!!!!

  • sarah is the best!!!!


  • Jodi M.

    Wow! She is awesome!

  • iamkidd whats your cellphone number can give it to me rigth now this is rose its me rose
    this me rosemarie

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  • Lyn69

    Sara G your the best…..Superved performance…..I salute you!!! We love you. From Brisbane Australia

  • Sarah, she’s a total perormer.. i love the way she sings and dances..
    She desserves all the blessings in her life..
    Keep on rocking sarah!
    You’re one of a kind. ♥

  • rubriklitanea

    indeed she is the popstar princess! great vocals and total performer of her country…very humble and sweet to her fans. i love all her featured videos…

  • rubriklitanea

    yeah Sarah’s live cover of “Who’s Laughing Now” of Jessie James was amazing…one of her greatest performance ever! Thanks also to ASAP…

  • jonnalyn


  • naman21

    hey! jackfroot try to watch her cover of edge of glory by lady gaga, here’s the link and her cove of Who’s laughing now by Jessie and lastly her cover of Bionic by christina and this one

  • she is so great,, no one can beat and be like her.

  • sarah geronimo together with billy crawford

  • missy

    Watched Real Steel and loved the movie and watching the fine Tak mashido aka Karl Yune . So talented and good looking.

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  • jeff

    please come to the U.S. and perform taeyang

  • The best as always! My friends here in CA love her! They’re coming with me next time she has a concert here 😉

  • jc

    Love it! 😀 This is such an awesome rendition of the song.
    Sarah G is an amazing singer, not to mention a very lovely young lady!:D

  • jon

    For me, Sarah G is THE BEST! 😀
    There’s no singer/celebrity/person like her.
    The most admirable and the most admired!
    The most respectful and the most respected.
    The most charming and the loveliest!:D

  • She’s the BEST THING THAT PHILIPPINES HAVE. She’s the Best Singer and Performer of the country.


  • leah

    she deserve to be in hollywood…
    producers should make way for her.
    they will not regret it.
    sarah will become famous if they will take a risk

  • Lyn69

    WOW!!! I’m speechless….Can’t wait for her to be in HOLLYWOOD!!! I will support u all the way…..We love you SARAH G from Brisbane Australia

  • zel

    good sarah!!!

  • Rodel G.

    The most-loved showbiz personality for many years now! Bravo Sarah G! You never ceases to amaze all of us….

  • zellima

    love you sarah…

  • Deniel


  • sara must go to hollywood………………………………..i am avid fan of her since she was 15 yrs .old and become a very multi talented singer…………………..from winnie of spanaway wa. usa

  • Asher Anderson

    Sarah geronimo is da best.,dz is one of her best performance in ASAP SOS
    Watch it guyz it so amazing she sing & dance..

  • mj

    Wow! I was shocked!! After that performance the California king bed was trend world wide!!
    She’s really amazed me every time she performed.. ;P

  • jean’z

    wow,.,.,idol quh tlg.,xa,.,gling tlg nia,.,weiyyyyyyyyy

  • She is a beauty and talent persona,i love her admirable character that she possesses.It’s everything about her that’s all packed into the most beautiful and the most charming person her fans (including me) have ever known…Sarah has proven her worth ever since,she’s REAL for the much awaited latest international superstar on the go…so be it..Sarah Geronimo..!!!

  • pauline

    wow! amazing! no words to describe this girl. I should say she’s the Filipino 🙂

  • pauline

    wow! amazing! no words to describe this girl. I should say she’s the Filipino Beyonce 🙂

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  • jha

    she’s one thing that the Philippines should be proud of. especially the kapamilya station where she’s at right now. she should be given big breaks. i think she will be having another major concert next year. hoping i could watch live. 😀

  • awesome….the best in the phil.. i will love her in hollywood…

  • cool

    Wow! Sarah Geronimo is Awesome!

  • titagie

    Such an amazing performer! She owns every song she sings, gives better rendition of songs originally performed by other international artists.

    • Yes she is indeed a great performer. No doubt about it.

  • Who’s going to win!!! Top 5!

    • Mitchell

      there’s something wrong with it o.o i can’t vote. it only shows the results


  • warden

    Yo why cant i vote for my nigga nirob???
    wtf is wrong hre/?

    • Did you vote once already? Also, you can’t use the same IP address if you’ve voted there already!!!

  • Looks like Nirob is number 1 winner so far!!!!

  • Lyn69

    She is Amazinggggggg!!! She can do everything….Your an insperation to our young generation….Thank u …From Brisbane Australia

  • jrcelis

    I really love her performance….mwah mwah

  • mmonks

    wow, that is truly amazing! awesome performance from sarah geronimo.

  • Jessie

    She’s very versatile. I’d love to see her in Hollywood! 🙂

  • Jessie

    To the Admins:

    Have you seen her performance of Adele’s “Someone Like You”. It is definitely a must post! 🙂

  • he still needs to work on his delivery

  • Awesome video! This is going to keep growing as people are connecting at a deeper level of social awareness. Oakland is the big spark!

    Our band’s recent “fan the flames” contribution to the cause:


  • chantal

    WOW! I never liked this song before. Now that she sang it — I think I love this song! She has that amazing way of owning the song and making it shine and sparkle. Ms Sarah G, you are one of a kind! A truly ultimate performer!

    I checked her videos in You Tube and know what I found? She’s got all these gems of a performance, to wit:

    And there’s so much more! This charming lady is a powerhouse of talent, charm, and that all elusive x-factor. She’s truly a versatile and world-class act!

    Thank you, jackfroot, for showcasing her here in your site!

  • chantal

    Sarah Geronimo is AWESOME!

    This act is pure brilliance! Enjoyed this so much!!!!!

  • chantal

    She works another magical and powerful performance here! AMAZING!

    I wonder what the original singers of these songs would say about her and her performances?

    This girl is addicting! I watch one of her videos and I cant stop myself from watching all the rest. And there are so many of them. Im staying up late already just so I can soak in her soulful voice and graceful moves.

    I now know why she is called Philippines’ POP Star Princess. She should be empress or queen! She definitely ROCKS!

  • chantal

    Sarah Geronimo is a shining jewel.

    This performance is so beautiful! You can see and feel all the words never leave her lips without the equivalent emotions from her eyes, face and whole body.

    Im so privileged to be able to see this kind of performance. And her charm connects so strongly with her fans. Their appreciation of and joy for her is contagious.

  • chantal

    Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful performance!

    She is a total entertainer no less!

    She is the coolest in this number! Makes me wanna dance n groove along with her….

  • chantal


    This girl definitely has it.

    She always surprises and excels beyond her previous performance. This one is so beautiful and touching. She makes you feel for the character and the story behind the song. Awesome!

    Thanks, jackfroot!

  • chantal

    Jackfroot…can you please do an interview of this amazing performer and feature it on your site?

    Is there anything impossible for jackfroot? After watching so many of this young lady’s wonderful performances here we cant have more of her….

  • jc

    I never thought I’d enjoy being a fan but I really do….well, maybe because it’s Sarah G. I just love watching her perform. It’s not just because she’s a very good singer…so talented. Is it about her pleasant aura or whatever you call it? Or do I just sense that she’s really a good-hearted person? 😀

  • try to watch Sarah Geronimo’s version of who’s laughing now that she performed on asap last oct. 2 2011. you will definitely love her performance. and also let vote Sarah Geronimo for the upcoming ASAP POP VIEWERS CHOICE AWARDS, JUST LOG ON TO ASAP.ABS-CBN.COM click the link poll, the last day for voting is on nov. 16 2011 12nn. thanks and votw vote vote!

  • j29

    to Jackfroot thanks again for featuring our Sarah G, i admire her so much because of her versatility as a performer. I just recently watch some of her video when she bring RB Tour in Dubai last month still, she hasn’t change it was a superb performance. When Sarah G did the Record Breaker concert in Araneta in 2009 one of the highlights performance when she sang “They don’t really care about us” by MJ.. check this link and hope you will enjoy ‘coz i love it so much… again thank you for you continue support to Sarah G. 🙂
    YT : watch?v=CIxBlGNys9Q&feature=related

  • mj

    Jackfroot!! Thank you so much!! We LOVE SARAH soooo muccch!!

  • macksbucks


  • Nurz

    Superrrr galing nya tlaga..lahat ng live performances nya AMAZING! Iam a huge fan of this talented girl.. AT grabe ang aura nya soooo charming npkagnda kc ng PUSO nya 22ong tao dat’s why i love HER..

  • Nurz

    Superrrrr galing nya tlaga..lahat ng live performances nya AMAZING! Iam a huge fan of this talented girl.. AT grabe ang aura nya soooo charming npkagnda kc ng PUSO nya 22ong tao dat’s why i love HER..

  • Real
  • lara mariz linco
  • Vanessa Javier

    a Princess who is well-loved by everyone… a RECORD BREAKER!!!!…..

  • Rodel G.


  • jonnalyn


  • Chris dion

    If u only look at her twice, then u must be gay lol




  • Mackbucks

    The best rendition ever <3<3

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  • Ken

    My favorite is Timothy DeLaGhetto! Dude is too funny.

  • Katie

    Did they you guys forgot about communitychannel? She has over 1 million subscribers and she is super funny.

  • Max

    JKF #1.

  • John

    Shimmycocopuffsss over 240 thousand.

  • zai – Put it in a Love Song (Alicia Keys ft. Beyonce) performed by Sarah Geronimo March 7, 2010 on ASAP XV

  • zai
  • Vanessa

    Princess @SGeronimo25 did it again… please watch her incoming movie also entitled #WontLastADayWithoutYou on November 30, 2011 in theaters nationwide (Philippines)… I hope it will be worldwide also..

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  • brandon

    Freddie should of been nummber 1!!!!!! -___-

  • Shane

    for natalie tran is the best 😀

  • Shane

    for me natalie tran is the best 😀

  • Angel

    Hi jackfroot, could you also feature Ms. Sarah Geronimo’s original song like the MUSIC VIDEO of her song RECORD BREAKER.

