The staff at Jackfroot got the chance to do an exclusive interview with Jeremy Lin of the Golden State Warriors. Now’s your chance to learn a little bit more about the talented basketball player himself. A lot of people love basketball and sports but want to get in on the action behind the scenes at the management level rather than on the court. When that is the case sports management colleges become a smart option. Check it out:


Jeremy Lin Exclusive Interview


What has it been like playing in the NBA as Asian American athlete?
I’ve really enjoyed it because many players have gone out of their way to congratulate me and give me advice. Obviously there are cultural and childhood differences, but everyone has been extremely friendly and I’ve really enjoyed my time so far.


Have you been you met with any kind of racism while playing in the NBA and the NBDL?
No. In college I faced a lot of it but I cant think of one single instance last year.


What are you favorite kinds of food?
Chinese food, sushi, in n out and steak



Jeremy Lin in High School Palo Alto High


When you were a kid, was it always a dream of yours to be playing in the NBA one day?
Yeah I always wanted to play in the NBA but didn’t think it would happen until late in my college career.



What have you been doing during this lockout?
I’ve been rehabbing my knee and getting it healthy as well as working out and lifting.



Do you feel pressure for being the first Asian American player to make it to the NBA?
Last season, I felt that at times. But I’m learning to play for God’s glory and not for anything else.



Jeremy Lin at Harvard


What did you major in while at Harvard?



What kind of candy do you like to eat?
All types of gummies



What’s your favorite place to hang out in the bay area?
I love hanging out at my house. It’s really boring but I have almost everything I want at my house.




Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?
I see myself as a much better basketball player and a more refined person and Christian. I hope I’ll still be playing in the NBA — getting a lot more minutes and playing much better than I did last year.



Thank you again for taking the time to do a quick interview with us. Before we let you go, do you have anything to say to our Jackfroot readers who fully support you?
I hope I can meet all you guys one day — Thanks for reading! Jackfroot is the best!



Check out some highlights of Jeremy Lin’s rookie season in the NBA and NBDL below:




  1. JLin is not the first Asian-American to make it to the NBA, but I feel proud for him that he’s there. I’m hoping for the day that he’s refined enough as a Christian, and maybe in a better position (like out of NBA and limelight), where I can really discuss with him face to face his delusion about existence of god and playing to glorify god. I can promise him and everyone that the Christian god will never materialize and Jesus will never return.

  2. Lin seems like a cool guy. I like that he isn’t ostentatious with his moves; he’s a solid asset to his team.
    @Wu Ah: Maybe one day I can discuss with you about how deluded you are to think he’d actually listen to you. Who the fuck cares? Just let the guy believe in whatever he wants.

    • @jac…he has listened to me and responded to me. don’t wait for maybe’s or one day’s, I can discuss it now if you want. I am letting the guy believe in whatever he wants, I just don’t think it’s right to be spreading it in the public like his delusions are the truth.

        • @Andy, actually it’s not that hard. Are there objectively verifiable evidence of his god’s existence? Believing in something that doesn’t exist is delusional. Therefor he is the one deluded.

      • Firstly, it’s subjective. What you see as delusion, he sees as faith. People’s interpretations on the relationship of religion and rationality may differ, but on the whole, faith is something that can’t be proven. To them, you don’t always have to see to believe.
        Second, what difference does it make when you say you’re telling the truth as well? If how he’s professing his belief offends you, what right do you have to intentionally grate on other people’s nerves?
        Third, there’s a difference between tolerantly discussing your opinion and outright pushing it onto to others. I’ve seen your posts on his Facebook, and you blatantly tell people who offer their condolences (PTL, god bless, etc.) to go shove their religious BS elsewhere, even to those who weren’t addressing you in the first place.
        Finally, I am not religious. I don’t think it a duty to plant the seed of doubt in others like it’s the fucking swine flu. Life is too short to badger people who have the freedom to believe in whatever.

