Lyle Beniga | Wale – Bait


Lyle Beniga is hands down my favorite choreographer. I can sit here and write up some typical background history compiled of Lyle’s resume but I’m just going to get straight to the point. This sh*t right here is pure crack. It has to be one of the dopest routines I’ve ever watched in my life and I’m not exaggerating. The video direction also harmonizes perfectly with the song, Wale – Bait, and the routine itself. It also showcases guest appearances by some of the biggest names in dance. Shout out to Lyle Beniga man, you straight killed it.

You can keep up with Lyle through the following:



Lyle Beniga

Director of Photography
Nick DeMoura

Assistant Director of Photography
Shaun Evaristo

Thad Reid

Assistant to Choreographer
Amanda Grind

Featured Dancers in order of appearance:
Johnny Erasme
Devin Jamieson
Vinh Nguyen
Bam Martin
Joesar Alva
Mykell Wilson
Amanda Grind
Mike Fal
Ian Eastwood
Ellen Kim
Jeka Kalotkin
Jason Magsuci
Marvin Millora
JP Goldstein
Brent Curtis
Lando Wilkins
Shaun Evaristo

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