Oh Boy, It’s Jo Koy – Exclusive Video Interview

jo koy


The Jackfroot staff had the chance to sit down with Jo Koy to do an exclusive video interview. Just like any typical Asian American growing up, Jo’s mom wanted him to go to school to become a nurse, a postal worker, or some type of field that would actually make money. Jo knew that wasn’t his destiny and continued to do stand up comedy.


Why am I going to college for? Why am I going to excel this stupidity?
– Jo Koy


Within time, success finally knocked on his door. From having 3 part time jobs, Jo’s break came when he landed a spot on the Tonight Show. Check out the up close and personal interview to see how his passion and persistence got him to where he is today as a comedian. It’s a beautiful thing to see people doing what they love and not letting anyone or anything stop them.


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