        • Firstly, facts are not subjective. Fact is there is no objectively verifiable evidence for the christian god. The people in mental institutions believe in things that we don’t see either…how do you feel about them functioning around you and promoting their beliefs around you?

          Second, it’s ok to have opposing views. We do research and let the findings show which is accurate. Would it be appropriate to still allow our public heroes and government leaders to still say in 2011 that they seriously believe the world is flat or the sun revolves aroudn the earth? Sure, they have a right to sincerely hold those beliefs, but is that the type of heroes and government leaders we want? When such public figures are trying to peddle these kinds of bullshit, is it also not our duty to call their bullshit?

          Third, public postings on public pages of public figures are…well…public. On the other hand, we have invasions of religion into the neutral space, our government. Government leaders like Perry using their publicly elected positions to support certain religious beliefs, our publicly funded time and money, to support certain religious beliefs, and we’re cheated from taxes due because somehow religious organizations don’t need to pay taxes. Everyone can believe whatever they want in their private lives…just keep it in their private lives. What’s been put in neutral, public space, is up for challenges based on objective facts.

          Finally, if you don’t stand for facts, you’re allowing for erosion of facts. You’re allowing stand, credibility of things like Perry’s prayer for rain. Why has Perry and god been let off the hook on this?! Where’s the rain that was prayed for? Instead, they god wildfires?

  3. @Wu Ah: I wasn’t referring to FACTS being subjective. The concept of faith is, religious or otherwise. To people of faith, there is no room for rationality. To those outside that circle, it’s absurd and simple minded. To them, it’s a humbling quality. You can talk down to these people all you want, but to them, you’re speaking a whole other language.
    Can you honestly put JLin on the same level with Perry? Politics is soap opera nowadays, every “leader” is responsible for milking their personal influence. From what I’ve heard of this guy, he’s not trying to smuggle a couple more sheep in his “herd” just because he knows he can; he genuinely wants to use his religion for goodwill, such as rebuilding urbanity for kids. Pandering Christianity for votes, that’s a different issue.
    Religion has congested our public environment, so now no one is allowed to say anything about their faith? Look, if you appreciate the freedom to say/think whatever, why don’t you give the next generations a chance to make up their own minds about their heroes?
    Dude. I’m not religious. I’m not for abolishing facts, so you can cut your ‘problem of evil’ speech short with me. Go find another being in itself to leech onto.

    • @jac: Likewise to those in mental institutions, there is no room for rationality. To those of us outside of their understanding, it’s absurd. So why are they controlled? Because allowing such promotion of non-fact-based ideas to be lived as facts is detrimental to the progress of our society when let out to the public instead of quarrantined. If Michael Jordan goes around saying he believes a flying pink elephant is always watching over him, what would you say? Maybe something like it’s ok if he wants to believe that in his privacy, but if he’s promoting it as the truth, there’s probably something wrong here? So how is this any different, except you have more poeple following one delusion over another?

      Whether JLin or Perry, any public person using their position in society to perpetuate such delusions is a detriment to the progress of our society. I have no problems with helping kids, but that can be done without indoctrinating them with these delusional beliefs through a public figure who they look up to.

      In a secular government and society, of course religion should be out of the public environment. If everyone listens to different kinds of music, do you let everyone or only certain ones blast their music in public? Isn’t the appropriate thing to do to ask people to listen to whatever music they want in their privacy, so we can leave the public environment neutral for everyone?

      Children should be given all the facts to make up their own minds. But do you think children in Christian homes are really given all the facts to analyze and decide? Especially considering those in private religious schools or home-schooled? Then you have a public figure/role model/ hero figure like JLin publicly perpetuating the same delusions they’re indoctrinated in…you call that a chance to make up their own minds? If everytime JLin shares one of his testimonials, he also shares how it’s not based on any facts and his audience can decide either way for themselves, then I’d say JLin is actually trying to give the kids a chance to decide.

      What’s the “problem of evil” speech? I don’t think I’ve mentioned “problem of evil” anywhere.

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