Levy Tran Stars in Offensive Stereotypical Music Video “Asian Girlz”

Levy Tran Asian GirlzYou might have seen the latest music video titled “Asian Girlz” by an amateur band that no one has ever really heard about named Day Above Ground. It’s getting quite some attention due to the fact that it features Levy Tran, an Asian female model that most people worldwide have grown to love and respect, up until now. In fact, it’s become so upsetting that the model’s Facebook page was either taken down or deactivated after hundreds of comments were left.

We received numerous emails from people sharing this upsetting and disturbing video with us, so the Jackfroot staff had to take a moment to chime in and put our two cents on this topic. After watching the entire video, we were shocked and appalled by several things. This video probably leaves our ancestors’ ancestors with a bitter disgusted taste in our mouths. levy tran asian girls One of the first things about this song was the stereotypical lyrics. Some of the lines from the song include: “I love your creamy yellow thighs, yourslanted eyes, Korean barbecue, best nails in the city and green tea boba.” These are probably some of the worst lyrics we have ever heard in a song. It has created a major uproar and has left many in the Asian community speechless and in disbelief.

The next disappointment that came to mind was the fact that this band even had the tendency to make a song about Asians in this manner. What was going on in their thought process? Did they purposely intend to make fun of the Asian culture and background in exchange for publicity and  exposure? Whatever it was, they should be ashamed of themselves and there should be no excuse for this kind of act.

Levy Tran Asian Girlz

Lastly, the biggest upset of all was the feature of Levy Tran in the shocking music video. From San Jose, CA, Levy has made quite a name for herself in the past few years as a model and has even been featured on the cover of Bizarre Magazine. She has grown quite a big following and fan base who have shown her a lot of love and respect, so it leaves us confused and questioning why she would even participate in such a production. It couldn’t have been for the fame nor the money. Perhaps someone close to her persuaded and convinced Levy into this act. Many would say that Levy has a kind heart and charming personality.

This tragic incident has definitely disappointed her fan base and possibly lost some of her credibility, but we do believe that people make mistakes in life. The only thing we can do is hope and pray Levy turns things around and is able to get through this. David So, a comedian from Southern California that we all love, has expressed his feelings on the subject in the video below. Remember, Jackfroot is here to help work towards ending racism in this world, but music and bands like this take us a step back. Feel free to express your thoughts on this topic below.

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Comment (9)

  1. She is an Asian girls. Most Asian girls in America can care less about Asian solidarity and all that jazz. Unlike Asian guys, they are being included in American society as a token Asian lay for White man in the media. So I doubt she really cares about this video exotificationo Asian girls. That’s Asian women role in America media. Take the recent Wolverine movie, all Asian girls are good and all Asian guys are bad and white is the hero trying to save the Asian girl from her family, who is out to killer her.

      1. he’s saying that most asian girls could care less about asian solidarity because they’re included in the mainstream while asian guys are not. he doubts that levy tran cares about the exotification of other asian girls. his example was the new wolverine movie where all of the girls were good and the asian guys were all bad and the white guy is the hero trying to save her from her bad asian family.

  2. David So is an idiot. I’m Asian, and seriously asian people need to learn how to take a joke and grow a back bone. They get so easily offended it’s kind of childish. Poor Levy Tran. Why do people want to ruin some girl’s life over some silly video? GROW UP.

  3. ku klux kootchie…FUNNY!

    david so…what’s with the high pitched voice? and hey…DECAF, spaz

    i am sure ALL the asians watching are glad you lumped them all into one “asian basket”. since you did it so well and in such a squeaky voice…can we call you orientals yet?

  4. david, in addition to ‘ku klux kootchie’ which i give you credit for, i learned ‘ninja pussy’ from the band.

    now i know why i like those little boxes…they’re NINJA!

  5. holy shit…so after listening to his verbal diarrehea for so long the next vid was david so making fun of blacks…WHAT A HYPOCRITICAL DOOSH.

    come on you kook, cant have it both ways. this from an irishman by descent…define yourself by your race all you want. that way you don’t need talent or skills.

  6. Why did anyone respect her in the first place… exactly? I mean, beyond deserving the basic respect owed to all human beings, she doesn’t seem like a very nice person. Nice people don’t shackle themselves to vile meatheads.


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