Earlier this week, I was sadden by the announcement that Jeremy Lin’s knee injury required surgery to repair, and significantly will take weeks to heal:


[youtube id=”8BzlcLav57Q” width=”619″ height=”375″]


With the 2012 NBA playoffs fast approaching at the end of the month, I felt fans going through a grieving process of denial and slowly accepting the reality that Linsanity will abruptly come to a halt – however not a grinding  one at that. Linsanity is still very much deeply rooted in us and I don’t believe it will go away – ever. The shock lasted for days that followed the big news. It hurt us to know that it may take anywhere for six weeks or so for the recovery  process and we all came to know that this meant Jeremy would be out for the rest of the regular season. It also didn’t come to a surprise to us that our global obsession will eventually die down, as nothing lasts forever in the headlines. But Linsanity will continue. It’s not dead, nor did it ever die.


Jeremy Lin changed the notion of what is possible for the dreamers out there who have the odds stacked against them. This does not only apply to Asians, but to everyone who has ever had a dream or in the process of working towards it! In addition, Linsanity is going to continue with the list of hungry teams from cities with high Asian demographics very much still interested in Jeremy Lin next season. Their aim to grow their Asian population in global fan base is a smart strategic move, particularly due to China emerging into the market. The Chinese Basketball Association has even expressed their hope for Lin to join the national basketball team for the 2012 Olympics. This however is unlikely to happen, as it would require Jeremy to give up his US citizenship. Very unlikely.


Despite losing star players due to injuries, it’s hard to imagine the NY Knicks making playoffs by the skin of their teeth at this point. Nevertheless, I’d still like to imagine Jeremy suiting up for game one of the playoffs though. That proud image is still very real in my mind, and I see it becoming a reality. If not now, next time Lin. No worries bro. We still love you and will continue to support you. Thanks for the recovery picture. Do us a favor though and smile in the next one:



His road to becoming a transformative impact on the game and his ability to perform beyond reasonable expectations is what made Lin infamous, and not just a worldwide marketing value. Gaining national and global appeal, he reinvented what Asian men can do, be, and succeed in. With that, he breathed new life into the regular “ball fan” and made them “inspired fans” to the core. The healing knee will probably effect his athleticism, but it won’t downgrade his game in life. What makes Jeremy Lin such an incredible individual is his spiritual faith and his compassionate and generous heart. It’s no question that this Harvard grad is ambitious well beyond the sport due to his social activism and commitment to the community and giving back. Just hit up his Jeremy Lin Foundation.


To me, Jeremy Lin is:


The skinny Asian good ball player that did not receive any athletic scholarships out of high school or draft pick after college. The Asian guy I cheered for in the stands within my home turf. The first Asian American to come into the league as a former bench warmer and lead his team to a seven-game winning steak. The guy that dominated the game and the headlines at the start of the season. The guy Kobe Bryant was referring to when he stated “”I don’t even know what he’s done… like, I have no idea what you guys are talking about.”  The guy who made waves in bringing national attention on America’s racial issues and lack of cultural sensitivity towards Asian stereotypes. The guy who is the subject of a highly anticipated documentary being pitched to distributors in Hollywood currently. From all of that – to being the president some day and the guy who takes over the world. His name is worldly recognized and his legacy will live on forever. It’s only the beginning for Jeremy Lin.


From his supporters: Linsanity is not dead, it’s just taking a short break.


Jeremy Lin Foundation: http://jeremylinfoundation.org/

LINSANITY WEBSITE: http://www.linsanity.com/

Follow Jeremy Lin on Twitter @JLin7

FACEBOOK: http://facebook.com/jeremylin17

JEREMY LIN OFFICIAL WEBSITE: http://www.jlin7.com/



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