OSTOTW aka Old School Track Of The Week is a tribute to Asian American artists and their songs from the past. Each week we’ll highlight a song from back in the day that you may or may not know. Whether or not you recognize these artists or songs, Jackfroot wants you to know that these artists were who we looked up to back then.

This week, we’re highlighting a track by an R&B group named Kai. Kai originated from the Bay Area, California and was comprised of 5 talented Filipino-Americans. One of their many popular songs was entitled “Say You’ll Stay“. Press play below to check out the track and get ready for a blast from the past!

[audio:http://jackfroot.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/Kai-Say-Youll-Stay.mp3|titles=Kai – Say Youll Stay]


  1. know I’m super late on commenting on this, but 4/5 was Filipino. Leo
    Chan is the sole Chinese American member. Also notable is that they’re
    the only Asian-American R&B group to be signed to a major label
    (Geffen), and the FIRST Asian-American group to chart on Billboard’s Top
    100. Nobody else has been signed to a major with the exception of
    Jocelyn Enriquez.


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