Jeremy Lin Recalled By The Knicks

Jeremy Lin Recalled By The New York KnicksIt’s been rough for Jeremy Lin lately, but with every bump in the road comes smooth pavement along the way as well. Recently, Lin was sent to the D-League and quickly recalled back by the Knicks due to injuries.


Lin’s time in the D-League once again proved that when given minutes and an opportunity, he is fully capable of making big plays and contributing in a big way. In one of the games, Lin actually recorded a triple-double which definitely caught the eyes of the coaching staff.


In a recent game against the Charlotte Bobcats, Lin recorded 8 points, 4 assists, and 2 rebounds. How’s that for efficiency? Regardless of how much potential we all know he has, it’s ultimately up to the head coach if we are to see Lin get playing time. However with his performance down in the D-League and his efficient play against the Bobcats, let’s hope the Knicks realize they have a great player on their roster. Go Lin Go!

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