JR Aqunio on NBC’s THE VOICE!

If you’ve been tuning into one of the many American reality television singing competitions lately, did you catch The Voice on NBC last night?! Check out our man, Alaskan YouTube star, JR Aquino (aka JRA) battled it out last night in front of millions of viewers. But with over 50 million views already on YouTube channel, I’m sure he was ready to been seen on a much larger screen and stage!

With JR’s clean and smooth R&B sound, celebrity mentor Ceelo challenges him to sing a bit more “dirtier” with a bit more aggression and attitude to make it in the competition. Let’s see see if JR rises to the occasion. Check it out:


[youtube id=”Fb3RsMIhtDg” width=”619″ height=”315″]


Unfortunately, at the end of the battle, Ceelo chose Diego, and JR was the first to be sent home from the team. What do you guys think?!? JR’s time may have not been on The Voice, but we only see bigger things coming his way. Way to go bro! We will continue to support JR, so keep a look out for more of his music to come!


Check out his prior blind audition below, where Christina and Adam had originally hit the button. Makes me wonder if he had picked one of the other mentors, and not Ceelo, what would have happened. But hey, his parents proud reaction was priceless wasn’t it?!


[youtube id=”gp6MPd5lY-U” width=”619″ height=”315″]

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