Legally Blind Contestant Wins Reality TV Cooking Competition!

From the first time Christine Ha navigated her cane onto the national stage for Fox’s MasterChef, she stole the hearts of viewers across America.


Inspired by her mother’s home cooking, and growing up to the taste and smells of a Vietnamese kitchen, Christine took on the challenge of learning how to cook for herself when she went off to college after her mother passed away. She did not stop her love for food and cooking when faced with an auto-immune disease (Neuromyelitis optica) which ultimately attacked her optic nerves, leaving her legally blind.


Check out her audion here:


[youtube id=”tkGTYYOCuP0″ width=”619″ height=”315″]


Immediately catching the attention of viewers at home and impressing the judges, she overcame many obstacles in the show’s kitchen and beat out her many rivals. She made it to the finale with the challenge of cooking the meal of her life. Taking a huge risk, she played out the finale by honoring what she knows best – Asian cuisine. The simple menu of papaya salad, braised pork belly, and ice cream, was elevated by her ability to really take the simplicity in those dishes and making them her own . The visually disappointing dishes did not hurt her throughout the finale. It actually won her the show’s season 3 official title of “MasterChef”!! Well, how can she be a “MasterChef” if she doesn’t live up to the expectations of great presentation?? Well, that depends on who is judging.


Christine’s story and big win of $250,000 and the opportunity to publish her very own cook cook, reminds me that as a home chef in my own kitchen, I can be just as special and capable of cooking up and producing stunning and delectable dishes with out the fancy planting and techniques! I’ll always take what she has taught me every time I cook something for my family and friends:


You must cook from the heart; make something you’d be proud to serve your friends; and create it with passion, love, and fervor.


Her favorite thing to cook? Simply…Vietnamese eggrolls. Yum!! We are so happy and proud of her! Congrats Christine!!!


Watch her winning moment here:


[youtube id=”krjqmszB0xc” width=”619″ height=”315″]


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