  • alex devereux

    This is what I’ve heard, Sarah and Gerald only have few time to practice this prod because of their hectic schedule in shooting the movie.. But look! The performance is sizzling and hot! Sarah G definitely is THE ONE! I love this lady. (I’m a girl FYI)

  • Vanessa

    oh wow… after that performance, the Sarah Geronimo and Gerald Anderson(ASHRALD)movie “Won’t Last A Day Without You” was Trending #1 worldwide, #1 in Philippines, #5 in UK and America, #7 in Singapore and others…. Go go go Popsters!!!…. Go Sarah Geronimo!!!….

    The Movie is Showing on November 30, 2011… Watch out for it…

  • Lyn69

    SarahG she so ADDICTiVE!!! She blow me away every time she performed. I think need to go to SarahG annonymous…Clap,Clap,Clap..Again, well done superved!!! From Brisbane Australia

  • zellima

    i like both of them…nice sarah and gerad

  • Eulalia Liz

    As always, WOW what a perfornace kilig to the bones…. super super amazing!!!
    Can’t wait to watch their new movie here in California!!!

  • alia

    she’s amazing! watch her queen of the night performance on youtube. you will surely be amazed at how versatile she is. :))

  • chantal

    OMG! Sarah Geronimo is explosive and uber-sexy in this Adele number!!!!

    I love it when she sings Adele’s songs…she adds that zing and vibe that is her unique trademark.

    Definitely ADDICTIVE!

    Can’t wait to see her with Gerald Anderson in their upcoming movie if only to see their other gifts light up the big screen.

    Thanks, jackfroot!

  • amy

    She’s amazing singer and dancer!!! AMAZING!!!

    • She sure is! If you have any requests, please let know, we would love to share more KPOP to the American community.

  • Fantastic beat! I wish to apprentice whilst you amend your site, how can i subscribe for a web log site? The account aided me a appropriate deal. I have been a little bit familiar of this your broadcast provided bright transparent idea.

  • Cams

    Hit it and quit it Glen lol

  • georgeouslooking and fabulous performance,can’t get over watching her and hope to see her in hollywood!!!!! I watched her concert here in canada the first time that makes me addicted too and everytime i watch hollywood performances, i keep on comparing SARAH GERONIMO’S PERFORMANCES….


  • Ken

    this is sick! go Korea!

  • Jorge

    Damn, this guy is talented. Definately in a different league than all the other rappers you got up here no offense. He’s gonna be huge with the right tools and support. So what’s happening? Don’t see much of nothing else? Hope you guys are treating him right you know never want him to get stolen from your blindside.

  • eli–eA&feature=g-all
    guys e2 na.. ang pinakahinihintay. Sarah G Love On Top

  • eli

    @jackfroot I have a vid that will put Sarah G to top
    try to watch this and if you like you should post this to your cite thanks a lot for making something about our Princess

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  • Pingback: Sarah Geronimo Sings Love On Top SOS — Jackfroot()

  • mmonks

    Sarah Geronimo is just really amazing!

  • Menchu Corbitt

    She is such a gorgeous girl… so down to earth, talented and a fantastic performer and actress. You should watch out for her latest movie Won’t Last a Day Without You. I am certainly waiting for the international screening, otherwise I will have a to wait for the DVD release. Love her!

  • eli

    shes the one na talaga

  • Vanessa

    Bongga!!!… we love you baby girl!!!!…. WE LOVE YOU SARAH!!!!…..

    POPSTER by HEART!!!….

  • chantal

    This is pure magic from the one and only Pop Queen! Yes!

    Cant help but just hit the repeat button again, and again, and again! Beautiful performance…what can we say except – ADDICTING!

  • Eulalia Liz

    Another amazing performance by Sarah G, really love this girl…addictive

  • MsAbiLin

    I LOVE THIS GIRL. she never fails to amaze me over and over again…

  • katelynn

    i luv tae yang please come i luv his songs

  • 1. lucy liu hottest girl
    2. Jamie chung skinny pretty
    3. maggie q skinny ugly hot
    4. kristin kreuk pretty not sexy bad acting
    5. grace park (so-so)
    6. kelly hu (bad but sexy
    7. brenda song horrible
    8. vannessa hudgens (terribad)
    9. moon bloodgood (disgusting ugly)
    10 olivia munn worst

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  • Ricardo

    Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Chance

  • Dan

    Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Mystery

  • “Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Monotony”.

  • Ashley H.

    Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Confusion.

  • Bobby L

    Sherlock Holmes: A Game of HOLY SMOLY DID THAT JUST HAPPEN?!

  • Pingback: Ant Hull » A recent interview I did with

  • Shannon Thompson

    If the movie was about your life, how would you finish the title, “Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Fantasy”.

    liked on fb as Teh Doll


  • Threestripesclothing


  • Ken

    Jin is still the man!

  • Fuvs

    It’s not about embracing diversity, it’s about China owning the market and VS is trying to tap into it -_-

    • JackfrootStan

      Majority of VS clothing is outsourced to manufactures in china, and have been long before asian faces were on the runway. Believe it or not, but a lot of their clothing line is generically made, just slap a VS tag on there and people don’t tend to know the difference. The same style, cut, and textiles used can be found within multiple brands. Ever wonder why you find two articles of clothing from two different brands but 100% identical.

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  • sars

    she’s awesome! 😀

  • leah

    to: jackfroot
    try this.. this is the newest performance of the one and only popstar queen of the PHILippies

  • BIgboi

    YO, dis bitty bad as fuck, me n my home girl n da classroom like damnn!!!< could u rap tho is the question..

  • linda

    I do love her too dahil as we all know, she is down to earth, simple lang and family oriented, most of all, me respeto sa mga magulang at nakakatanda.

  • Tando

    Sui He has more exotic Asian face than Liu Wen, and I hope some girl from Indian will run for VS next year 😀

  • Vanessa you also better check this video out…
    this was her solo number during the ABS-CBN Christmas Special at the Araneta Coliseum… You’ll really amaze this number…

  • Karen Kwok

    Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Happiness.

  • Cafe Lu new updated official website, please change the url in the article to the correct cafe lu’s website

  • the best so far i knew back in manila…Sarah Geronimo tops them all…such a great performer!!

  • lyneth

    thats my idol!!!anything can do,in singing the best,in dancing wow amazing,on acting nakakakilig,nakakabilib,attitude!really good…
    i’ve never heard or i guess no one can be like her in showbiz.God Bless to you Sarah and wish u ol the best in your career,lovelife of course…More and More…Blessings beautiful gurrrlllllllllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Daniesa

    sarah is so amazing :))

  • Daniesa

    watch this guys .. <— end of time and let's dance by sarah geronimo .. THE FILIPINO BEYONCE 🙂

  • Vanessa


  • Rodel

    The Only One….

  • Rodel

    Love her every performances….

  • Julius Ababa

    hope you like this one. One of her newst performance live. Sing & DAnce.

    and btw, this is her first sing & dance performance.

    another beyonce.

  • Julius Ababa
  • gracey

    Sarah Geronimo means “INSPIRATION”! No other Filipino artist, in her generation we can find as “BEAUTIFUL” (inside and out), as Sarah Geronimo Is… i know almost 100% of Filipinos will agree!
    Keep it up Sarah G.! God loves you so do i…:)

  • eli

    TO: jackfroot admin.
    try to watch her PUT in a love song or End of Time..
    the two performance of sarah that will make you feel BOMB…..

  • Vanessa


  • super amazing..shes my ultimate idol..i love sarah g so much..:)

  • go very proud to be one of your fans..go idol and God Bless

  • shes so amazing…great singer and dancer…shes a great performer

  • KM

    Wow! thank you very much for posting this. Please watch her End of Time performance during the christmas special. It was explosive!

  • leila

    philippine beyonce

  • OMG Sarah nailed it !!! Thumbs up if you think that Sarah Geronimo is beautiful and talented !!! Yessss she’s really awesome!!

  • L

    Victoria’s Secret models may be racially diverse, but…

    The older VS models used to embrace different body shapes, but it’s like nowadays each model has to have the same measurements to within 1″ of each other. Apparently they all have to have the same hair style at the same length, too. What’s the deal? I wouldn’t be able to tell them apart if it weren’t for their differing ethnicities.

  • like…like…like….

    speechless  grabe :) 
    awesome performance..clap clap clap…

  • Jacob

    favorite model from the east coast…love how passionate this girl is

  • Mark Wahlberg

    i love you nida! happy new year!

  • Westin

    i like this alot better than the original

  • He had blur hair; OhhGoshh thats hot<3 

    What happen to his two front teeth?D:

    • Itssigoldfish

      he got jumped and they got knocked out

  • The two front teeth got me there.

  • haha i hate dogs to bro same exact thing just different dog cuz it was a mix-breed n i was only 6 when that happen to me aha hate it cute i got a huge scar on my right arm..

  • i knew none of them apart from the teeth one, he got jumped at mcdonalds with his girlfriend because the assholes wanted d pryde’s phone or something and then he stood up for himself and the assholes beat him up and lost his front teeth, i think thats whats happend listen to fireworks by him, that explains alot about it

  • MrDtrickk

    He lost his front teeth because he got jumped and some guys tried to take his phone. He had to defend himself. Listen to the lyrics of his song “Fireworks”. Verse 2 lyrics

    i’m sorry for the night, i know you shouldn’t been through it
    & my dad should’ve picked us up before this whole predictement
    instead i choose to try to spend the night at your house
    so when we were at Mickey D’s
    i had to slip my phone out
    that was a mistake
    this anger intakes
    im havin nightmares by that night til this day
    but its true baby
    how can you not be stressed
    he tried to rob my phone
    & hurt you in the process
    then i defended you
    then kicked me & punched me
    i lost my pride lost the battle & my front teeth
    all for a phone that they wanted its incredible
    you saved me life girl i feel like im in debt to you
    & thats something ordinary girls will never do
    & now the rumors will be spreadin but what can you prove ?
    i wont deny it when the fans start to find the word
    cause once they jumped me i just felt it, FIREWORKS ! 

  • leandro s

    Gorgeous model <3 

  • Joe

    I love how personality is a deal breaker for her. down to earth, I like..

  • budoy

    addictive performance!!!!!!!

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  • khmai nation !

