KevJumba (Kevin Wu) is back from his YouTube Hiatus with his first Public Appearance

Four years after his online hiatus, KevJumba (now referred to as just Kev) has released a new Youtube Video called Internet Power.

Followed by what seems to be his first official, public appearance at Youth Represent the World on March 11th, 2017 in Stafford, Texas.

KevJumba (Kevin Wu) disappeared from YouTube in 2013, with little to no communication of his plans, aside from his last video “This is Home,” which in hindsight became his subtle way of saying good-bye–or temporarily at least– to his online followers, while he focused on his education, family, and religious enlightenment.

Although Kevin was silent on most of his social media channels, his content was being released and shared through other Youtube channels and mediums during that time such as Ryan Higa’s “Teehee Time with Kevjumba!,” Wong Fu’s Short Video, “After Us,” and the movies “Hang Loose,” “Revenge of the Green Dragons,” and “Man Up.”

There was also the occasional fan sighting on Instagram (which seemed to confirm Kev’s pursuit of spiritual growth); the concerning Facebook post regarding his health; and a short-lived blog he briefly maintained called Monk College.

However, despite the long hiatus, Kev was not forgotten among his fans– whom are now even more enthused and hopeful for his comeback– whether that means welcoming his former personality, KevJumba, or the new, and wiser Kev of 2017.


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