So I am going to confidently assume that a large portion of readers are viewing this post via Mozilla’s web browser, Firefox. What I am also going to assume less confidently, is that not many of you know that a firefox is a real animal. “Firefox” is a nickname for the species Red Panda.

The other day I came across this video that shows two twin Red Pandas living at the Maruyama Zoo in Hokkido, Japan. These things are absolutely adorable. The Red Panda is a small arboreal mammal that is native to southwestern China and the eastern Himalayas.

The Red Panda is listed as “vulnerable” in the ICUN Red List. The estimated global population of the Red Panda is thought to be a little less than 10,000 and is still decreasing. If you would like to learn more about the Red Panda and contribute to the cause of their protection and prolonging, please visit The Red Panda Network.


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