For those that haven’t heard of Taobao before, it’s the China Equivalent to Amazon mixed in with eBay. You can literally buy/bid on anything there, from regular everyday products branded and unbranded, to the more bizarre and strange, like Vietnamese brides and a trip to space.

The most recent to the list is a listing for three Boeing 747 planes. The planes were seized by a court in Shenzhen, China during a bankruptcy filing by Jade Cargo International back in 2013. Unable to find a buyer for the planes, they’re turning to Taobao’s huge popularity to reach out to a wider audience.

Starting bids for the planes range from $18M to $20.4M USD, the cost difference in the planes being the engine types. The planes are currently being stored in Shenzhen and doesn’t mention any delivery fees, but I suspect you would rather be flown back in your purchase.

Any real potential bidders who are interested in purchasing the plane would need to pay a security deposit of roughly $1M USD by Oct. 20th, with the auction ending on Nov 20th.

Let the bidding wars begin!


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