Mikey Bustos – I Put it in My Soup (Look What You Made Me Do Parody)

Check out what Taylor Swift made Mikey Bustos do in his latest parody music video. The original music video was awesomely salty, so he decided to turn it into soup, and hopefully you would try some. Have a taste!

NOTE: The food in this video was reused, eaten by people, and leafy vegetables fed to livestock.

Directed/Written/Video Edited by:
Mikey Bustos

Executive Producer:
RJ Garcia

Music by:
Steve “Hollywood” Dorego http://www.hollywoodtheproducer.com

DOP/Cameraman/Sound Engineer:
Ton Uy http://www.facebook.com/sumatasounds

Assisstant Sound Engineer & Assistant DOP:
Christian Uy

Natalia Moon http://www.instagram.com/nataliamoono…
Kseniya Gavrilenko http://www.instagram.com/gavrilenko_k…
Christian ‘Sam Tian’


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