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She’s the kind of girl that wants to try everything in life at least once. Invite her to a trip out of the state or country, and she will be your traveling partner without any hesitation. Justene Jaro is one of the baddest models in the industry and has made a huge name for herself so far in her productive career. Jackfroot caught up with her for one night to let our readers get a chance to know Justene on a more personal level. Check out her brief interview.


Justene Jaro was named Penthouse Magazine Pet of the Month in October 2008


Jackfroot Exclusive Interview with Justene Jaro


What is your astrological sign? Do you think its true?
My sign is Scorpio. I’m actually a double Scorpio. I was born in 83- year of the pig whose western counter sign is the Scorpio. I think I carry every single Scorpio trait.


What is your favorite type of wardrobe when doing a photoshoot?
I’m always trying all new different styles, so I have no preference 🙂


What are some traits about men that you find irresistible? And what are some traits about women you find irresistable?
In men, I love a cool confidence. I need someone to keep me intrigued but secure. I also pay close attention to posture. As for women.. I believe all women are beautiful in their own ways.



What can you say makes Justene stand out from the rest of the models?
Hmm… I’m fearless and versatile. There isn’t much I wouldn’t try.


Where were you born and raised and what is your ethnicity?
I’m Filipino and Puerto Rican. Born in Philippines but raised in Atlanta, GA. I’m all over the place!


If you had the chance to date any Hollywood star, who would it be and why?
It never changes. Mariah Carey. I’ve been obsessed all my life.


justene jaro


Tell us a story of a date that went horribly wrong?
Hahaha! I didn’t even realize I was going on a date… But he brought flowers! So I’ve been in situations where cars break down, people are hot messes… But at least SOMETHING happened! This one guy was the worst.. An absolute bore! I chugged coffee and I still was falling asleep through his drab conversation.


If you were given a million dollars right now, what is the first thing you’d do with it?
Give it to my parents. Knowing me I’d lose it all in a month


What are upcoming 2012 projects you have coming up?
I can’t say… I’m afraid of jinxing them! I’m very superstitious…



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