Kina Grannis on Jimmy Kimmel Thurs, Jan 12

Kina Grannis on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday, January 12


Kina Grannis will be on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday, January 12, as confirmed by ABC. (


Grannis has been cosigned by popular youtubers David Choi, Wong Fu Productions, and Ryan Higa–to name a few–making the rounds as a rightful web celeb herself. Quite recently she has been spotlighted time and time again (Ellen, USA Today, Entertainment Weekly) for the “In Your Arms” music video that whimsically incorporates 288,000 jelly beans. In 2011, Grannis won Best Web-Born Artist at the MTV OMA awards. After Jimmy Kimmel, it’s likely that we’ll be seeing more of Kina Grannis in 2012. Check out her music video for the song “In Your Arms” below and watch it for yourself.


Written by Staff Writer: Kimle Nguyen / Posted by Editor: Ky Truong

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