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IT Producer Roy Lee to Adapt Japanese Sci-fi Ma.K

After a successful theater debut with the movie ‘IT’, producer Roy Lee landed a deal to produce an adaptation of the popular Japanese sci-fi series, Ma.K, for Warner Bros studios. Embed from Getty Images Ma.K, also known as Maschinen Krieger ZbV 3000, proved to be a very popular franchise in Japan. The series was influenced by films […]

Daniel Dae Kim To Replace Ed Skrein In HELLBOY

Daniel Dae Kim is in talks to replace Ed Skrein in Lionsgate’s “Hellboy” reboot starring David Harbour. The studio was quick to replace Skrein after the actor exited the film in late August following public backlash, which reignited conversations about whitewashing in Hollywood, over him being cast in a role that was originally an Asian […]

Disney’s New Mulan Live-Action Remake Director is Niki Caro

Disney’s upcoming live-action remake of Mulan now has a new director and her name is Niki Caro. You might not be too familiar with her, but she’s quickly rising the Hollywood hierarchy. Some of her big movie projects include Whale Rider (2002) and also the upcoming film The Zookeeper’s House. Her new position in the helm of Mulan will make her the fifth […]

Lucy Liu in the New Season of Southland

One of the most popular Asian American faces in entertainment, Lucy Liu returns to TV as Officer Jessica Tang in the upcoming season of “Southland”. With several major roles under her belt such as playing Alex Munday in “Charlie’s Angels” and voicing Viper in “Kung Fu Panda”, Lucy’s sure to please as the tough new cop who manages […]

Have You Seen Randall Park?

Does this face look familiar to you? It should. This is Randall Park, and you may have seen him on several television commercials lately including spots for Verizon, Volkswagen, and KY Intense. He was also a regular on Nick Cannon’s hit show “Wild N’ Out” a few years back. However, Randall is no stranger to […]

Meet Korean Actress Jennifer Field

A San Francisco Bay Area native, Jennifer was born and raised in San Jose, California. She graduated from prestigious Santa Clara University, with a B.A in Theatre Arts. Miss Field also studied Philosophy during her career at SCU. Her ethnicity is half Korean, half English/Irish/German; her mother hails from Seoul, South Korea, and her father […]

The Sunset Short Film by Misha Sundukovskiy

  Jackfroot is all about finding great films and movies that really tell a realistic story on how the real world is like. We recently came across this awesome short film called, “The Sunset”. This film was shot in San Francisco and is written and directed by Misha Sundukovskiy, a filmmaker from New York. In […]

My Friend Archie Commercial Directed by Chris Le

Vietnamese-American hip-hop designer & film director, Chris Le, directed and produced a potentially viral 30-second commercial for the 2012 Doritos Crash the Super Bowl contest. As if it was straight out of a Transformers movie, Le incorporates a CGI robot that puts a futuristic yet fun twist on man’s best friend, the dog, in his […]

Get To Know Rex Lee From HBO’s Entourage

Rex Lee Rex Lee made a living out of appeasing difficult bosses, long before typifying the stereotypically abused personal assistant. With his addition to the second season of HBO’s breakout hit, “Entourage” (2004- ), he became an instant fan favorite, infusing his role of Lloyd, the gay Asian assistant often ridiculed by his venom-spewing boss, […]

Must See Films: The Motel starring Sung Kang

We know it’s been awhile, but we are back with another installment of “Must See Films”. This week we are spotlighting the film “The Motel” which stars Jeffrey Chyau, Jade Wu, and Sung Kang (Fast & Furious). This movie was released onto the film festival circuit in 2005 and received rave reviews for it’s interesting take on a young […]