  • Niggaplease

    tees are wakkkkkk.. but dem bitches is fiNEE!!!

  • Qwiz

    real d pryde fans know he had his teeth knocked out…if yu didnt YOUR NOT A DPRYDE FAN! point blank

  • Nice column. I own Vinylmation Kingdom btw. Thanks for writing about this hobby!

  • Nice column. I own Vinylmation Kingdom btw. Thanks for writing about this hobby!

  • Anonymous

    Hi Jackfroot management,

    I hope to see a SarahG page or section here in your site. It would be a blast! She has fans worldwide so you would be doing a great service to all her followers all around the globe. You have been featuring a lot of her live performances in the weekly musical variety show ASAP but hope you can also include her live performances in her record-breaking concerts and even her music videos. She is simply one of a kind. A stellar and amazing performance every time. She does not only do a mean Beyonce song but any and all genre or songs by other artists AND most importantly songs penned for her by Filipino composers.

    Thanks to you and I love the new layout of your site!

  • Anonymous

    I never thought anyone can sing this song better than Karen Carpenter but Sarah Geronimo made me love this song more and deeper! She has got that knack of really owning a song and giving her own flavor and kick! She’s versatile and her loveability is what makes her performances ENGAGING and SPELL-BINDING! She is one of a kind!

  • Wow! She can own this song! Sarah Geronimo Rocks!!

  • This song Trends’ her world wide on twitter! 😀 You rock my world!

  • she is SARAH G-reat i so love her…

  • Emerald

    Love Taeyang and REALLY want to see him live in person:) Thats my fiance’s doppleganger lol. Want to hear more of his songs on our radio.

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  • Onyal M

    Ever since I saw that performance from Beyonce’s Best Thing I Never Had. I have been looking out for all her performances. She’s beautiful with an A-mazing talent. She should be out there for the world to see. 

    Jackfroot Staff, do what you can to have her be featured here. Thanks! 

  • OFFICIAL Breaking Dawn Trailer Part I. (HD) 05.06.2011

  • this is dellaswan  this is rose its me rose this me Rosemarie 

  • Youtuber


  • nice love this song performed by sarah G. 🙂 thumbs up sarah G

  • Momhy Miho

    well.. superb! you really are awesome! you have it all.. the voice, the dance moves, the body, the beauty.. Hollywood is now waiting for you! You are a total performer! thumbs-up!

  • Shaina mae

    love sarah sooo much 

  • jhoven asican

    thumbs up sarah geronimo …. lets join forces to give sarah a break in holywood because she is deserving because of her talent and evrything PINOY PRIDE

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  • Albert_a2l

    The Very Down to earth and family oriented and loving person.. with such a great talent needs to be known internationally….. She can do what ever you wanted to see on her audience in Fans.. thats why Sarah Geronimo, Our Teen princess before..until became our POPSUPERTSAR …

  • Sarah Geronimo is one totally awesome,.look she can do foot step even though shes wearing a high hills..nobody can beat her,.,.,love you sarah g..wish i could be like her!!Sarah Geronimo is One of the BEST as always you always surprised & amazed
    the viewers. Thank you for sharing your talent that Philippines should be
    proud of.,So PROUD to be Fan of SARAH ASHER GERONIMO.

    • Californiarn_356

      She’s Phenomenal i could say for an Artist who can standout with Singing, Dancing & Acting too,That all these Performances she does makes a Blockbuster Hit as always, She’s so much talents to give that makes the crowd jaw drop all the time,She deserves an International Exposure indeed….

  • Benzd

    She is really a real star,a versatile actress and singer. Complete package to become a Superstar and the world needs here. Good luck, Sarah G.

  • Janine

    Ate sarah is so good an Kind… We Love her… Our idol

  • Anonymous

    Sarah G has not been honored as Entertainer of the Year, Recording Artist of the Year and Box-office Queen all in the same year, 2009, at the young age of 21 for nothing. Now eight years in the business and already with numerous multi-platinum best-selling CDs and accolades for successful shows, films and concerts, she has proven her talent, versatility, passion and dedication for her craft and respect for her viewers through the years. She just loves to entertain and she is known to always transform the stage with her magical and spell-binding performance not just with her talent but also with how she charms and engages the audience through her every song, dance or spiel.


    • gor ur info Sarah G got those all Awards! hahaha where have u been !! Sarah Geronimo is so Talented she ca Sing and dance so Amazing she’s like the beyonce of philippines!

  • thelyn

    a versatile artist, a total entertainer, terrific performer and great singer/dancer.  She has the voice and dance moves of Beyonce, the intensity of Lady Gaga, Sarah G have them all!!! Her talent is simply world class

  • jesa_pop

    She is so amazing, a woman who has it all. A great singer, dancer, actress and with good heart. A very down to earth and a simple girl. A good role model to everyone and a loving daughter. A TOTAL PERFORMER.

  • Angel_mine96

    she is a total performer! All around artist that’s why we/i love her!

  • Eulalia

    i am base in CA and I am a fan of SG, will help her with this move!!!!!

  • Sheyzbebe18

    She’s the total performer & one of the best…she is one of the kind!!!

  • Akosiyahj

    she deserves to be the next superstars all over the world!! good luck my idol <3

  • we want to see her perform International.. No one Compares to one and only Pop Star Princess Sarah Geronimo… 

  • Humble. Beautiful. Simple. Versatile. Down to Earth. Loving. God fearing. Great Role Model. Superstar. Talented. In Demand Endorser. 2x Box-Office Queen. One Of A Kind. She sings from the heart. She dances flawlessly. Her acting is amazing. She’s THE total package. She has this charm that is indescribable. Her presence makes you smile, happy, excited. She has this energy that makes you dance/sing with her. She’s mesmerizing. She is Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Mariah Carey, Adele, Katy Perry, MJ +more all in one. You can’t compare her to anyone. 
    I am from California. I have lived in England. And everyone of my friends here and there loves her. 

  • lyoa

    we believe that she can make it 🙂

  • Darwin_pascua08

    She has that charisma and talent that can be lined up to the likes of beyonce, lady gaga, rihanna adele and other famous artists in the Snited States

  • Cheezekee

    Very much deserving  to level up in USA…God bless SarahG

  • Jkristinearra

    she’s great……whenever she performs she made every people happy…that’s why we love her…….
    she can do what ever you want her to do……that’s SARAH GERONIMO…..THE PHILIPPINES POPSTAR PRINCESS……

  • Dave_evad88

    i love sarah g

  • She is really the ONE!!!!

  • Neriza

    Sarah G has got everything, the talent, the passion, the charm, the character, good manners, etc…and that is what her millions of  fans loved about her so much and I am one of her follower even here abroad. She is one of a kind, a very humble individual that despite her fame, her success, her achievements, she still remains to be grounded. She has the charm to get the attention of all her audience everytime she performs on stage. The singer, dancer, actress, and the only Pop Princess that i am dreaming to meet in person. I love Sarah G…<3

  • Leahlucban

    she is the best……

  • she is a total performer! All around artist that’s why we/i love her! 

  • Jessicaavinash

    i love sarah g so much and for me she haas the heart everytime she sings any song….she got the talent and i believe she deserves to be known also not jus in the philippines but aswell in other country!!!!!!

  • Nincaagbay

    She is one of the most talented singer- actress here in the Philippines.she is very down to earth. family oriented and most of all she is god-fearing person.

  • asher

    whoo!superlike!!! hope to see sarah g. in US…. i would like her to perform BURLESQUE by cristina aguilera. :))

  • jhayne

    she’s amazing a very talented girl…

  • GO SARAH G.!!! FTW! 😀

  • Dnomyar Yug4

    yes…. sarah g is deserving to become international superstar..two thumbs up!

  • 14papic

     One of the Best Singer in the World, you’ll be amaze with her sweet and powerful voice. She can sing different genres of songs. Aside from being a singer, Sarah is also an actress,dancer and a host.

  • Ate Sarah is indeed perfect for me, beautiful inside and outside, for inside she is very, very humble to everyone, adorable, lovely, loving and caring daughter like as what she have said “I work hard for my FAMILY” and for outside, she is beautiful, cute and her face is so simple but sweet. Ate Sarah was known as the “Popstar Princess” and about the “Magic” she brings on stage when she performs and when she’s acting. She can dance in heelsw/ full energy, she can act very well and ofcourse she can sing , because it’s her passion. She is a total package performer, despite the love and fame she receives from our country she remains humble “down to earth”. About this I don’t know if many would agree that Ate Sarah would work internationally specially to her fans Popsters, Sarahnianz and AshRald because we love her so much, almost especially when you ask one person in our country even they were from province about Sarah Geronimo, they know her as a great singer. For this let’s just let Ate Sarah make a choice and decide =)

  • Gpolongcs

    Im a fan… please let her wonderfulness spread all over the world

  • Leahlucban

    I know, If Jackfroot make this happened to sarah geronimo…
    they will be one of the richest producer…

  • Anonymous

    A simple person with such an amazing talent!!!
    PINOY PRIDE indeed . . .

  • SG fan

    Come to the US! <3

  • sarah g, is sarah g.. she is the best,,,, speechless once she performed,,,  😀

  • Mlpalad

    She makes sure when she sings she sings from the heart when she act she gives justice to every role she plays and when she speaks she speaks with conviction

  • This is terrible! None of these kids have a conscious and that really
    instills fear into me for where our future is heading…. Almost ruined
    my day watching this….

  • Jjdon20



  • Janna Grace Paciente

    She deserves to have a spot in the International Music Entertainment. Every time she performs, she never fails to amaze the audience.

  • i love sarah g

    She is the best performer which the Philippines will ever have! She’s so humble despite the fact that she is indeed the best entertainer of her generation. She can sing, rap, dance, host, act, and even draw! Well, I can say that she indeed needs proper attention from the several producers of Hollywood as she has what all it takes to be one of the international idols of this generation. 

    Her being conservative and humbleness can really make her one of the most sought after Asian talents which can land a slot on Hollywood.

