Nylon Pink

Nylon Pink

The Jackfroot staff had the chance to get a little more up close and personal with this hot sensation band, Nylon Pink! Check out some of the questions we asked the girls and learn more about who they are! Enjoy!

Nylon Pink Exclusive Interview


1. What challenges do you guys face being an all girl band?

Katt: One of the biggest challenges in being an all girl band is getting our schedules synced up and agreeing on certain decisions.  We are all very opinionated women, which is great but sometimes may cause conflict. At the end of the day though, it always seems to work out =)

2. What are the craziest things you girls have done on a first date?

Katt: Oh no! haha Hmmm not sure if I want to give it away…

Jamie:  All of my first dates have been pretty normal unless you consider go karting and drift races crazy.

3. What are your favorite places you guys have toured?
Katt: Austraila!!!  They treated us so well, we ate the best foods, amazing hotels and the crowd at the venues were out of their minds! We MUST MUST MUST go back.
Kaila: Definitely Australia and Singapore — Singapore has the most amazing food I’ve tasted so far in the Asia

4. Which groups have influenced you guys and your music?
Kaila: We have so many different musical influences: From GN’R, Garbage, Muse, Lady Gaga, Shiny Toy Guns, Semi Precious Weapons
Jamie:  Blink 182 is the group that influenced me and my music

5. What makes your music different from other bands?
Kaila: Our music has been described like Hello Kitty on acid. Also we are the only all asian american female band that plays in stilettos that exists in the United States!

6. The fans want to know who’s single in the group?
Katt: I’m single forever…hahaha
Jamie:  Taken

7. Being an all girl group, do you face being in the shadows of the Pussycat Dolls or Destiny’s Child?
Kaila: Not at all, we arent a girl group, we are a band. We all play instruments, girl groups just dance

8. Which girl is the wildest/ party girl out of the bunch?
Kaila: Katttttttttt!

9. What are future project that nylon pink have coming up?
Kaila: Working on our new EP to be out this fall, super excited about it!

10. What clothing style has nylon pink adopted?
Katt: Our clothing style is a mixture of Harajuku street fashion, 80’s, avant garde & glam.  We all have different personalities as well, so our choice of style matches that.

11. Is it safe to say nylon pink is the new Asian sex symbols?
Nylon Pink represents strength and femininity, we use sexual imagery as a way to break stereotypes, yes we can be sexy and edgy, but we are doing it to show that we are in charge of our image and that you can be a talented female musician, and Asian, and not look like cutesy/anime type schoolgirls.

About Nylon Pink:
Nylon Pink is an edgy pop-rock band formed in Hollywood, CA. Described as “Hello Kitty on Acid” Nylon Pink is pushing the boundaries of music, fashion and sexuality. Nylon Pink’s core comprises of lead singer Kaila Yu, bassist Katt Lee, Kiki Wongo on guitar, and Jamie Scoles on drums.

Their EP evokes the sounds and images of Katy Perry crossed with Shiny Toy Guns with a Harajuku edge.

Nylon Pink

Find more info about Nylon Pink on their websites:


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