Mike Chun, better known as VERSEATILE, is a Korean American rapper, singer, songwriter, and funny man that has shared the honor of be amongst the 50 finalists across the U.S. for Missy Elliot’s Road to Stardom television show on UPN back in 2003. Fast forward to last year, he was one of the 10 finalists from L.A. to compete in a Korean reality show, Superstar K by MNET.


Most recently, Chun is starting off 2012 by doing things bigger and better! Earlier this week, he dropped “by far proudest video” he’s been involved in: “Dreamchaser”.



A track that’s personally really special to him, Dreamchaser speaks to the notion that “we all chase dreams, but sometimes it takes the hard route to realize we were chasing after the wrong one.”


Making a name for himself on YouTube, he is gearing towards mainstream recognition. Originally from Chicago, and currently residing verseatilein Los Angeles, CA, he juices talent all over! Reinterring a shout out video he did for his favorite rap group “Slaughter House” and to speak on behalf of my thoughts of his skills: “For every bar he spits. You feel how hard he hits.” Definitely not allergic to haters in the game, “Brush Em Off” is one of my favorite tracks from his latest album “Worlds Apart” (Produced by J-Phonics).




I got the chance to sit down with… my computer desk – and hit Mike up with some questions so you can learn a little more about this up and coming talented artist. Check it out:


Jackfroot Exclusive Interview With Verseatile


For those that aren’t familiar with you yet, what is your title?
I’m a singer, rapper, and funny guy. Another talent I wished I had was playing the piano so that I can improvise performances like Jamie Fox.


Do you have any other hobbies besides music?
A fact most people will not find on Google about me is drawing was another passion of mine growing up.


What are 2 things you can’t live without?
I cannot live without my phone and Facebook, unfortunately lol.


How did you get fall in love with music and started getting into it?
The first time I fell in love with music was when I heard and watched my dad play his guitar.


If you ruled the world, what is one thing you’d change?
If I “ruled the world” I would I’d get rid of all weapons of mass destruction.


Can you name us any artists you’d like to have perform for you?
I would love to have Billy Joel and Stevie Wonder perform at my wedding.


What is a struggle or obstacle that you’ve had to overcome so far in your career?
Being Korean American in this game has been tough to be noticed by the general public, but it has worked towards my advantage on YouTube.


Who are some people that have inspired you in life?
My number 2 inspiration, next to GOD is.. my mother, then my past relationships.


With a personality that gravitates immediate attention, he’s worked with fellow YouTube stars who demand the exact.  Traphik aka Timonthy Delaghetto being the biggest, and writing 4 songs on Jason Chen’s new album “Gravity”. Verseatile currently holds 3 EPs to his name, and is currently working on his 4th, with the goal of making it his first full-length LP. Keep a look out for a couple of his songs featured in a new film called “Wedding Palace” starring Brian Tee (Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift), Bobby Lee, Margaret Cho, and a few others!


FACEBOOK: http://facebook/verseatilemusic


Check out other YouTube talents he’s featured alongside with: (Jason Chen)
(J. Reyes)
(Lil Crazed)
(Produced both “Brush Em Off” & “Dream Chaser”)


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