This is Dumbfounded rapping over DJ Soulscape’s beat titled Love is a Song. Fresh beat, fresh rap and fresh composition. Check out this smooth song by Dumbfounded, Korean rapper from Koreatown, Los Angeles.


Respects to DJ Soulscape:

Twitter: @slscp


Directed by: Andrew Kurchinski


I guess im trippin for me to ask you to take me back,
I’m just bitter cause I wont ever get a taste of that, again,
3am can’t delete your number out my phone,
sendin you messages hopin that you are down to bone,


I bet you find it pathetic that i be still at it,
had me some one hit wonders babygirl you’re illmatic,
a real classic, im such a bastard, chasin after a bunch of plastics,
over passion, now you mad,


but no hard feelins, im not your arch villain,
you got me writin more love songs than john lennon,
theres nothing wrong with it, you love every minute of it,
I’m pennin every sentence hopin you feel pity from it,


You say I’m so sweet but only on beats,
Cause in person I always seem say the wrong things,
He’s such an asshole, look at him rap though,
a sweet apology with a Jason mraz flow,


im just playin’ you used to find me funny though,
before you saw me use same jokes on other hoes,
girl you were so pissed you tried to let my mother know,
I fucked it up with my credibility runnin low,


And I aint sayin im a changed man,
But I’m switchin from fake bitches to namebrands,
You got this player forgettin about his gameplan,
I got your name stuck in my head like rainman,


you never know what you have till you lose it,
And all the other girls that I smash are illusions,
Late night ass, theres really nothing to it,
You got them killer moves, and they don’t know the way you do it, was a student,


To your body and behaviours,
Studied it like my major,
That pussy is cocaine, cuttin it like a razor,
Say the word, and Im back in,
gave me more shots then a mac 10, so lets shoot again,
not you again, is the look you give me now,
im writin this like I aint got a chick with me now,
I’ll probably write her one too when I let her down,
And best believe the next song will have a better sound,


How many tracks till I settle down,
Put it on wax, let it spin around,


Whats wrong with writing another love song,
Cause all you got is love songs when the loves gone.




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