    I really hope to see her perform on a stage together with other Hollywood performers. 🙂

  • Even thou I’m already residing here in the USA, I still don’t forget Sarah G. ’cause she’s really a total performer.  I still love and adore her.  Thou I didn’t had the chance to meet her personally when I was still in the Philippines, I can see that she’s a beautiful person, inside and out.  It reflects through her personality how she was raised by her parents.  She’s a role model to other people, esp. to the youth.  I hope she could make it to Hollywood, because it could, again, give pride to our country, the Philippines.

    Goodluck Ms. Sarah G.!! =)

  • Yes, I am a big fan of Sarah Geronimo. She has an amazing voice, good personality, awesome and great stage presence. Whenever she performs she transformed to a different person and she owns the stage. Great talent and a great perfomer of this generation. She will not disappoint the people that will make this dream come true for her. Such beautiful person with a big heart.

  • Shadz

    She’s THE BEST! a multi-talented woman with a very good heart..She’s not just Philippines Pop Superstar, she have millions fans outside Philippines..and recently being named as Number 1 Female Performer in ASIA..And she’s not just for POP MUSIC, she can SING all genre of MUSIC very well with no difficulty..Sarah is INCOMPARABLE..she has her SIGNATURE VOICE as Sarah Geronimo but she can be Celine Dion, Beyonce, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, named all that..Sarah is ALL-IN-ONE!! AMAZING!!

  • Nize_pazaway

    I love you!!!!Sarah G!!!stay humble and faithful…we Love You!!!!

  • Sarah Geronimo is the brightest and biggest star of the Philippines, we can say that she can seize the world , with her talent and personality, with her talent like, singing, acting, dancing and even hosting, they will surely love sarah geronimo, 

    Sarah Geronimo is not the best singer not the best dancer ,not the best actress and not the best host. But no one can be a Sarah G. a singer, actress, dancer, and host

  • Dmc12313

    fuk those pussy ass dagger ass bitch ass little cock sucken mothafukas

  • One word to describe Sarah G.


  • Nenna_diasana

    Sarah is really a ”TOTAL PERFORMER” ever…..!!!!!she has all that an artist must have to possess……!!!!

  • Jen_kamiya

    If I to describe Sarah in 1 word… AMAZING!

  • Alicayarobench

     i wish she will conquer and create an explosive name in the hollywood industry!!!…thats what i pray :)..godbless to sarah im her super solid duper number 1 fan!!..

  • maui

    she’s the best performed we had here in the philippines 

  • Vanessa

    She’s not just a Princess, she’s a Queen… a Girl who is so humble and down to earth… ADMIRED and LOVED by EVERYONE… an INSPIRATION!!!…

    SARAH GERONIMO is not ONLY BORN to be a STAR but she’s also DESTINED to be a STAR…

    – one of the most unforgettable line from the Philippine’s Popstar Princess, “IT’S NO ABOUT THE MONEY… IT’S ALL ABOUT THE LOYALTY”…

    POPSTER by HEART!!!….

  • fres_el83

    she is a good artist & good singer a total performer.

  • Mae08sg

    Sarah Geronimo is one of the famous artist here in Philippines. She can sing while dancing, and remember she was awarded “Box Office -Queen” because she give her very best to act for her blockbuster movies. She is also known as Romantic-Comedy Queen. 

  • unknown_01

    She’s one of a kind.. She’s fully talented. She’s the best..

  •  Let SARAH GERONIMO brightly shine INTERNATIONAL,,
      talented girl ,,super bait,,♥♥♥ we all love you sarah

  • Ma Lynethroquios


  • Ann

    Sarah Geronimo is amazing,a one of kind,and a most talented star in the Philippines….

  • Marvinvea


  • She points out that 20-2 isn’t fair in the fight and how it was basically payback by doing 7-1.

    I hope she realizes that it’s now 500,000 Americans against her and her 6 friends ready to cause a fight as well: FOR THE END OF BULLYING!


    i am now a fan of sarah geronimo after watching her two movies with gerald anderson,totally awesome whatever way you looked at her,she gives it 100 %,very entertaining,extremely good singer since she gives it all and hopefully she will be known internationally,kudos to you SG

  • Derek A

    ummm, but regardless ummmm, trust me people, ummmmm, I can name them, ummmm, I’m 50 tyson aint gonna lie, ummm, Halloween is October 31st 

  • Krazyasdfadfsfas

    to the dumb ass bitch on the video. come down to the SGV and talk like that ummm ummmmm. stop trying to explain some bull shit for those buster ass nigga talkin fools. talk like the ching congs you are and get a life, oh no too late you already made this stupid ass video. 

  • grace

    Sarah Geronimo is not just a great singer but a great person and entertainer, actress and most of all a role model for every youth and young people. she proved a lot of that here in the Philippines for being humble and very loving to her family and very religious she deserve to have a chance in united states not only to share her talent but what she can share as being a good role model…That is Sarah Geronimo one word ” SPECTACULAR’

  • jahjahmin

    she is the best entertainer here in the philippines a good actress dancer singer… i hope you  can bring her in us.. and the best thing about her.. she has a good heart! =)

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  • FaZe PaRaDoX

    MAN NICE MUSIC HERE jello by far east movement xD 

  • FaZe PaRaDoX

    Girls don”t make sense  yah thats so troo man xD THERE ARE PLAING WITH USS WTF -.- THATS MAKE ME NERVUS DAMMN 

  • FaZe PaRaDoX


  • Alythur_13

    she really deserves to have shows outside the country…God bless ms. Sarah G.

  • sghollywood

    philippines stage becomes smaller and smaller everytime SARAH G. PERFORM…she deserves to be in HOLLYWOOD

  • jason in socal

    ok, she has an amazing voice– but does she have any original songs rather than ride the waves of already made hits?

    • Angelsapphire

      and yet we never say this to international artists who also sing other artists songs. Yes she has her own songs a lot of them actually…and it made hits in the Philippines. Coz obviously it was only sold in Philippines. her albums containing original songs reached 4x to 7x platinum…just saying…

  • yeah,,sarah g is really a total performer,,she really deserves to be recognized in and outside the country, she’s the best.. =)

  • Erhosz25

    my ultimate idol sarah geronimo deserves to be an international superstar…she’s very talented but still she’s very down to earth, thats why i really love her..

  • She is a TOTAL PERFORMER and a MULTIMEDIA STAR….I really admired her because she is really down to Earth, kind, respectful and a family-oriented daughter. Every time she perform there’s nothing I can do but stop what I’m doing and concentrate watching her performance. And after that search it on youtube and watching it all over and over again…She is the one who complete my day everyday by seeing/watching her performance LIVE or NOT. She is the reason why I keep on watching ASAP ROCKS every sunday…and the reason why I’m spending money to watch her MOVIES and BUYING her ALBUMS.. I love you SG.. I will support you all the way.. God bless in everything you do..<3

  • Crazemy_22

    Sarah G. is a total performer. She is the best. We love you Sarah G.

  • Jbiz69


  • Dope song

  • shaina mae


  • Mernelbea

    Sarah Geronimo is one of the best artist in the Philippines who deserves all the attention, recognitions she got since she started her career in the Philippines music industry. She is the epitome of the multi media artist. She can sing, dance, rap, host and act.Her talents are not the only reson why we love her and continued to support her but the whole person. She is amazing in and out. I will be one of the happiest fan of hers if her talent will be showcased and recognised not only in our country but to the rest of the world. She truly deserve it!

  • Kucv_26

    She’s very talented.. i <3 her talaga..!!!

  • WhatDoIKnow

    For a black guy, Toestah look super Asian, heh…the irony.

  • Michael

    ohh yEah, i wAnt SARAH G. shiNe in INTERNATIONAL for uS to tEll thE woRLD that phiLippinEs has a power to shiNE. 

  • know I’m super late on commenting on this, but 4/5 was Filipino. Leo
    Chan is the sole Chinese American member. Also notable is that they’re
    the only Asian-American R&B group to be signed to a major label
    (Geffen), and the FIRST Asian-American group to chart on Billboard’s Top
    100. Nobody else has been signed to a major with the exception of
    Jocelyn Enriquez.

  • HSM

    “Got the munchies again, got the munchies again. Like Chinese food when I eat you I get hungry again” lmao

  • Kixxie Siete should definitely be on this list.
    I think yall slept on him majorly.

  • Jihadmakhoul

    Go Go Linda 😀

  • Love it <3

  • CJ

    No Beavis and Butthead? Come on now.

  • jabestrada17

    Sarah Asher Tua Geronimo is a great person… she is versatile, multi-talented. She is good in the way she sing, dance, act, and many more. She has also the beauty with a very kind heart. She is also a wonderful person that believes in God, she always thanked God for her successful carrier, shows and many more good things that happen to her life. I/We adore her because of her down-to-earth character that makes people and her fans adore her.

  • Ayinmirando

    A Total Performer, one of the best, Sarah G.

  • Ljwhitestar

    They are so……cooooooooool….

  • guest

    Bryson Andres

  • Onyal M

    Mad Skills.

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  • Freshouttheboxswagg

    No Tory lanez???? Never lookin at xxl agin

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  • Syzmikbeats

    alot of talented artists here glad to see it.

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  • Joser Santamaria

    Since I learned about Boracay I’ve wanted to see more than pictures. These pics only serve to kindle my wishes even more. Soon I’ll see Boracay… Great pics.

  • good good,she rose to fame not only with her awesome music,i like her style…tomboyish personality./.

  • 好萌 好可愛啦

  • KevYan

    Hey, man.

    Love the articles!

    I would like to add a reference to Art of War FC. I’m not that knowledgeable about the promotion, but nonetheless, based on what I’ve gathered, it is the largest MMA promoter in mainland China. That in itself has to be attributable to the sustainability and growth of MMA in Asia.

    And also, with the subsequent triple alliance between ONE FC, Road FC, and DREAM, who knows…maybe a new contesting empire to that of Pride FC may rise…

    • Miahn85

      true, and thanks for the input.  i was saving Art of War for a Chinese edition of MMA, but with the near-permanent hiatus of Art of War I didn’t have much to go on other than China Top Team.  i’m trying to shift the focus of what needs to happen for mma to explode in China, but it’s still a long way off

  • jane

    Sarah G…is the one….she has what it takes to be star in hollywood….she is so amazing and very talented girl….no doubt for that….






