jeremy lin linsanity

jin the mcWho would have thought that a rapper like Jin tha MC would find a role model in professional basketball player, Jeremy Lin. Jin says his newly released track, “Nick of Time,” (or shall we say Knick of Time), was inspired by Jeremy Lin’s faith. Jin explains the background story behind it:


“Here’s how this song came to be… I saw this [Jeremy Lin] interview about a year ago—and maybe it’s the Asian-American connection combined with the fact that at the time I was taking steps on my own spiritual path as well — but I was just super inspired. Later on, as Jeremy landed a spot on the Warriors, I had the notion to work on a song inspired by him. Interesting how God works. The Warriors track never got released because I couldn’t get it to a point where I was comfortable with the overall direction of the song, and next thing you know J gets released from the team.


As he continues on his path to Houston and then ultimately the Knicks, I think it’s safe to say that countless amount of us are continuously inspired and uplifted by what God is doing in this brothers life. His story and I’m sure many of ours can attest that like the song says, “HE always comes through in the nick of time.”


jeremy lin linsanity


The once rookie basketball player is now a rising NBA basketball star. No, he’s not the Asian-American Tebow, but he hopes to be just as inspiring. Cheers to this young all star living his dreams.


Check out the song:

Download Jin tha MC’s Nick of Time 



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