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The K.i.D family is back with another hot cypher featuring a grip of artists including Lil Crazed, Trixx, and Skip. You don’t want to miss out on this cypher, press play below to watch the video. Download the track for free with the link provided below.

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back to the booth, i’m back on, punking on dudes, like ashton
infinite MINUTES with them BARS while ya’ll just spar with tracfones
don’t you see my mp3’s stay similar to your MTV’s,
cuz come on, when it’s on, it’s always on with sweet 16’s
fountain of youth, why you doubting the truth,
even Dracula wouldn’t COUNT on you,
just check my booth, my sound is proof, (soundproof)
that soon i’ll be that dude you pay homage to,
so haters let it go, you’ll never be identical,
no type of BASIC (base) flow but yet I’m still greeted as GENERAL
bad to bone, with an axe and a throne, every track that I’m on,
gets axed and its gone, half you at home, won’t actually condone,
but i don’t give a SHIT, i’m an ASS to the (W)HOLE,
so i pass all you foes, when i pack all my clothes,
fly half of the globe, while your ass is at your home,
and your girl most love GRAFFITI cuz you see she seem to be TAGGING along,
middle finger to the haters cuz my viewers thumbs up,
cuz to them, it’s apparent (a parent) that i shine like a sun (son) does,
it’s K.i.D buddy but i don’t need a babysitter,
cuz if i had one, man i’d probably make a baby with her

(Lil Crazed)
(DJ Sin)
(Mike Kalombo)
(Nikko Dator)

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