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  • minnettelopez

    nice one mitch!!!!=)

    • Onyal M

      @ minnettelopez Thanks! Keep checking the website for other article news update! 🙂

  • Zipporahelise

    Awesome! ;))

  • JC

    AAANNNNDDDD another dope video By Drex Lee!!! Good shit booiiiiii!!!!!

  • Great eye on composition and the transitions, can’t wait to see more work

  • Tan

    gets better and better everytime!

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  • Jacque Guzman

    Love it Drex you always shoot amazing videos my friend excited to see next years 🙂

  • Tiff <3

    Great and funny video..gosh, do you fall in love again so fast in real life too? LOL Good job =D

  • bk

    great video bro, keep it going!!

  • If there were cuties like you at Red Box I would be there all the time =p 

  • funny and cute pbro!! <3

  • Warfan187

    Good Job Bro!

  • nice!!!! she should sing this in whitney Houston Funeral!!!

  • Flor

    Charice has the power voice of late Whitney.

  • idolming


  • She’s amazing….

  • congrats charice pempengco we love you and we proud of you!

  • IHateBadCoverArrangements

    Nothing against Sarah, but this is an atrocious rendition of “Rolling In The Deep”.  

    • Angelsapphire

      she didn’t aranged it she just had to perform it 😀

  • Mjdicdican

    She’s always be beautiful to me! 😀

  • Joan_gautani

    that’s awesome…

  • let’s move to the next level:  JUMPING OVATION for charice

  • She’s the best..

  • Erlynkawaii

    Charice should have been on the top 5.

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  • observerph

    What can I say? We have said everything on twitter. And have continued saying til the next day…and the next. Everyone is just so excited to see Sarah Geronimo perform her amazing moves, grooves and stunning vocals in her very own musical show Sarah G. Live! The excitement is just electrifying. So like the lady who has not only wowed us with her fierce and soulful performances but also charmed her way into our hearts with her simplicity, humility and authenticity. Hope the world will also come to discover her soon and how/why a Sarah Geronimo rocked the day(s) without end for twitter peeps everywhere. Thanks, Jackfroot! 

  • observerph

    I think Charice should not be in this list anymore. It says emerging. Well, I’d say she is not in that category anymore since she already conquered the Billboard charts, been pegged as USA’s new Popstar Princess and has wowed audiences all over the world with her performances. But definitely she will continue to amaze us with her craft, passion and dedication this 2012 and beyond. Thanks, Jackfroot.

    • archangel

      you are right..i dont even know who’s on top first 10…i wonder if they are popular cause i they are not familiar…charice should not be on the list..

  • Henry Lin

    I had my daughter Krista draw I <3 jeremy Lin sent to

    Sent in by

    • Contest

      Hey Henry you will still qualify as a participant. We had to change the contest slightly

  • Asherjo

    ano pa ba ang hihilingn q kai sg super luv her and super bles xia n god…..congratz baby girl..isa nlng kulang sau yung inspiration sa buhay mo….kahit ano mangyari popster aq na totoo…….522 baby girl

  • weee love u sarah G the best kah tlaga sa amin]
    lapit n Sarah G. live yahooo xcted n ako at ang lahat===>

  • Popster_Vanessa

    I am a PROUD FAN… I LOVE HER so much… Although she is the BIGGEST star in the PHILIPPINES, still, she remains well-grounded, humble, respectful and most MOST of ALL GOD-FEARING… She never step on anybody to reach the TOP… She is the BEST ROLE MODEL to every YOUTH (a YOUTH ICON).. a RECORD BREAKER, MULTI-MILLION PRODUCT ENDORSER, BOX OFFICE QUEEN/ROYALTY, CERTIFIED PLATINUM ARTIST… and NOW, a TRENDING QUEEN…

    She is BORN to be a STAR yet DESTINED to be a SUPERSTAR.
    She is BORN to be PRINCESS yet DESTINED to be a QUEEN.


    POPSTER by HEART!!!….

  • Cheeze

    Sarah G has evalting charisma that no other star has. She is very simple and honest. No pretentions just pure Sarah! She’s awesome..God bless you and the whole world is sharing their love and admiration on you…we love you SarahG

  • Cheezekee

    Sarah G has exalting charisma that no other star has. She is very simple
    and honest. No pretentions just pure Sarah! She’s awesome..God bless
    you and the whole world is sharing their love and admiration on you…we
    love you SarahG

  • Adik2sau

    She’s amazing…. one of a kind performer 
    ..god bless…

  • Maezam

    she really is such beautiful lady, inside and out indeed.. ^_^

  • shaina

    i want sarah geronimo :0

  • shaina

    wow shes really amazing she is definetly brilliant

  • shaina


  • Joyjompoy

    Simply “The Best Performer” in the Philippines. .  She is also “a daughter that every mother dreams of”. Love her much!!

  • Lilmissthing April

    She is a Total Performer! She deserves to be in US and let her talent shows it all over the world!

  • Lilmissthing April

    I meant SHOW not shows, sorry!

  • Jvalmmc


  • Clintp1982

    Nope…I’m very tired of Lin. It’s sad because I like him. PUMP THE M*****F***ING BRAKES.

  • Amie

    so love SARAH GERONIMO. 🙂

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  • Jerannie Ngipz


  • DEpcjee

    Wondering why?..some TFC Subscriber doesn’t wanna talk about her SG..I ask some of my relatives & friends who has TFC..she is a good performer Except her mouth  expression! it!! annoying!..I watch her on a phone commercial (startek) ;(;(;(

  • Nigger_animal

    fucking goons. it’s always ok for them to make racist remarks and get away, but when others do the same, there will be a million man march. They will call me chink. I call them nigger and they wanna kill me. piece of shiet.

    • Umrao1

      They? You mean one or two? Wow didn’t know that because I’m black I automatically want  to kill people who call me the n word, learn something new daily, LOL. I’ve been called the n word by a few Whites(moved to a white area for a little bit)an Hispanic even an Asian person and I ignored them and walked away. So what are you talking about? I have had Asians give me problems too but it would be wrong to blame all them (aka Millions in America, Billions in Asia). You are ignorant so stop generalizing my race, bitch, lol.

  • archangel

    this is sucks…i dont even know who’s the first 10? who i they…charice is the only familiar face…

  • Umrao1

    Oh and Floyd Merryweather is fucking retarded. Jump off my husband Floyd. He’s more talented than you booboo and more humble. Oh and how ironic that guy that attacked Floyd for racism called a black boxer a racial slur either him or his friend, so that right there is pretty ironic.

  • Mjdicdican

    Come on dude! Your not an NBA player so just SHUT UP! GAY WEATHER!! I know u hate Asians because of Manny Pacquiao! Maybe because you’re just insecure of the achievements of the Asians people!

  • Mjdicdican

    Woooohoooo! She’s a simple girl that every time she perform in the stage she became a “MONSTER”!
    She’s a total performer! WOW!

  • Ecogirl930

    I LOVE YOU TAEYANG!!!!!!!!!!!please come:)

  • Oponarnold

    bella yopu are so beautiful in your outfit right now?

  • laugh223

    Where’s Clara C??

  • Mjdicdican

    Wooooohooooo! I LOVE YOU SARAH!! 

  • Ziad0moussally

    what the name of the girl in this photo

    • Jazmin Guadalupe Leanos Rodrig

      Adrienne Bailon lol

  • Mjdicdican

    Sarah G. Live is the Best Variety Show in the PHILIPPINES and will Conquer the WORLD! 😀
    She amazed us! She make us proud! and now we are very happy because of her blooming LOVE LIFE!

  • Popster_Vanessa

    Sarah G Live!!!……

    • Tin_25sg

      ` oo nman po nag iisa lng sya wla ng iba :))

  • Scremo_xtreme

    go SARAH! 🙂

  • ang galing mo sarah!!!

  • Popster_Vanessa

    She is the BEST SINGER/ACTRESS/ENDORSER i’ve ever encounter… I LOVE her so MUCH!!…. More than her TALENTS, it’s her ATTITUDE that Matters most…

    POPSTER by HEART!!!….

  • Smithblair9000

    oh you can do it. let’s help her

  • Cheezekee

    amazing SarahG Live performances…great show to watch!! awesome!!!

  • Belay1685

    the best performer!!!

  • Harrypotter_part2

    talo sa ratings ang Sarah G. Live particularly mega manila. Anong the best variety show? Sino pinagloloko nyo. Kayo talagang mga Sarah fans mga sinungaling. Basahin nyo ang review ng Phil. Star last monday para matauhan kayo.. She lacks hosting ability pa rin.

    • Chay

      Ang bitter mo naman. Maybe you can check latest  Kantar nationwide ratings bago ka magcomment. Go Sarah G. Live!

      • Ashley

         tama!!!… Sarah G Live ang #1 nung March 18, 2012 Kantar Media Nationwide TV Ratings… grabe ha!!!…. at Sarah G Live din ang may pinakamaraming tvc… 54 tvc commercials ba naman ang ipasok ng isang show… saan pa kayo dyan?… SARAH GERONIMO ftw!!!….. Sarah G Live!!…..

    • Gray

      Dami mong sinasabi. manahimik ka. Bitter. Inggit.

  • Harrypotter_part2

    Wishing the best for Sarah G.

    LIVE FEED By Bibsy M. Carballo
    (The Philippine Star) Updated March 19, 2012 12:00 AM 

    Sarah Geronimo has her own variety show Sarah G. Live! on ABS-CBN

    | Zoom

    As an ardent follower of Sarah Geronimo’s career from the moment she gave indications of becoming a star in 2002, winning Star for a Night
    against Angeline Quinto and Mark Bautista, we had always hoped she
    would be strong enough to withstand the “slings and arrows of outrageous
    fortune.” As she stands now, a decade later on the threshold of a
    brand-new challenge, we wish her luck, hoping her overzealous and
    overprotective parents haven’t totally come in the way of her maturity.

    We have seen her slowly grow through the years in Sunday’s ASAP,
    conquering rom-coms with the likes of John Lloyd Cruz, mastering
    Araneta Coliseum concerts and hitting platinum for her various album
    releases. In her banner year of 2009, Sarah became the only artist to
    receive three titles — that of Recording Queen, Concert Queen and Box
    Office Queen. As we watch her first solo musical variety show Sarah G Live!, we are suddenly afraid for her.

