The must see movie of the year is Real Steel with Hugh Jackman starring in the lead and Karl Yune acting as the enemy. Karl Yune plays the role of Tak Mashido which was the master robot designer to the champion fighter robot, Zeus. Of course, Hollywood does it again by feeding the stereotype of an evil quiet Japanese character that builds massive robots to rule the WRB world.

Overall, this was a great movie to watch. It had a lot of values, romance, and full on metal to metal robotic action. If you love boxing and MMA, then this movie is definitely for you. Not a lot of people know but Karl Yune is the younger brother of Rick Yune, who played Johnny Tran from the movie Fast and the Furious Johnny. Make sure to watch this film and support Karl and let us know what you think in the comments below.

In this top poster is Charlie Kenton, Atom, and Max Kenton – The team that dared to challenge the Champion Zeus.

Noisy Boy Robot

Charlie Kenton and Max Kenton with one of the top contender robots Noisy Boy.

Rick Yune (left) Karl Yune (right)Â

The talented Brothers Rick and Karl Yune.



  1. Loved this movie! Karl yune is super hot! Can’t wait to see more of him! Love to see and support asians on the big screen doing it big!


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