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This week’s installment of Must See Films features the independent Filipino-American film, “The Debut” starring Dante Basco (Rufio). Released in select cities in 2001, this film was the first of it’s kind that told the story of the clash between first generation Filipino-Americans and their parents. Even though it spoke on the traditions and ideologies of Filipino parents, it was a storyline that any ethnic group could relate to.

The Debut Movie with Dante Basco

The Debut Movie starring Dante Basco
Here’s a review of the film:
“An award-winning English language film for the whole family, “the Debut” revolves around Ben Mercado (Dante Basco), a talented high school senior who has rejected his Filipino heritage. The long-simmering feud between Ben and his immigrant father Roland (Tirso Cruz III) threatens to boil over and ruin the 18th birthday party of Ben’s sister Rose (Bernadette Balagtas). But to Ben’s surprise, his sister’s celebration challenges his sense of misplaced identity, and the way he regards his father and grandfather (Filipino film legend Eddie Garcia). In one night, Ben faces the true nature of his relationships with his family, his friends, and himself.”

If you have never seen this film before, it is something you’ll want to watch soon. You’ll find yourself relating to Dante Basco’s character very quickly as you see the clash of two generations unfold before your eyes. Most of us are children of immigrants and we know that they come from a different mind set compared to ours. With our parents growing up in a third world country, their mentality of success is different than ours. However, we never seem to lose sight of our heritage and we always end up appreciating the uniqueness of our culture and how it shapes us into who we are today.

Press the play button to check out the trailer for the film and make sure to get this film on DVD, you won’t be disappointed. Let us know what you think of this film in the comments below and make sure to click the Amazon link to purchase the DVD to add to your movie collection. Enjoy!

Amazon Link: The Debut

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