JustKiddingFilms Jackfroot.com Interview

JustKiddingFilms Jackfroot.com Interview

Bart and Joe, the two underwear models of comedy, were destined to make you poo poo in your pants with their secret weapon: comedy. In addition to being the two sexiest sculptures ever born, their ultimate mission is to unite the Asian youth to create a voice that can be heard in the entertainment industry. Thus, JUSTKIDDINGFILMS was created by the Gangster’s of Comedy to spread the word of cultural unity through the vessel of laughter.

This year, the Jackfroot staff had the opportunity to book JustKiddingFilms to host our big launch party event back in June. We decided to check back in with them to do an exclusive interview with the guys themselves. Now’s your chance to learn a little bit more about the guys in this funny interview. Check it out and feel free to share the link and repost it on Twitter and Facebook.

“Fear will turn into failure so have no fear. Don’t think just act. Don’t try just do. Focus on expressing self.”

– JustKiddingFilms

JustKiddingFilms Exclusive Jackfroot Interview


You guys have really amazing acting skills. Have you guys taken any acting classes or went to school for anything training?
Thanks! When we first started filming, we had absolutely no idea about acting or filming. We both started to take courses in acting while we explored this new passion we found. Everything came as a gradual learning experience; we never had an expectation to become performers. The events leading up until today are all beautiful accidents that worked in our favor. So far, we’ve taken Improv and sketch writing courses at Upright Citizens Brigade, Joe took acting 101 at the East West Players, and Bart took acting courses when he attended UCLA.

Who are some of your role models or actors that you look up to and inspire you?
Dave Chappelle, Jim Carey, Will Farrel, Sacha Baron Cohen, Tupac, Wayne’s family, Jamie fox, George Carlin, Ken Watanabe, Bruce Lee, Stephen Chow, Robin Williams, Jack Black, Chris Farley, Mike Myers, Katt Williams. Just to name a few… =)

Can you name a few things that you’d like to see changed for the better in this world?
People taking initiative in becoming critical thinkers.
People taking more of a responsible role when dealing with societal issues
Self-expression through the arts and less motivation for individual gain
More motivation to create benefits for the longevity of our people

What are some of your favorite TV shows and cartoons you had growing up?
Ninja Turtles, In Living Color, Family Matters, Full House, Saved By the Bell, GI Joe, Muppet Babies, Sesame Street, Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood, Biker Mice From Mars, Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Ren and Stimpy

What are some of your favorite Asian cuisines or dishes?
ALL! We can’t name it all because we’ll end up listing every cuisine from each Asian country.

Where do you picture JustKiddingFilms in 5 years?
Overdosed on heroine in a roach motel in downtown LA… JUST KIDDING! We would probably still be making films. Telling stories and making people laugh is our forte. We’ve been doing it for the last 4 years so the only thing that will be happening is the growing and scaling. The company and team will be larger and probably branch off to other projects beyond comedy.

Can you take us through the a day of what it’s like and what goes on in your day?
We all have different tasks. So to sum things up, we all come in the morning and everyone hustles until about 7pm. This goes on for about 5 days a week, unless we have a shoot day.

If you guys weren’t acting and making videos today, what do you picture yourselves doing?
We would probably be in jail… Or worse, school?! Hahaha

Joe would probably be venturing off on some entrepreneurial endeavor.
Bart would be either in law enforcement or the medical field.
Geo working in marketing.
Casey still doing film.

Some of your new fans might not know how you started out. How did Joe and Bart meet and how did JustKiddingFilms formulate?
Joe and Bart met at an MMA gym, they were both of the same fight team. The funny thing is, they both went to the same high school and Junior College but didn’t know of this until they met at the martial arts dojo. They ended up being the class clowns and always cracked jokes during practice. One day they decided to upload random rants and quick sketches as a joke to show friends but the demand for their videos grew like wildfire. This became the beginning of Justkiddingfilms.

Geo was introduced to the group from being apart of the same circle of friends. She started involving herself with the team and began to contribute a lot of time and effort in seeing the team progress. She realized that there was something special forming with the group and eventually came on board as a permanent member. Casey grew up in Texas and watched our videos in 2007. After film school in Florida, he decided to make the move to the west coast to pursue his film career. Through a mutual friend (rapper Wax), Casey was introduced to us and we started to collaborate on a few projects. Immediately the great working chemistry was apparent to everyone and it was destined that Casey was to join the team.

What are some tips you can give to people interested in acting or becoming a comedian?
Fear will turn into failure so have no fear. Don’t think just act. Don’t try just do. Focus on expressing self. Don’t focus too much on how “good” or “bad” you are. People become great artists by being able to convey their emotions by using a skill as their communication device. Comedy/acting is a skill that we use to tell a story, a message, a way to let others know in an intelligent creative way that’s beyond just an objective explanation. Think about why you want to be a comedian or actor? Is it for fame? Money? Pussy? Dick? Nobel peace prize? Make sure you understand exactly WHY you want to do something before you do it. Make sense of your own desires or understand why you’re attracted to that art form. Once you know yourself, you’ll be able to produce great art.

What are some hobbies or what do you guys enjoy doing for fun besides filming and acting?
Jacking off… to Jackfroot.com sexy

Any last words or shout outs you’d like your fans and followers to know?
For the people who stay loyal viewers even after they watch material that may not be the greatest, we love y’all! Even if you’re the assholes who comment bullshit on our page, we love y’all too. We hope we can somehow inspire others to build confidence in their abilities and follow their dreams. Life is short, live it with purpose!

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