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Everyday People | A Documentary For Everyone

Please take a view on this documentary just released revolving the importance of facing racial injustice, resolutions and embracing a unity. This features numerous people from a variety of races and cultures which also highlights recent and far past events. I know, maybe this is a basic-as-can-be documentary. With COVID, this was all home done […]

The Unsung Asian Activists

So many aspects of life have been developed through the years that came. From cultures, to technology and to many industries that continue to innovate themselves day to day. One thing still seems to be beating the air when it comes to the subject of how “times have changed.” That’s racism. Racism is still a […]

4 Insightful Books About Asia on Ross Butler’s Reading List

Here are four Ross Butler-recommended books to read if you’re interested in knowing more about Asia’s history and culture. Ross Butler is an American actor who was born in Singapore to a father of British Dutch ancestry and a Chinese-Malaysian mother. With his mixed heritage, it’s no mystery why he would be interested in learning more about his cultural background. […]

7 Asian Americans Representing Team USA in Figure Skating

Get excited, folks. There will be plenty of Asian-American representation at the Olympics. In fact, Team USA will have 7 Asian-Americans representing the US in the Olympic Winter Games taking place in South Korea, with a total of 14 skaters overall. The 7 Asian-American figure skaters are Nathan Chen, Karen Chen, Madison Chock, Mirai Nagasu, Maia […]

Check Out the SUPER SAIYAN Adidas x Dragon Ball Z Collab

In December, the Yeezy Mafia announced a killer combo collaboration between Adidas and the popular anime most of us grew up watching – Dragon Ball Z. Although it hasn’t been confirmed, there are some suggestions that the collection will include the actual Dragon Balls themselves. This is actually a genius idea if it were to happen. […]

25 Ways to Wear a Scarf in 4.5 Minutes by Wendy’s Lookbook

Wendy has always been amazing at putting together inspirational and creative videos that will inspire you in art, travel and especially fashion. On her YouTube channel, you will find videos about great outfit suggestions, fun pairing ideas, fashion tips, experiments with shapes and colors, and more. All of her videos are well planned and nicely edited […]