Anyone growing up in the late 80’s and early 90’s remembers the movie Back to the Future II. One of the highlights from the film was when Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) went to the year 2015 where they had Nike shoes with auto-laces. What was once a dream, has now become a reality as Nike has released the Nike Mag in a limited run of 1500 pairs. It is up for auction on eBay now, as 100% of the proceeds go towards Michael J. Fox’s Parkinson’s Disease Foundation.

NikeMag Auction

NikeMag Original from Back to the Future II Movie

The shoes first leaked onto the scene for production when a patent was submitted for the design.  The Nike Mag today targets shoe enthusiast, movie goers, and people with interest in Parkinson’s disease. Michael J. Fox who played Marty McFly developed Parkinson’s disease and has made it his mission to help find a cure. The Nike Mags have sold for as high as $75,000 on eBay and that’s great news for the foundation as Google plans to match those donations 100%.


The original Nike Mag had a battery pack that ran down the pant legs to power the florescent shoes. These 2011 models do not come with the famous power laces as displayed in the movie, but Nike promises to have them on the 2015 models. The Nike Mag will be released worldwide in 2015 and the Jackfroot staff can’t wait to get our hands (and feet) on these. Great Scott! Press play to check out the promo video from Nike featuring Kevin Durant and Christopher Lloyd and get ready to geek out!



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