The Wonder Girls are ready to introduce K-pop to America! The Korean girl group will premiere their movie “The Wonder Girls” on Teen Nick February 2nd at 8pm EST.

The story chronicles the struggle of five foreign girls who dream of making it big as singers in America. (Sounds like a true story!) Friendship, love, sisterhood, passion, music, and rivalry are just some of the themes you’ll delight in watching.


In mid 2009, the Wonder Girls toured with American pop group Jonas Brothers as their opening act. The Jonas Brothers are one of a few successful acts that gained popularity through the Disney Channel. Are the Wonder Girls hoping to use the same strategy to tap into the Nickelodeon tween/teen market? Only time will tell if their one-hour Teen Nick film will show signs of success.

If not, there’s still the the US released Wonder Girls album to make up for it. Look out for the groups first US single “The DJ is Mine” featuring School Gyrls also to debut in the movie.


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