    Hosting and performing in her own live television show is an entirely
    different venture. Promotions have bombarded the public with a promise
    of a new Sarah, a bolder and more outspoken one. She is provided the
    best musical support with Louie Ocampo as musical director. Luis Manzano
    with more than adequate experience is regular co-host, while Gab
    Valenciano is her dance support. But jumping into a new arena without
    ample preparation, time for growth, room to make mistakes would
    certainly tell on her and it unfortunately did.

    Not a few have already commented that the promise of a brave new
    Sarah is not happening. On her debut episode, Sarah was overshadowed
    when guest co-host Derek Ramsay and Ai-Ai de las Alas came onstage. The
    same thing happened during the second episode with K Brosas, Pokwang
    and Sarah herself playing beauty contestants; and again on the third
    week with Jon Santos spoofing Vilma Santos, John Lapus as Alma Moreno,
    and Ate Gay as Nora Aunor. It was only in her song and dance numbers
    that Sarah appears in command. Perhaps the idea of bringing in
    comedians to liven up the show wasn’t such a great move. And wasn’t it
    just too much to expect of Sarah that she would quickly blend in with
    these comics who have been at it for years?

    • Harrypotter_part2

      Hosting and performing in her own live television show is an entirely
      different venture. Promotions have bombarded the public with a promise
      of a new Sarah, a bolder and more outspoken one. She is provided the
      best musical support with Louie Ocampo as musical director. Luis Manzano
      with more than adequate experience is regular co-host, while Gab
      Valenciano is her dance support. But jumping into a new arena without
      ample preparation, time for growth, room to make mistakes would
      certainly tell on her and it unfortunately did.

      • Chay

        Dapat masaya ka at supportive sa mga Filipino artists. Bitter ka lang siguro. Anyway, you are entitled to your own opinion, but then sana lang, Kung di mo gusto then refrain from making comments. Nagmumukha ka lang ampalaya at katawa tawa. Basta ako masaya pag nanonood ng Sarah G. Live! Period!

    • Vanessa

       ang BIITER mo as in!!!…. don’t judge Sarah G as if you personally know her… ginagawa nya ang best nya every performance nya… Last Sunday, March 18, 2012 ay may sakit si Sarah… pero hindi yun nahalata ng lahat kasi bigay todo yung performance nya… hindi mo alam yung mga kaganapan backstage at during rehearsals… lahat ng sacrifices nya para sa Sarah G Live…. God Bless sa mga BITTER… we’ll pray for you…

  • definitely IT IS THE BEST VARIETY SHOW IN THE PHILIPPINES. bakit? dahil sa lahat ng variety shows sa pilipinas, ito ang may HIGHEST RATINGS ALWAYS mula pa nung nagstart ang show. and lagi itong trending. at sa 1st 3 episodes ng SGL, 24-26 comerxals ang pumasok. pero last march 18, 2012, 54 COMMERCIALS agad ang pumasok. ito ay dahil sa undeniable talent ni sarah.

    • Mybhelle Gayleard

      Sang ayon ako dito.. 🙂

    • Tangsakandal09

      Agreeng Agree ako ! Luv you SaraH g nagiisa ka!

  • Jayagervacio


  • one of the legendary singer in the philippines. Her voice is truly amazing!

  • Christineferrer0497

    Sarah is the superstar 🙂 you cannot find another “Sarah Geronimo”. She’s unique , versatile , talented and beautiful . Kudos to Sarah

  • Joanaingalla

    Hi! Ate Sarah 🙂 I’m Joy and I’m one of your fan. I hope I can meet you in person and stay beautiful. Always remember, WE will always be here for you. I LOVE YOU SARAH!!!! 😀

  • Mlpalad

    She is simply the best, she sings from the heart and such a very inspiring person

  • Samanodihanikka

    BAWAL MGA INSECURE DITO..KUNG AYAW MO KAY SARAH..HUWAG KANG MAG COMMENT.. WALA NA SYANG KELANGAN PATUNAYAN PA!!!…..God bless nalang sa mga naninira sa kanya at sa mga bitter…kya tlga walang kaunlaran ang mundo dahil may mga taong negatibo!!!!!!!!

  • Sahara_g4

    I think kaya nya rin gumawa ng name international, sana maguest sya sa oprah.

  • Jr17_celis

    I love you sarah g

  • kimnice

    She’s the best.. 🙂

  • Skoolybear23

    She’s undeniably one of the biggest stars here in the Philippines. I’m a real big fan of hers. (And of course my mom, too.)  How effective is she on being an endorser? According to My|Phone, the first and only Filipino mobile phone brand, Sarah’s phone sold over 20,000 units in ONE day! That’s about Php 65,980,000 million in one day. Amazing, huh? 

  • Ramonafabie_rn

    I adore Sarah G. I’m not just a fan who adores her because of how good she performs on stage, but I am a child, a mother, a brother, lover, sister and a hopeless romantic all because of her. She has a good heart! She connects to everyone because of her personality and her humility. She is no diva but a girl who didnt stop to reach for her dreams. Shenis someone who listened to her parents. She is a sister who dreamed big to be able to provide for her siblings. She is a romantic but never fails to give in to pressure of love and lust. What else can you asl for a girl like that? Just a simple wish to God that nobody will hurt her and change her ideals in life. Just someone to love her for the rest of her life 

  • Lasaints76

    Sarah is the best!!! multi-talented but still remains humble & kind. she’s a very good role model for being a respectful & obedient daughter. she deservers all that she have right now and more.Good luck and God Bless 🙂

  • i dont really stay AND  spend too much time on tv… but i somehow love to be updated with this girl name sarah geronimo. i witnessed how she build her name in the industry even just on tv…. though not completely… but since she became finalist in star for a night i already like the character and the way she was on the stage with her piece. she sang and sing from the heart.. that is why I like watching, listening and read about her. sarah’s character on tv never change since she started.. since she won she is still sarah g.. she never forgets to thank what she is and have now… sarah… keep up the good work. yes i am one of your FAN NOW. GOOD LUCK AND GOD BLESS!

  • Mybhelle Gayleard

    Una ko siyang napanood 2003 bakasyon ko sa pinas. Nakita ko siya sa “wish ko lang” di ko pa siya naririnig kumanta pero nagustuhan ko na siya dahil nakitaan ko ng kabaitan at walang ka arte-aret sa mga taong lumalapit sa kanya. Pag uwi ko sa Province namin 2 years old palang pamangkin ko noon siya na naging inspirasyon niya at tawag niya ATE Sarah. Mula noon lahat ng kanta niya save ko sa ipad, ipod, pc, iphone… Araw araw ko siya nakakasamang mga kanta niya.. Noong nakita ko siyang sumayaw, umarte lalo ako humanga sa kanya. At higit sa lahat 6 months old palang noon ang anak ko gustong gusto niyang panoorin si Sarah sa TFC, now that 4 years old na siya.. Sabi niya… ” Mommy I like her, she’s very good and beautiful.”  God bless Sarah.. We wish you all the best…

  • REY


  • She’s a multi-talented artist..she can do anything. That’s why she’s my idol and I really like and love her. Despite of her success, she stays humble and kind…:let us support Sarah G.:-)

  • Becka_lawama04

    Sarah Geronimo is my favorite artist because she’s awesome amazing performer and a great actress in her generation i love you sarah g.

  • correct!!  ^^  she”s the one !!  

  • Csrealingo

    Sarah G deserves to be acknowledged abroad. She’s such a great talent from the Philippines. Her versatility not only as a singer but also as an actress proves that she is more than capable of conquering the world with her talent. On top of that, her humility is what makes her the best. Even with so many achievements at a young age, she makes sure to stay grounded and give back to her fans and all the people who support her.

  • Elmer Abrera


  • Katezhayne

    Undeniably, she’s a total performer. Thumbs up to all of her performances and I couldn’t ask for more but to wish her all the best in life and that she continues to inspire people in all walks of life whether locally or globally. I love Sarah Geronimo so much!!!

  • Jennelyn Duyag

    your the BEST!

  • Jennelyn Duyag

    Sarah Geronimo, is the best singer in this country, she’s very humble and down to earth person.. she’s a very kind daughter of her parents and the daughter that the other parents wants to have. she is a very hardworking and talented person who has so many dreams for her family and for her career which every individual admires her a lot whether children or adult. for me she’s the best of the best singers here. she has a guts to be an international singer to give an award to the Philippines…

  • Haynes Evelyn

    The best variety show in Phillipines, I wished the show lasted longer. When she sings it brings magic to my ears and I can’t stop watching her perform !!!!!! she is my idol and I wish she could perform internationally like Beyoce and Rhianna !!!!! If Sarah came to Australia I would be so happy !!!!!!!!!! Sarah is a nice caring person !!!!! I like the fact that she can sing and dance at the same time !! She can also reach really high notes and that is why she is my idol !!!!! No one is as good as Sarah Geronimo. From Australian Teen….. I Love SarahG!!! THE BEST!!!

  • Bea_alviento

    amazing!!!!she”s got everything!!..ONE of a KIND!!!!LOVE YOU  SARAH GERONIMO..

  • Smithblair9000

    OM i won’t stop sharing this one. twitter, fb and everywhere.

  • Ma Bella_tan

    love her for being her..keep it up..

  • Cl


  • Arvenjapos

    hope she will achieve international stardom..

  • Arvenjapos

    she never fail to impress her fans..she’s really amazing..

  • CUtieAngel16

    super galing,idol! She deserves having international career.

  • She deserves it!

  • Archienerx

    i really,really like Sarah Geronimo because she’s good in singing,,dancing and acting,, thats why i love her so much ,, 

  • Bethcairo

    Sarah G Live rocks….you’re excellent singer girl….difinately great singer.

  • yes !to sarah g, stay happy and always have a pure heart,be strong in the lord and i pray that psalm 37:4 may be fulfilled in you.GOD BLESS   YOU   MORE & MORE.

