Meet Ludi Lin whose playing Zach in the New Power Ranger Reboot

Meet Ludi Lin, whose playing Zach Taylor, the Black Ranger, in the new reboot of The Power Rangers. (Thank Goodness, they didn’t make him the Yellow Ranger!)

You may also recognize the actor from the Netflix series Marco Polo as Batbayer.

The Power Rangers franchise became a pop culture hit after its debut in the early 90’s. Lionsgate, the studio behind the reboot, hopes to launch several sequels if it becomes a blockbuster success.

The production budget for Power Rangers came in at $105 million, and with a global audience and a diverse cast, it’s sure to become profitable or at least break even. However, we will see if it can top the ratings of “Beauty in the Beast” and “Ghost in the Shell,” which will also be released around the same time.

From the looks of it, the modern take on the storyline should appeal to the next generation of Power Rangers fans, and the CGI effects make it seem like a great action movie for all around moviegoers.

Go check out Saban’s Power Rangers in theaters March 24th, and support this up and coming actor from China in his Hollywood debut.


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