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Jackfroot is all about finding talent from all around the world. We recently came across a model with both the brains and the beauty from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Linda Leigh majored in Criminal Justice in hopes of becoming an attorney. She switched her major to Forensics and graduated with a B.S. Degree in 2007.

Linda also had another exciting lifestyle she lived which includes gogo dancing. Around 2005, Linda began working with local promoters for events which included Hot Import Nights and more. In time, she pulled the trigger and began her own promotion company which led to much of her success she has today. Check out this in-depth interview and learn more about this beautiful hustler.


Jackfroot Exclusive Interview With Linda Leigh

Can you give us a brief background of where you come from, your ethnicity, and how you got into modeling?

I was born in Elgin Illinois but grew up here in Minnesota. I LOVE the twin cities! I’m half Taidam and half Laotian. Growing up, I never thought I could ever become a model. It wasn’t something that ever crossed my mind. But it all started when I first joined Myspace, which I have to admit, was the start of everything when it comes to my modeling. My first job ever, I was flown to San Diego to shoot for a calender. It was a WONDERFUL experience. My second experience, I was picked to be a part of Tila Tequila’s Playgirls, and got flown to Vegas along with other pretty well-known models at that time to shoot for an online casino. Now, THAT was an awesome experience. I’ve never been treated like a queen before! And from then on, I was fortunate enough to build my networks and had the opportunity to travel all around and take part in all these awesome opportunities that Ive been able to say I was a part of. Since I got into modeling, I’ve been able to take trips to the Bahamas, LA, Vegas, San Diego, Hawaii, and a few other states traveling with PasMag for HIN. Ive been fortunate enough to be a part of four calendars, and featured in MMA Sports Magazine, The Source Magazine, and even a few newspaper features in other states along with a few online features.


Do you have any other skills or jobs besides modeling that you’d like to let your fans know about?

I actually own my own promotion company: Trilogy Productions. We throw club events monthly around the Twin Cities area. Our main goal this year is to bring in more mainstream artists and start throwing more concert-type events. Then, on a daily basis, I work at my boyfriend’s family restaurant: Lotus to Go Go, which keeps me running around way too much for my own good! As far as skills, I always get stumped when asked that… What skills do I have? I like to eat a LOT… I call that a skill. (chuckles)


linda leigh


Who are some of your role models or people you look up to in life?

Definitely my parents, my close friends, and my boyfriend. My parents shows me that working hard pays off. I ran around with no diapers on as a baby. My dad had to go pick up cans to make sure I had milk. As I grew up, I saw how hard they worked and how much they sacrificed to have what they have now. The friends around me are wonderful, awesome parents themselves and I have the utmost respect for them. They show me how strong a woman can be. Working full time, mother full time, and still having enough energy to help me by being a part of my promotion company and working weekends too. And as for my boyfriend, he’s taught me how to stay calm, the secrets of networking, the sharp business-mind decision making, and just being able to put up with a crazy girl like me. (laughs) I look up to all of them. They all have a part in who I am today.


Living in Minnesota what are some things you love about it?

Although I hate the winter weather here, I still love the four seasons. I love how the color changes, and the beautiful lakes. I LOVE fishing, so Minnesota is definitely the place to live if you’re into fishing! I love the people here. Its small enough for you to be able to go out and see the same faces, but big enough to be able to meet new ones each and every time.


Can you name us some of your favorite photographers you’ve worked with?

All the photographers I’ve worked with are all awesome in their own way. Everyone has their own style of work and I’ve been fortunate enough to not have crossed paths with any weird ones as of yet. But some of the photographers that I’ve recently worked with are: Locally: Scott Miron, Lenny Garza, Naley-Xiong Photography, Photo-G, Phil  Leisenheimer, Mike Phetdara, and many more. As for non-local Photographers, definitely Satio Photography and Keith Selle.


linda leigh


When you’re not modeling, what do you enjoy doing for fun?

I love watching movies, eating out, and just spending time at home. Some times, when your lifestyle is more on the fast lane, what you cherish the most, are those quiet nights in. I also love reading, which is something I need to start getting back into.


What are some tips and suggestions you have for up and coming models that want to grow?

First and foremost, build your portfolio. Then build your network. But remember, this shouldn’t be your main “career” that you put all your time and effort on. This should just be a hobby. Something fun, something that you love to do, not something you have to do to live off of. Network is the key. Keep that bridge with everyone you’ve worked with/for, and never burn it down. Have a positive attitude. People also don’t like divas, especially the ones who thinks they’re better then everyone else. If you have that kind of attitude, you’ll fall right back down the chain JUST..LIKE..THAT… Trust me. 🙂 Also, I’ve seen PLENTY of beautiful girls who could easily have made it in the modeling industry. What I noticed, is that some of them just didn’t have enough motivation to do so. Stay MOTIVATED. Last but not least, use modeling as a STEPPING STONE. Build something more off of it.


linda leigh


If you had 1 week left to live, what are some things you would do?

Get married, spend as much time with the family, and maybe go on that last awesome vacation with all the loved ones!


What was your most memorable moment in life and would you want to relive it?

Ooh, I’m not sure I can think of one. There’s been plenty of milestones in my life that was forever life changing. But in the end, I wouldn’t want to go back and relive it. I’ve already have. Its a beautiful memory, and its time to just keep moving forward and making more of those memories. Everything happens for a reason and its place in there during that part of your life for a reason. Never look back, but always plan forward. 

Height: 5’0′
Weight: 112 lbs
Measurements: (chest, waist, hips) 32C-27-36
Dress: 2
Shoes: 5
Hair: Dark Brown
Skin: Tan


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