SUPER JUNIOR, 2NE1, Big Bang, TVXQ, Girl’s Generation, Jay Park, T-Ara, BoA and many more! Korean Pop music or K-Pop refers to not only the type of music but has now become a musical movement that continues to dominate all over the world. There is something MASSIVELY addictive about it and it may very well be the energetic dance moves, the songs generally are very catchy and upbeat and that is what makes it so KPOPular. Not long ago, American artist, Will.I.Am feat. Nicki Minaj and Cheryl Cole have caught this outbreak. The music video, “Check it out,” displayed a large 3D Korean text that means, “Try it once,” “Hot,” and “This party is awesome.”



Spread the love of Korean pop culture in your city and have fun dancing to the beat of K-Pop songs. Just what is it I’m talking about? Flash mobs! A quick run over of what it is, a flash mob is a spontaneous public performance, usually a dance, that appears seemingly out of nowhere with just one person, grows to hundreds of people then quickly disperses.



K-Pop Flash Mob has been spreading rapidly throughout the world! New York, Poland, Hong Kong, Australia, Canada, Las Vegas, Russia, Singapore, Germany, Ukraine, Paris and now the Philippines. This time it was led by Korean choreographer Dasuri Choi. She has worked with some of the biggest K-Pop acts such as Wonder Girls, 4Minute, T-ara and Brown Eyed Girls. A purposeful event  that aims to push forward ties between the Philippines and Korea, as well as unite K-Pop fans out there.



The best and most reliable ways to find out about a K-Pop Flash Mob are social media networks like Twitter or Facebook. Flash Mobs are open to anyone to join. Simply search for the keywords ‘flash mob’/‘flashmob’ or follow groups and people who regularly tip off Flash Mobs. Go and be part of a musical movement!


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