This week’s Old School Track Of The Week features the song “I Gotta Love” by Jin featuring Kanye West off his album “The Rest Is History”. This song was definitely one of the more popular tracks off the album with it featuring Mr. Kanye West (Even though you don’t hear much of him on the track).

It’s sad that this CD never gained steam even though it had good producers, nice cameo features, and good overall song production. We have to give it up to the Ruff Ryder label for giving Jin the opportunity to display his skills to mainstream media. Too bad the world wasn’t ready for an Asian American hip hop artist then like it is now. However, we must pay tribute to people like Jin who helped pave the way for Asians to be seen in mainstream media. He broke barriers and gained the respect of many people in the music industry. Press the play button to hear the track and take yourself back to 2004 and let us know what you think in the comments below. Enjoy!



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