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We raise awareness of the North Korean human rights and refugee crisis through national awareness tours and provide opportunities to be directly involved in the issue through our local Chapters who focus on raising awareness in local communities, advocating and fundraising for LiNK’s programs. Join the movement.


One of the BIGGEST human rights crisis that exists today is in North Korea. LiNK is a great organization and the only one of it’s kind world wide!


The crisis includes:
– A cult of personality
– Lack of fundamental freedoms
– Food crisis
– Political concentration camps
– Crimes against humanity
– Contracted labor


There are estimates of up to over 300,000 refugees have fled across the boarder to neighboring China and are in HIDING in the underground.


LiNK supports the many orphaned children who were left abandoned in the remote boarder mountains of China due to their parent’s inability to make it out alive in their attempt to escape. LiNK also provides underground remote shelters that help house, educate, and feed rescued refugees. Their main efforts through their “Liberty House” Program is to provide education and financial assistance in relocating these refugees to the US or South Korea – to settle into a better life.


A dedicated group of individuals known as the LiNK nomads are coming to an area near you to host a screening of The People’s Tour!


This documentary offers a comprehensive overview of the North Korean people’s crisis, featuring interviews with North Korean refugees who have escaped, their journey to freedom, expert analysis, and insight into some of the little-known grass-roots changes that are happening inside the country.


Here you can find the Spring 2012 screening listings.. please select your region.


The death of Kim Jong-il has brought renewed focus on North Korea. But too often that focus is dominated by concerns over nuclear weapons or security issues or on the attitudes of its recluse leaders. But despite changes at the top of the leadership in Pyongyang, the harsh reality of life for ordinary North Koreans goes on. The North Korean people are living under the most ruthless system of political repression ever assembled. They have suffered through humanitarian disasters, crippling poverty, chronic food shortages and a denial of even the most basic freedoms.


The People’s Tour will redefine the North Korea crisis by highlighting the suffering and stories of the North Korean people. We are promoting an approach to North Korea that will be defined and created by the North Korean people.


This spring, join the North Korean people’s struggle by learning more about this crisis and how you can get involved. Hosting a LiNK screening will provide you and your community with an opportunity to join the fight to resolve the unheard suffering of the North Korean people.



LiNK US Office
1751 Torrance Blvd STE L,
Torrance, CA 90501
Tel: 310.212.7190
Fax: 202.315.3748


Check out this awesome event that took place in New York City in 2009 with keynote speaker Lisa Ling (one of my favorite people!). I’m planning to attend their next gala.


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