Oh What!? New G-Shock Watches!

Who doesn’t love G-Shock. I remember getting my first G-Shock watch like it was yesterday.
Gaining huge success and popularity in the 90’s, distributing watches way into the millions. I remember having my Baby G-Shock, black on black matte, had me looking so fresh like black on black crime.

Though the G-Shock watch has it’s ups and downs staying in the limelight, but Casio has announced the launch of two revamped G-Shock series watches.

The original G-Shock DW-6900 model got hit with an Autobot upgrade and now branded the G-Shock DW-6900WW. Presented in a Matte White Incasing with a Light Grey Face, it’s a clean looking watch. Like it’s predecessor, it maintains the same functionality with Shock resistance, 200M water-resistance, a multi-functioning alarm, and an EL backlight with afterglow. Look for it’s release during February.

Also to be released in February is the G-Shock Limited Edition DW-5600BB-1DR Model. Sporting an all black everything look, it looks as if it’s been transformed by a nasty group of Decepticons. A black incasing with a black band and a blue-green backlight is what the watch has to offer aesthetically. Functionality follows the tradition Shock resistance, 200M water-resistance and a multi-functioning alarm. The smaller design, and sleekness of the watch if perfect for your business or casual attire. Hurry to your nearest G-Shock dealer, cause there are sure to sell out quick, and stay limited.


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