Legaci – Never Got Over You

Growing up in the Bay Area, I have mad love and respect for R&B singing group Legaci. I’ve been following them as a fan since they first formed back in 1997 with their original members. Today, the group consist of Micah Tolentino and Jason Atencion, who remain in the line up; along with Chris Abadand and Del Lazaro. They began promoting themselves on YouTube a few years ago, and since have grown to building fans from all over the world. Best known for performing backup vocal for Justin Bieber on the My World Tour, these guys definitely made a name for themselves. With the tour now over, they are not slowing down at all as they recently dropped their official music video for “Never Got Over You” – one of our favorite singles from their forthcoming album “Driven”.


What makes this music video unique was the guys had the challenge of shooting with 60 frames per second. This meant that they had to perform the song at a faster speed. The normal frame rate for videos is about 24 frames per second. If that doesn’t make sense, just think of the end result as a really cool visual.  Check out the beautiful outcome below:


[youtube id=”RAm4EUI8qbo” width=”619″ height=”315″]



You can pick up “Never Got Over You” on iTunes here.


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