  • Simplyme_


  • Hendrydjie


  • Fang

    hope she does that at Luxe Nightclub this week~~ lololol shes so cute.

  • Bethcairo

    Sarah G is my fan….she rocks, she has talent that versality in musical.  She loves to entertain people and proven her dedication and magical in performing in the audience.  She definately has charisma and multi-talented artist.  Hang in there idol…god will be there for you.  Love you.

  • Bethcairo

    I wish Sarah G does go to international here in States, she sure does deserved all the hard work  that she does in Pinas.  She can do her craft very well here  US or in Europe; England, France;  it will okay as long as she get out from the place that will not honor her hard work.  She is someone that can be proud with, very entellegent lady and has a lots of potential to be great in concerts of any music very versitile.  Her personality are fit with audience very well in entertainer, performance and such a hamble person with beautiful smile.  Her charisma is very strong, because of that she will have plenty of millions of followers.  I wish to god that she will be comes through her dreams…I will pray for you idol…love you.  :-)  

  • Revilo_amelgaul2675

    sarah geronimo is an icon..shes so great

  • JUSTINoneNonly

    Well, if given the chance. Sarah Geronimo could have already been the greatest artist in Hollywood in line with real performers such as MJ and Beyonce. MJ and B can sing and dance GREATLY. Sarah G also does sing and dance GREATLY. 🙂
    Go Sarah G!!! We love you!!! 🙂

  • Gemmah_09

    sarah geronimo,deserves it.

  • joby

    i love her all out!

  • Yaya

    Please bring Taeyang to the U.S!!!!!!! That would be soooooo awesome!! I LOVE HIM AND HIS SONGS!!!!!!!! Seeing him in concert would be the BEST thing ever!!!!

    • XXXTaeyangXXX

      He is already coming to the US, Big Bang has a tour, their going to cali and new jersey

  • Hanieledwin

    The epitome of a total performer.Sarah G!

  • Chis Xiong


  • fairness09

    It is not racist.

    You all need to calm down sometimes and listen to the artist’s side as well.

    Shadows here are being referred to as an impersonal force.

    Do you automatically assume, dark painted background characters = black people?

    No. In this one that is not what they represent.

    Be a little more open minded. Every culture may have a widely preferred skin tone and it’s not always politically motivated.

  • Jheancorsaba

    She is a great performer,, ,, total package.. the best!

  • Marrian

    Yes I like this Movie…

  • Htownmirchi

    I love Taeyang!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Di

    glen is so hot,come to me and forget this girl lol <3

  • Bethcairo

    SARAH G LIVE… it.  you all watch her.  She is too talented young lady.  Excellent dance of Sarah G.  I can’t miss her..she beautiful…yes she is.

  • TKhearonline

    I love them all but they’re all guys!!!

  • where it gets released ?

  • When it get a released ?

  • Quanquantan

    this chart is reversed. DFD should be number one

  • Nicole

    OMG i know this is a laaaate comment but i’ve supported IaMmE from the star.t i love every single member of the crew and they inspire me. i dont favor anyone but i have to say that chachi does inspire me alot because she is close to my age and she is soo strong and stands out with all the older members. but other then that everyone is unique and sososossososososososossoso talented one small step for IaMmE one giant leap for abdc 😉 i will never stop loving this crew IaMmE!!!!!!!!!!!!! InspireMotivateEnergize!!!!!!!

  • Liaren

    sarah is the best of all artist in her generation. No one can do all her talents and abilities to perform on stage. she is amazing!

  • Fruitypatootie

    This is so bad! lol “I’m drinking water” ? lmao

  • riseUPAmerica

    Granted, I’m late to the party here, because I only just saw the episode in re-runs. My only comment is what a bunch of racist pigs you are that run this site. So, you believe a bunch of korean liars over Food Network because your korean? Oh, Blind allegiance to your race, typical of low lifes. What do you base your comment on? ….”yeah we don’t believe you guys cheated not even for a second”, stupid korean. Best you stay in NYC because if that truck ever comes south, we’ll show them what we do with cheaters.

    • HolaAmigas

      Right because threatening people for something that happened on a TV show is clearly better than racism. Hypocrisy at its best. You make America look bad. How moronic.

      • Jan

        Hola Amiga, like Hipanics are the poster child for hypocrisy.

        • HolaAmigas

           You’re hilarious. Too bad I’m not Hispanic or even close. If you’re attempting to be seen as clever by posting rude and racist remarks, it isn’t working. You’re just as bad as the other poster.

    • Concerned citizen

      Racist?  So in your mind a Korean person has to be against other Koreans or they’re racist?  That’s absolutely ridiculous.

      I think they’re probably cheaters myself, but I’m not going to accuse anyone who believes them of racism.  That would be the equivalent of saying you’re a racist for assuming they’re cheaters…

      I’m white, if that makes your backward southern arse respect my opinion any more.

  • I’m a HUGH Perry fan. I said over and over he can’t replace Perry. However I found out he can sing Journeys song in his own way. Not as to duplicate Perry or to mock him but to bring Journey song to us in his voice. I seen Journey last night (8-17-12) at the Kentucky state fair and I was truly blown away. I was so pleasantly surprised at how Arnel could sing, His energy on the stage was contagious. I now have to say he has earned this journeys fan. Thank you for sticking it out. I have no doubt it couldn’t have been easy shoes to slid into. As they say the show must go on, so Arnel ROCK ON MAN,ROCK ON!!! 2 THUMBS UP FROM Kentucky

  • Robbiemccord

    Very beautiful woman! All I want to know is how do i get in touch with you to take you out?

  • I won’t often say this, but this Somong cat has got some vocals! Totally wasn’t expecting that!

  • Hmm…..I think you may have to elaborate on some of the artists’ past success. For example, you failed to mention that Tommy C’s been around for a minute since he was part of his group, IBU, who has been around since at least 2001/2002. Passion is currently touring with Comedian JoKoy.

    Also, what are your qualifying attributes as to why they’re on the rise? YouTube hits? How about album/iTunes sales? How about radio play? No doubt these guys have talent, but I won’t consider them uprising unless they have something substantial other than YouTube popularity.

  • JJ

    Cheating Koreans, not something new. It is literally in the Korean DNA.

    • JJJ

      how’s that job at burger king treating you?

  • Grimoire13

    What I am trying to figure out is that it has been a year now… and ‘spring’ has come and gone… so where is this long-awaited explanation from the K-Boyz telling us ‘what really happened’ on The Great Food Truck Race? Hm? I mean, if they truly are ‘innocent of the crime’… then maybe they ought to share the reason for a bloated cash drawer (to the insane amount of $2700). If you don’t have the receipts to back up the money… what else could it be? Did you use the receipts to create a fire to cook with? 

  • Kemmy_cute05

    Wow ate sarah g..kaw na talaga.

  • Ptincessville18

    An amazing performer with a beautiful soul that evrytime she sings.. her voice is like heaven sent .so soothing…so calming..seeing her perform and entertain is magical!!!

  • Bellesalazar

    Congrats Sarah Geronimo we will always support you! GOd bless you deserve all the love, support and blessings! You are multitalented and very kind and loveable.

  • Sarah Geronimo is a total performer and beautiful inside and out..


  • Mykingsters_21

    SARAH GERONIMO has the potential to become an internationally acclaimed star, because of her versatility, nonstoppable and goosebump performances in our country, and all award giving bodies that they will nominate her is her own. So, Please support Sarah Geronimo to shine as a star in the United States.

  • Mykingsters_21

    Sarah Geronimo has the potential to become an internationally acclaimed star, because of her versatility, unstoppable, goosebumps performances here in our country and abroad. and the reason why she is belong to the countries top famous and influential performers, and some of the award giving bodies that they will nominate her is her own. So, Please support our Popstar Princess to shine in abroad

  • Sarah deserves to be known all over the world. She is a beauty and can sing and dance with the likes of Beyonce, Shakira, Rihanna! She is a great actress as well! 

  • Jasonboothe23

    Sorry. 2700 dollars extra with no food sales? THEY DID CHEAT. Pure and simple.

  • your speculation…

  • Djrey1273

    Love his style and personality <3

  • Ur still my female idol,. dont wory kahit di na ako nakapanood ng mga action movies mo lucy liu, ikaw pa din ang popular na karatista sa akin

  • Janusivan_28

    Yes We want Sarah Geronimo to be international!!!!!!!!!! go go go 

  • Sol_kapamilya

    Go Sarah G. :))))))

  • I love this I hope u guyz will really bring Sarah Geronimo to the US! 

  • Caligner_marifi

    go Sarah G!!!!!! supporters we can make it!!!!!!

  • Jelai N.

    Definitely! Sarah is undisputable with her craft/skills/talents.. She is absolutely one of the greatest performers of this generation (locally amd internationally). She deserves to be acknowledged internationally. You’ll never see someone as flexible and as talemted as she is – a Total Performer indeed!

  • Jazminelabor

    Sarah Geronimo definitely deserves international recognition.  How I wish she can perform in American Music Awards or any other foreign award giving bodies.  She’s absolutely a total performer. She is oozing with talents but despite of all, she’s very humble.  She truly deserves all the best life has to offer.

  • Sintchsimon

    In Australia we love you guys. Bring your trucks here too.

  • I figured the two front teeth were fake cause i think it was in his song “Fly Away” He said they (They being the bullies) beat him senseless and knocked his two front teeth out or something like that, i was bullied, but i fight back and dont let idiots break me down. I’m strong and won’t let anyone tell me other wise(:

  • Skipabeat Las

    Where was this filmed and Choreographed at, do you know?

  • AnnelliDAREAL

    WOW!!! Such an inspiration. 

  • Noel

    I am just 21 & look much older than her : (
    Btw i am asian too .

  • Paaul

    This guy is a total poser.  You meet him in person and he grunts like a caveman in response.  Hey’s a tiny, little dude and just seems to be in it for the “scene” aspect.  Seriously, is spinning records and laying your ethnic background on top of it really a “talent”?  

    • Namaste

      dang Paaul.. judging by your comment, you’re the one who’s tiny. s’all good tho cuz we know little people like to make others feel little too. btw, it aint about spinning records, it’s about getting a room full of people to feel a certain way, together. take care.. hope life brings you back up to size.

