Ken Jeong + Pepto-Bismol = Awesome

Ken Jeong as "Slim Chin" w/ Dwight Howard (Adidas)

While flipping through some tv channels last night, we spotted Ken Jeong aka Dr. Ken aka Mr. Chow from the mega movie hit The Hangover, in a new Pepto-Bismol commercial specialized for the holidays. As many of you may know, Ken Jeong is making his presence known in the entertainment world. After appearing in guest roles in movies such as Knocked Up, Role Models, Couple’s Retreat and The Hangover, Dr. Ken has taken Hollywood by storm.

Ken Jeong as "Senor Chang" on NBC's Community
Ken Jeong as “Senor Chang” on NBC’s Community

He has a recurring role on NBC’s comedy hit Community as Senor Chang, a new ad campaign with Adidas as Slim Chin, and now he’s giving people some Pepto advice for the holidays. Dr. Ken has come a long way since his days of doing stand up comedy, and we can’t wait to see more of him in the future. Where he goes, Jackfroot will be there to update you! Click play to watch the Pepto-Bismol commercial below.

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