korean actress jennifer field

korean actress jennifer fieldA San Francisco Bay Area native, Jennifer was born and raised in San Jose, California. She graduated from prestigious Santa Clara University, with a B.A in Theatre Arts. Miss Field also studied Philosophy during her career at SCU. Her ethnicity is half Korean, half English/Irish/German; her mother hails from Seoul, South Korea, and her father was born in Roswell, New Mexico.


Jennifer Field holds the title of Miss Asian America 2007 and recently made the move to Los Angeles. Miss Field has been working on transferring her stage skills to film and television. Her current projects include Caribe Road, a cutting-edge action webseries produced by Louise Wu of Helu Entertainment, and an upcoming voiceover appearance on Robot Chicken, Seth Green’s Emmy-award winning animated series on Cartoon Network.


For leisure, Jennifer enjoys fine dining, boxing, Western horseback riding, and snowboarding. An avid hiker, she annually vacations to one of the nation’s beautiful National Parks – her most beloved park of all is Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. Jennifer has visited nearly every national park and monument in the western United States.


Jennifer Field’s ultimate goal in life is to be a respected actress, and her biggest dream is to win an Emmy or Oscar someday… and to make her friends and family proud.


korean actress jennifer field


korean actress jennifer field


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