  •  yeah.. sarah geronimo is the best

  • sarah geronimo is one of the best singer not only in the philippines but aslo in all over the world. everytime when she perform, she really gave her best just to make the audiences proud of her.. if you are a filipino and when you see her perform, you can really say that im proud to be a filipino. everytime she sing, she really gave justice to the songs, she knows how to connect it to the the audiences.. we love you sarah geronimo!!! she is one a kind..

  • Wassupwassupwassup

    Fake it till you make it life, lol id rather someone keep it real

  • Nicasab-it

    nice pose,

  • Kim

    Just started hearing about him. Sucks cause REAL singers are so gimmicky now and days and the only gimmick he has working for him is he’s asian. Other than that he’s 100% Real deal! Hope he makes his foot prints quickly. I love his sound!!!

  • Englearquiville

    Sarah Geronimo is the best!!! I love her.

  • Englearquiville

    Love u Sarah G.

  • Cecelldocejo

    wow ! amazeng performance. the one in only the total performer and beyonce ng pilipinas the popstar princess Miss sarah geronimo!

  • wow! amazeng performance.the one in only total performer and beyonce ng pilipinas, the popstar princess Miss sarah geronimo

  • what song did aj rafael sung the last one 

  • Marcomundo9

    His video is stupid, corny, not funny, nerdy. I don’t think thay many pepople are watching it. He must of found a way to bump his number of views in you tube. Or it is some kind of error.

    • Jasonothegreat

      well i never met a person besides you who hates him the now 8 million people like him

  • JohnnyR

    It also helps to wear 10lbs of makeup…Seriously how gullible are you bastards?

    • Sherlock

      Get real, she just knows how to take good care of herself. She is stunning.

      • Butmunch

        She is also asian, this is not racist but asian women age much slower. It is a gene, it is also the reason the Japanese hold records for age, and for the most people over 100, there are genes for these things.

        • The Brown One

          so true!

    • james

      U loser ur just jelous because you prolly are half her age and look older haha u loser

  • first off, she took a comment a statement which is factual to a whole different level. Yes, Lin is getting recognision becuase he is asian and able to play ball(ITS RARE) and yes black and white men play like that all the time . Yes, Floyd shouldnt have made that comment but APPLAUD the fact that the NBA is becomming more racially mixed and that an Asian is in the media. We all know that you dont see asian on tv often , in movies , in the music industry…etc And that is becuase of the companies owned by white men dont want to see ASIANS on tv, guess its Americas preference for a non-asian entertainement industry. But what Jen did was WAAAY un-called for he never called Lin racial slurs or anything and the white people she happens to worship call asians chinks publicly all the time do you see her doing what she did, NO! And to say black American are where they are because of whites is probably the dumbest , thing I ever heard . Blacks fought for freedom and to be considered human , they contributed to American history through music, inventions, education…etc What have Asians done for America?. And hispanic isnt a race but culture…which shows she isnt very educated and Civil right movement led to the Asians having there own civil right movement. It comes to show that Blacks stand up to the white men where Asians tend to follow the white man. So if anything Jenny should be bowing down to the black man. She is extremely uneducated !

  • FranT

    They are in-laws. Promise is married to Michelle brother Steve. Love them both

  • guest

    These pictures are so out of focus… Poor quality images take years off anyone’s face.

    • james

      Ur out of focus u loser I’m going tobage even better than her ur just jelous u old bag

  • Dsayson

    VIDIO PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

    • Penis


  • Tdub

    I think she looks great….makeup or no makeup….she takes good care of herself !

  • Esther

    I really love Jhameel. He seems so sweet but furthermore he inspires me to really step and work for things i want with my own power. Thank you for interviewing this man 🙂

  • The Brown One

    Asian and people of color
    age very well!

  • Sue

    Up and coming? Are you serious? I heard Giles lI is a retired poet. This dude is considered one of the old heads of API spoken word poets.

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  • college

    what a fucking douche

  • Harry

    She is an Asian girls. Most Asian girls in America can care less about Asian solidarity and all that jazz. Unlike Asian guys, they are being included in American society as a token Asian lay for White man in the media. So I doubt she really cares about this video exotificationo Asian girls. That’s Asian women role in America media. Take the recent Wolverine movie, all Asian girls are good and all Asian guys are bad and white is the hero trying to save the Asian girl from her family, who is out to killer her.

    • Otto W

      I do not understand what this means

      • L

        he’s saying that most asian girls could care less about asian solidarity because they’re included in the mainstream while asian guys are not. he doubts that levy tran cares about the exotification of other asian girls. his example was the new wolverine movie where all of the girls were good and the asian guys were all bad and the white guy is the hero trying to save her from her bad asian family.

  • Monica

    Sick. I don’t even have words for this. But watching David So rant makes me feel a little better.

  • lauren

    David So is an idiot. I’m Asian, and seriously asian people need to learn how to take a joke and grow a back bone. They get so easily offended it’s kind of childish. Poor Levy Tran. Why do people want to ruin some girl’s life over some silly video? GROW UP.

  • jennifer in

    Im looking for a dj that can play combodian and American music for a wedding

  • mike_f

    ku klux kootchie…FUNNY!

    david so…what’s with the high pitched voice? and hey…DECAF, spaz

    i am sure ALL the asians watching are glad you lumped them all into one “asian basket”. since you did it so well and in such a squeaky voice…can we call you orientals yet?

  • mike_f

    david, in addition to ‘ku klux kootchie’ which i give you credit for, i learned ‘ninja pussy’ from the band.

    now i know why i like those little boxes…they’re NINJA!

  • mike_f

    holy shit…so after listening to his verbal diarrehea for so long the next vid was david so making fun of blacks…WHAT A HYPOCRITICAL DOOSH.

    come on you kook, cant have it both ways. this from an irishman by descent…define yourself by your race all you want. that way you don’t need talent or skills.

  • VinnyMac

    What about Alexander Spit?

  • Purgatori

    Why did anyone respect her in the first place… exactly? I mean, beyond deserving the basic respect owed to all human beings, she doesn’t seem like a very nice person. Nice people don’t shackle themselves to vile meatheads.

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  • James Ryan

    My future ex-wife!

    • William Duncan

      Yeah dude shes pretty hot

  • The Rabid One

    Another Asian sensation.

  • Jill

    Damn hot stuff.

  • jason

    Ain’t nothing right with America loves gangstas, I don’t know the upbringing of this child but all too often you have advantaged kids trying to be thugs and gangstas when they don’t know the first thing about it. I am sick of this rap hip/hop romance and how the system trivializes the real true voice of hip hop by creating synthetic rappers like Lil Wayne and Drake and others these guys don’t even compare to the likes of Scarface, geto boyz, old snoop, NWA, Warren G, Public Enemy, Naughty by Nature and some newer artists that are trying to stay away from the mainstream like Cunninglynguist, Jedi Mind Tricks, Necro, Ill Bill, Goretex and some underground hip hop.


    • Steve

      Cool story, bro.

  • Therese Lane

    “Most nerdiest”

  • Al Ferrer

    I would….

  • Ilana

    Yeah, but it was already done

  • Tycho Bob


  • m.villa

    racist! lolz

  • breasts


  • Freddie Rodrigue

    So fake.

  • EMS325

    What is going on with the picture to the right of her? Is that someone’s yearbook pic…in a onesie…in a bathroom?

  • Starry-Eyed Surprise

    She knows as much about “that life” as Miley Cyrus does. I smell a Polonum Sulfur Erbium.

    • Stop Hatin

      You’re pretty ignorant for someone that’s… oh wait, you’re Black.

      • Starry-Eyed Surprise

        Forgive me, but I don’t get it.

  • cheyenne

    if she was that bold she would have just said it outright instead of hiding behind some geeky ass encryption. You had it right…Nerd, not gangsta!

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  • Annoyed Chinese Ryan Higa Fan

    Ryan has actually stated, and it’s even on his wiki page, that “niga” means something like “rant” in Japanese. So no, it has nothing to do with Chinese, and it is definitely not his “Chinese name”.

    Not to mention, it’s actually pronounced “Nuh ge” and means “that”, as in “that object”.

    • Half Japan/Taiwan Nigahiga fan

      Donarichirasu ( 怒鳴り散らす ) means to rant in Japanese. Niga does not exist.
      Nigai is the closest thing, and that means bitter. Niga is not the right word either. In mandarin, Na Ge ( 哪个 ) means “um” or “this is/this one”.

  • jay sound

    there are 3930 Jessica lee’s on facebook and i’m messaging each and every one

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  • Lonnie B. king

    hey fellow rappers im lonnie b king the king of hipp hopp i want to do show eith the asian hipp hopp community.

  • mum teeda

    postin half naked smh disgrace to da cambodians


    I LOVE HER! i searched for her performances in youtube and man…she’s flawless. i wanna see more of her awesome performances. SHE IS BEYOND PERFECTION. she RAPS and DANCES really good too, Instant fan here.

  • Brendon

    Any updates from here? latest performances? im a fan from NY, i love her voice, very talented girl.

  • Olivia

    Uh…she doesn’t look like 18…In my Asian eyes, she looks more like in her 30s.

    • paladin7378

      Asian eyes? lol

      well i do admit that she doesnt look 18, but she still look pretty hot for a 40 years old.

    • james dean

      She looks like 16 what u mean 30 something people are so stupid just cause u know how old she is ur saying that

  • yoo na

    amazing dancer
    i love her dance love her <3
    nice voice nice dance
    really she is amazing <3

  • kensredemption

    Ha ha ha, at first I was a little put off by the way some of the characters were portrayed and the prejudices of some of the others, but I can come around to watching it for a seasons at least. Just to sate my curiosity.

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  • Angelique Lucero

    You’re going to do amazing things, so excited for you!!! Go Tim, WOOOO!!!!!

  • Joe Villarama

    Thank you so much Jackfroot for the feature! I wish you guys nothing but success and hope to be working with you guys more in the near future. I also just wanted to give a special S/O to Kimle for reaching out to me and for giving me a chance to let my music be heard.


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  • sabbat666

    This waste of an “article” explained absolutely nothing at all.

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